He DOES exist! He DOES exist!

As if to debunk rumors that Clayton Makepeace is a mythological creature – a possible cousin of Big Foot — the big guy has agreed to speak at AWAI’s 2012 Boot Camp, October 24-28!

First, he’ll reveal the techniques he uses to create video sales letters that attract armies of new customers…

And, second, he’ll host a workshop on how to make your benefits sparkle!

This is the first and ONLY time Clayton has spoken ANYWHERE in three long years! He’s been too busy creating winning campaigns for his clients. So I’d suggest you jump on over to AWAI and check this out for yourself.

Here’s the link: http://www.awaionline.com/b12/makepeace

We’re looking forward to seeing YOU in October!

Wendy “The Redhead” Makepeace

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We’re still here…

Thanks everyone for all the wonderful comments. They are greatly appreciated.

But, don’t worry…we’re still here!

Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions. You can do so by posting right here on the blog…or…email me at our support email box at support@makepeacetotalpackage.com. I try to check it every day to see if there are any customer service questions that need to be answered.

And, don’t forget, all of Clayton’s articles are still available at the top of this page under the masthead. Just click the “Archive” link.

Plus, you’ll find some very valuable information in the “Copywriters Tools” section. In this section you’ll find our extensive Direct Response Glossary, Interviews with some of the top copywriters in the field and recommendations from Clayton on what you should be reading.

I’ll look forward to hearing from you!

Yours for Every Success,

Wendy Makepeace
General Manager
The Total Package

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Time for a Change

By Clayton Makepeace
Publisher & Editor,

Dear Business Builder,

Seems like only yesterday I was writing the very first post on this blog. Actually, it was the end of June in 2005; five years and seven months ago.

Since then, we’ve …

  • Attracted nearly 40,000 regular readers …
  • Published 1,110 issues …
  • Hosted well over 100 marketers and copywriters at our “Power Marketing Summit” at $5,000 per seat …
  • Held dozens of webinars and teleseminars and created dozens of products to help you succeed …
  • Received more than 1,500 pages of “Thank-You” letters and testimonials for our efforts …
  • And learned one heck of a lot about the nuts and bolts of online publishing(!).

And the one thing this experience has made me absolutely sure of is that I always want to have an e-letter and a website that keep you and me in touch with each other.

But now, I find myself at a very different place in life than when I launched this blog in 2005. And far greater changes lie ahead.

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Before you take the copywriting world
by storm, there’s something
you should know …

Dear Business-Builder,

Pursuing a copywriting career is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. It can, however, be the single best idea you ever had.

So whatever you do, do NOT be discouraged. If you need encouragement, just look at how far you’ve come; all the stuff you know now that you didn’t know a week, month or year ago.

Resolve to do whatever it takes in the short term to reap the long-term rewards. Stick with it. Redouble your efforts. Refuse to accept anything but success.

Take my word for it:

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Do You Believe?

“The Triumph of Hope Over Experience”

Dear Business-Builder,

Without it, there would be no second marriages … no cheering crowds behind Hillary, Obama or John on the six o’clock news … and of course, no Las Vegas.

The fact is, no matter how cynical, negative or worldly-wise each of us wants the world to think we are, all of us want to believe. Desperately.

And the simple fact is, hundreds of billions of dollars are earned each year by marketers who do little else but:

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