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Confessions of a
Marketing Chauvinist Pig

Make this one simple change in how you think about your company, and you’ll multiply your profits in record time!

Dear Business Builder,

A few days ago, I ran an article entitled, “How … Continue reading

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Answers to Your Most
Pressing Questions About Getting
Bigger Winners More Often

How to become a better marketer Writing for the Internet vs. direct mail What to do when you have no testimonials How new copywriters get gigs 5 ways to get your envelopes opened Long copy or short copy – what’s … Continue reading

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How I Get Rich;
How I Make My Clients Richer

8 Ways Business Owners, Marketing Execs and Copywriters Can Produce Bigger Winners More Often

Dear Business Builder,

A lot has been said recently about the fact that I make five to ten times more money than … Continue reading

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