Buzz, Baby … BUZZ!

  • The answer to your most pressing question now: “What do I give Clayton for Christmas?”
  • The ultimate object lesson: Why you have far more power to succeed online than you ever dreamed …
  • Two timeless principles and two inspired ideas for creating a stampede of new prospects and customers online …
  • And much, much more!

Dear Business Builder,

My ears have been burning a lot lately. Either my blood pressure’s up, or you’ve been talking about me.

OK – maybe not me; maybe you’ve been talking about one of our other contributing editors.

Or maybe you’ve been talking about how The Total Package has inspired you … deepened and broadened your grasp of direct response marketing and copywriting … and given you tons of insights, ideas and advice to boost your response – all for free.

So, since it’s the holiday season, and since you’re a caring, sensitive, principled individual, it’s only logical to assume that you’ve also been obsessing over what I – Clayton Makepeace – want for Christmas: The perfect gift to say, “Thanks, guys!” for the many hours of skull sweat and toil we expend in our relentless efforts to put money into your pocket.

And to prove that I, too, am a caring, sensitive, principled individual, I’m going to make it easy for you.

I’m going to name the two most valuable gifts you could possibly give The Total Package team this holiday season – and they won’t cost you a red cent.

But before I do, let me give you a heads-up: This is more than just my Christmas wishlist. Much more.

It’s also one of the most valuable object lessons anyone ever gave you. It has the power to open the floodgates and unleash a tidal wave of new prospects and customers in 2008 – and to help you make more money faster than you may now believe possible.

We clear? This is more than just my wishlist – it’s a valuable marketing lesson?


So here’s my Christmas wishlist – the two “Thank-You” gifts that will pretty much guarantee that this will be this my happiest holiday season ever …

GIFT #1: Send an e-mail to every family member, friend and business contact you believe would benefit from the valuable response-rocketing info we share here in THE TOTAL PACKAGE.

Just say why you think they should be a subscriber. Maybe tell them about our mind-blowing daily e-letters and the nearly 300 equally mind-blowing, response-boosting articles in our archives.

Then, suggest that they point their browsers to this page – – to sign up and to snag the four valuable “Welcome Aboard” bonuses described at the top of this page in the bargain.

If the more than 1,500 “Thank-You” letters in our files are any indication, your friends will think your recommendation is one of the best gifts they’ll get this year, too.

GIFT #2: Talk us up online this week. Go to business, small business, home-based business, advertising, marketing and copywriting blogs and forums and start new threads based on ideas you’ve gleaned from us. Feel free to reprint or link to any of the content on this site, along with the link to this page.

Here’s a list of some relevant forums:

If you have a website, a blog or a forum of your own, pick any article from our archives and republish it on your site with recommendation that your readers subscribe to The Total Package and a link to this page.

And if you frequent social networking sites (MySpace, FaceBook, Friendster, AOL, MSN etc.) consider adding a recommendation for The Total Package to your page or to the discussion boards with a link to this page.

Heck. You could even do a YouTube video featuring you reading one of our best issues!

So what do you say? I’ve been a very good boy all year (just ask The Redhead!). Want to be my Santa?

It’ll only take a couple of minutes and it’ll go a long way towards helping us improve our site, give you more free tools, develop even more valuable products to accelerate your success and ultimately, to help us add dollars to YOUR bottom line.

Then, after you’re done, click here to send me an e-mail telling me what you did, and The Redhead and I will send you a “Thank-You” gift worth $100.

OK … now that we’ve got my Christmas gift handled – let me give you what YOU want most this holiday season:

A secret that can make you tons more money next year
than you made this year

Whether you’re a business owner, a marketing consultant or a copywriter, what I’m about to give you (did I mention it’s for free?) could easily bring you enough money next year to pay cash for a shiny new Porsche 911 Turbo. Or, if you have a substantial list of prospects’ e-mail addresses, maybe a million-dollar yacht.

Because as I just said, my Christmas wishlist above is more than just a friendly request. It’s also an extremely valuable object lesson.

Think about what just happened here …

I figure that maybe 5 percent of the people who read this will give me what I want for Christmas: First, they’ll take a minute to send an e-mail recommending THE TOTAL PACKAGE to their friends and business contacts.

Some will do it because they genuinely love us and know their friends will love them more once they tell them about the great free content in this e-letter.

Others will do it out of a sense of obligation: After all – we bust our humps every day to help them put more cash into the till; why not take a few minutes to give us a helping hand? I mean, that’s what any fair person would do, isn’t it?

And still others will send that e-mail just because they want the free C-note. After all: Them’s pretty darned good wages for a few minutes’ work!

Of course, that means that 95 percent won’t do it. They won’t take the time. Or they’ll mean to do it but never quite get around to it.

But that’s OK – because you and the rest of the 5 percent will more than make up for them.

See, I figure that each of you “five-percenters” will send an average of ten e-mails recommending us to qualified prospects for our services – some will send scores, some only one or two – and that maybe three of every ten of those qualified people will take your advice and sign up.
If I’m right, those e-mails will increase The Total Package’s circulation 15 percent.

Plus, I figure you and the rest of our five-percenters will talk us up online this week – on forums, blogs and the social networking sites – and each one of you will send at least three new subscribers our way.

That will grow our subscription list by another 15 percent.

So if I’m right, telling you what I really want for Christmas could grow our subscription list by 30 percent.

Now, if I know you, you’re probably looking at those numbers and wondering if I’m smoking funny cigarettes …

“A 5 percent response?
"Has Makepeace lost his freaking mind?”

Depends on who you ask, I guess. But please hear me out …

See, if I sent that e-mail to your contacts, most wouldn’t even bother to open it. They don’t know me from Adam. Of the small number who did open it – and read my reasons why they’d be certifiably insane to decline my generous free offer – most would figure the e-mail was just spam and ignore it. It would be a miracle if one in 100 – a measly 1 percent – signed up.

But I’m not sending those e-mails. You are. And you’re sending them to people who know you and who look forward to hearing from you, so they’re far more likely to open and read your e-mail. What’s more, they trust you, so they’re far more likely to take your advice.

Ditto for the threads and posts you’ll be putting on business, marketing and copywriting blogs and forums and on social networking sites this week …

If I make those posts, they’ll just be perceived as another marketer talking up his product. But since you recommend us – a fellow business owner, marketing exec or copywriter who’s just there to share helpful information and who has no ulterior motive – you’ve got credibility out the wazzoo.

How much credibility do you have? Well, with your friends, associates and peers, I’m figuring you have at least five times more influence than I do. Probably more.

So when you tell them how much The Total Package is helping you … how much money it’s making you … and how it really is completely free – no strings attached – you’ll bring us many times more new subscribers than even the hottest online sales copy ever could.

And, of course, once your friends become our friends – once they experience the value they get from reading our e-letters each week – they’ll learn to trust and even depend on us, too.

When that happens, it’s only a matter of time before they decide to try one of the products in our Online Store. And the revenue from those purchases is what we use to create even more helpful response-boosting tools for you.

So that’s the first part of the object lesson I have for you today: You have far, far more impact and influence online than you ever dreamed you did.

Not only that: Every prospect and customer you have now has far more influence online than you do.

So why not ask them to tell their family, friends and associates about you?

And while you’re at it, why not add a simple script to your opt-in pages that gives them the opportunity to do it at the precise moment when they’re most excited about you – when they’re signing up for your free e-letter themselves?

There are two even more crucial principles here for every online marketer, consultant and copywriter. And while I’ve been using each of these principles to make scads of money for my clients and myself for decades, each of them has been brought into sharper focus for me over the last two weeks by my pal Rich Schefren (more on that in a moment) …

Principle #1:
Bring Value to Prospects’ Lives
And They’ll Beat a Path to Your Door

Last Friday, my EasyWriters Marketing Club members and I met online to examine the web-based marketing model we’ve used to boost a financial client’s sales by more than 80% in the last 12 months: This philosophy/contact/messaging strategy is producing revenues of $4 million per month (often more) from a relatively small list of prospects and customers.

Ironically, we spend two weeks at the beginning of each campaign NOT asking a soul to buy a single thing. For fourteen days, prospects and customers get about a dozen e-mails and twelve issues of my client’s free e-letter all urging them to accept a valuable gift completely free of charge.

More than 80 percent of the content in these free gifts – reports, teleconferences, webinars and videos – is timely, valuable information and advice to help investors avoid losses and harness major trends in the investment markets to grab huge profit potential.

You could protect your investments from loss or harness a red-hot profit opportunity without buying a single thing.

Less than 20 percent of the content addresses the product my client is selling. And we make sure that the copy about the product is low-key, low-pressure, downright friendly. No superlatives and none of the other hyperbole many people believe makes for compelling sales copy.

And yet these free gifts create sales like crazy.


Trust, pure and simple.

The principle behind this kind of selling is as old as the hills (Well, at least as old as I am, and I AM definitely older than the hills!).

To see this principle in action in direct mail, all you have to do is take a look at the advertorials – special report mailings, magalogs and bookalogs – I’ve written over the years to promote health and wealth newsletters.

Nearly all of them …

  • Posed as a thing of value – a report, a magazine or a book …
  • Began by promising urgent, valuable, actionable information and advice inside …
  • Delivered the promised value in spades …
  • Proceeded to offer more value through additional free reports (premiums) that the prospect could send for …
  • All before breathing a word about the product itself.

In fact, these promotions were so effective at delivering value to our prospects, we actually got letters from people who thought they had already subscribed to our newsletters. They hadn’t; they’d just been getting our promotions!

Now, if delivering valuable content before asking for a sale creates massive winners in offline promotions, you gotta ask yourself, “How much more effective would that same technique be in today’s highly skeptical, spam-rich web environment?”

Answer: A LOT more effective!

So instead of driving traffic to a squeeze page promising a free report and then delivering a landing page packed with power words, hyperbole and a sales pitch – and not a shred of real value that makes your prospects’ lives better – why not try exercising a little patience?

Load up your prospects with tons of value first. Improve their lives. Let them experience the real, tangible, measurable value that comes along with trusting you and relying on you. I predict you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the boost in response you get when you give those prospects the opportunity to buy something from you later on.

Come to think about it, I’m kind of doing it right now; right here, in today’s issue – aren’t I?

Sure I am! For more than two years, we’ve dutifully delivered amazingly valuable content – 297 issues so far, each containing response-rocketing advice others charge a not-so-small fortune for – completely free of charge.

Now, I’m asking you to return the favor – to talk us up this week in e-mails to your friends and associates, on forums and blogs and on social networking sites.

Sure – I’m offering you a reward for helping out. You get a $100 gift. You get street credit for giving your friends a tool that will help them. And as we grow, the quality of our content and the tools we create for you will naturally help you.

But because we prove every week that our #1 mandate really is to get you to the top faster … and because you know that your friends and associates will thank you for recommending The Total Package … I’m willing to bet dollars to donuts that you’ll help us out.

Principle #2:
Get a Viral Buzz – It’s By Far
the Most Cost-Effective Way to Market

When you and other readers talk about us online, it creates buzz. Buzz creates curiosity. Curious people will check out our site. And many will love what they see and join us as a result.

There are, of course, tons of other great ways to create buzz online …

For the last three months, for example, we’ve been busy creating a series of short, simple videos to introduce The Total Package to more people online. Nothing fancy, mind you; merely PowerPoint presentations with sound tracks that we’ve converted into FlashMedia files and that we’re almost ready to post online.

We’ve carefully crafted these quickie, cheap-o videos to deliver tremendous value to the people who should be reading The Total Package every day: Owners of small and home-based businesses, marketing executives and consultants and copywriters.

Each one of these little videos …

  1. Addresses one of the most pressing questions our prospects have about attracting new customers and selling more to each one of them …
  2. Shows how many businesses are doing it all wrong; cheating themselves out of the explosive growth they deserve, and …
  3. Demonstrates a better way to create quantum revenue growth for much, much less money than they’re spending on their advertising and marketing programs now.

… All in ten minutes or even less.

And all without a whiff of the aggressive, in-your-face sales copy that I still see so many poor, lost souls using in these marketing-averse times.

We’ll be posting these videos on every video blog on the Web.

We’ll be posting links to them on every business, marketing and copywriting blog and forum we can find.

We’ll be using pay-per-click, banner ads and affiliate and joint venture partners to drive traffic to the pages on this site where they can watch them.

And every viewer will be cordially invited to grab a free subscription to The Total Package for regular updates. Many of them will accept that invitation … will come to covet the valuable information we send them … and will ultimately make a purchase from us.

Bottom line: There’s no question that giving away enormous value online creates buzz. The only question is, “What kind of free value-added information can YOU offer – and by doing so, trigger a stampede of eager prospects to your opt-in pages?

“Wow. Those are some mighty powerful ideas
to pack into one issue, Clayton!”

Think so? Thanks!

And while I’ve been using these principles for decades, I’ve got to give credit where it’s due. The fact is, I’d probably be writing about something else today if it wasn’t for Rich Schefren.

You know Rich: People call him “The Guru’s Guru” because he’s helped so many of today’s most successful online marketers – including Agora and many others – to ignite explosive growth in their companies.

Well, Rich and I have been talking a lot lately. And of course, the minute his new e-book – The Attention Age Doctrine Volume Two: Web Marketing 2.0 – was released at noon last Wednesday, I snagged a copy and devoured all 93 pages faster than my dog Sparks can gulp down a chunk of filet mignon.

Both in our conversations and in his new e-book, Rich has reminded me of lots of stuff I already knew but haven’t been doing right online. Plus, he’s opened my eyes to many more powerful ways to get attention online and to grow my companies and my clients’ companies faster – ideas I wouldn’t have thought of in a bazillion years.

So here’s one last gift for you today: Just click here and you can claim a FREE copy of The Attention Age Doctrine Volume Two.

But pay close attention to what happens when you do and you’ll see The Master at work. See that “tell-a-friend” script that pops up when you submit your e-mail addy? Notice how he immediately sends you to his blog to see what others are saying about the book and to add your comments?

Buzz, baby, BUZZ!

Hope this helps …

Yours for Bigger Winners, More Often,
Clayton Makepeace Signature
Clayton Makepeace
Publisher & Editor

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Attribution Statement: This article was first published in The Total Package. To sign-up to receive your own FREE subscription to The Total Package and claim four FREE money making e-books go to

P.S. Full disclosure: I am not one of Rich Schefren’s affiliates. I don’t get beans for recommending him or his new book.

This recommendation is made completely without conflict of interest or ulterior motive of any kind. You should treasure Rich’s insights for the same reason I do: They’ll help you make money. Period.

See you next week!

P.P.S. Hmmm … wasn’t there something you were supposed to be doing now? Lessee … what was it? This senile dimentia is really starting to tick me off.

OH YEAH! You were going to send those e-mails telling your friends about us and recommend us on those forums, blogs and social sites – and then you’re going to e-mail me to say you did so I can get your free $100 gift to you.

Thanks in advance …

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Want to share or reprint this article? Feel free. Just give us full attribution and a link to our Home Page when you do.

Attribution Statement: This article was first published in The Total Package. To sign-up to receive your own FREE subscription to The Total Package and claim four FREE money making e-books go to

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