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Evolution of a Copywriter

Why working with smaller businesses is a great way for you to get started as a new copywriter – and how it can mean big bucks for both you and your client … 2 things every ad needs to accomplish … Continue reading

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The Drayton and Clayton Show
Episode 3

The 5 things that matter most to me in my personal life and how they apply to my business and yours … My greatest success and biggest mistake – and what you can learn from them to skyrocket your direct … Continue reading

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Breakthroughs in The Making
Two innovations with the power
to boost your response as much as twenty-five times over

Dear Business Builder,

This is going to be a short one.

One of the best friends I’ll ever have is going to arrive here in my office in precisely two hours. I haven’t seen him … Continue reading

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Thank You Mr. Ward
How Lofty Morrals, Personal Couage
and A Healthy Dose
of Dominant Emotion Marketing
Is STILL Creating The Greatest Revolution in Marketing History …

… And How YOU Can Harness It to Grow Much, MUCH Richer In 2007 And Beyond

Dear Business Builder,

We’ve got a lot to celebrate around here these days …

First, how does $2.5 million in … Continue reading

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You Ask, I Answer

The two things you must do to establish the most effective emotional tone for your sales copy … Four secrets for organizing your workday for peak productivity and performance … Five keys to ramping up your creativity and getting more done every … Continue reading

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