For Men and Women Who Still Dream

Dear Business-Builder,

A few weeks back, I asked you to tell me what you’d like to see me write about on this blog. The #1 answer was, “Whatever’s on your mind.”

So here goes …

This is not a happy time for any American who still harbors dreams of becoming rich.

Barring a miracle, we are about to make Barack Hussein Obama the next president of the United States.  And, to ensure that he is given full reign to have his way with us, we’re about to give him a huge majority in both houses of Congress.

That means, if you believe Senator Obama’s campaign promises …

  • He will soon add other people’s names to your paycheck if you earn $250,000 or more per year.
  • He will use confiscatory taxes to punish small businesses — America’s #1 source of new job creation — and by doing so, he will send unemployment skyrocketing.
  • He will raise taxes on investment; which can only diminish demand for stocks and wipe out trillions more dollars that we’ve invested in our retirement and college savings plans.
  • And if he makes good on even half the new spending promises he’s made in his campaign, we’re likely to see a federal deficit approaching $2 trillion in 2009 and skyrocketing interest rates as far as the eye can see.

Make no mistake:  Despite Obama’s populist tirades, none of this will cause the super-rich so much as a single twinge of pain.  Billionaires and multi-millionaires have all the cash they need; they don’t need to have an income or to pay income taxes. 

Nor is Obama declaring war on CEOs who have earned hundreds of millions per year … or on billionaires like Bill Gates or Warren Buffet … or trust fund babies who have millions in inherited wealth.  They already have more money than they could possibly spend in many lifetimes.

Obama is declaring war on you, me and everyone else who hopes to become rich; on your dreams of wealth, independence and a better life for your kids and grandkids.

And he is declaring war on the millions who work for small businesses whose bosses are about to be faced with the dilemma of whether to pay their taxes or their employees.

A lot has been made, lately, of accusations that Obama’s redistributionist fiscal policies are “socialistic.”  Obama and his spinmeisters address these claims not by debunking them, but simply by scoffing at them. 

But cynicism is no argument.  The simple truth is, Obama has made no secret of the fact that his mission is to “spread the wealth” by confiscating money from people who earned it; then giving that money to people who didn’t.  And that is, by definition, the very essence of socialism. 

I must also admit that Obama’s selection of, 20-year friendship with and praise of Jeremiah Wright makes me wonder if, like his pastor, Obama may also harbor extreme racist tendencies.  And if this deadly combination — racism plus socialism — reminds you of another charismatic leader, a great speech-maker and National Socialist who swayed the proletariat with promises of “change” some 70 years ago, so be it. 

The fact that Obama is telegenic and charismatic only makes him more dangerous — a far deadlier enemy of capitalism, free enterprise, of your right to possess the fruits of your labor and ultimately, of your personal liberty.

Mark my words:  When Obama and his cronies in Congress — Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barney Frank, Christopher Dodd and Charlie Rangel — are through with us, we’ll hardly recognize this country.

Frankly, I blame George Bush for this.  His idiotic “compassionate conservatism” — huge spending increases without a single effort to eliminate government waste — blew the federal budget to smithereens. 

His failure to rein in Fed chief Alan Greenspan who slashed interest rates from 6.5% in 2000 to 1% in 2003 — and his failure to reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac — created the greatest asset bubble of all time … and of course, the greatest economic bust of our lifetimes.

And it was on Bush’s watch that Washington began seizing U.S. corporations — our largest insurer, our two largest mortgage brokers and buying the stock of scores of other corporations.

In short, George W. Bush’s abject incompetence set the stage for the Obama phenomenon that is about to change our nation and our lives forever.

For people like us — people who believe that adversity must be met with intensified resolve — only one response to these new headwinds of punitive taxation and regulation is worthy: 

To cling to our dreams with our last ounce of strength … to refuse to allow ourselves to be made ordinary … to redouble our determination and our efforts to provide better lives for our employees, our families and ourselves.

Yours for Bigger Winners, More Often,
Clayton Makepeace Signature
Clayton Makepeace
Publisher & Editor

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176 Responses to For Men and Women Who Still Dream

  1. They can try to inflict a lot of damage and maybe get it done, but I don’t believe they can really beat US.  Meanwhile, I plan to make my voting statement against them.

  2. John Hernan says:

    Clayton, are your political posts supposed to create FEAR in the minds of readers? The Republican Machine has used FEAR to get our country into the mess we are in. With the new President Barry, we can’t be any worse off than we are today… bailing out capitalistic tycoons who love capitalism until they need to be bailed out by the PEOPLE, killing millions of people costing trillions of dollars to position ourselves in the Middle East….. instead of using that massive amount of money to do R&D on alternative energy. Think POSITIVE! Someone in the oval office who can THINK will be a boon to our country!

  3. Bill Barger says:

    A well balanced summary, giving credit where credit was due, and blame in equal apportionment.  It indeed is a long dark night that we are facing. 

    What I cannot understand is why Obama has not sought out the broadest support basis that any wanna-be could ever claim.  As a 50% White, 42% Arabic and 7% Black individual, he could rightfully claim to represent all of us.  But he singularly aligns with his 7% side, which bodes very poorly for the rest of us.

    What will happen if the legal efforts to cause Obama to substantiate his citizenship bear fruit, and we find that he is either a non citizen or a naturalized citizen, and incabable of holding office?  Will social order prevail, or will social discentent be the form of backlash we see?  It indeed is a repeat of history when carisma overbears actual performance in deciding a person’s
    worthiness to lead. 

  4. The Republican neo-cons have seriously damaged the US economy.  Run up an enormous deficit.  Got into an unwinnable war — based on lies. Chose a president who will go down as possibly the worst president in US history.  Selected a candidate this time who thinks that a pretty, pretty inexperienced, and pretty dumb woman, would make a great vice president. This is the choice of a man who has a statistically reasonable chance to die in office.Plus the Republicans have all but destroyed the US brand, globally.  Your readers know how important a brand is.  If a president of the company damaged a brand as much as Bush has, they would be long gone.  Electing Obama would give an enormous boost to the US globally. Plus he can’t do any worse than the clowns who have been running the country for the last eight years.  Harvey McKinnon

  5. STeve Newdell says:


    Clayton, you’re right about The Bush administration’s mistakes and to blame George is correct.

    There’s more. The Republican Party has a long history of choosing someone who can raise money instead of choosing a candidate who would be best qualified to do the job.

    We can both name several reasons why Condi Rice would have been a GRAND V.P. choice.

    By nature she’s a diligent worker since adolescence
    Holds a Ph.d
    A professor of Geo Politics
    A highly regarded Secretary of State world wide
    Afro-American, Female, 8-years in the Oval Office
    Well Spoken
    Looks good on Television
    Likely to live many more years
    Smart enough to surround herself with War College people if necessary.
    A unquestioned Christian believer

    Who is Sarah Palin? What qualifications does she have? There’s enough dust in her closet to make her unqualified from the outset. McCain, in one choice, told the nation he can’t make far sighted decisions. What a mistake to choose Sarah!

    Do you think for a moment that Condi Rice would say "no" to a request from the Republican Party to run for Vice President?

    The Top Dogs running the Republican Party need to be replaced by smart people like YOU — so you could Make some Peace in the world.  Uhhh, I’m disgusted

    If we come out of this with the Republicans in tact it will be only because of what Gingrich found with his surveys. The majority of the Mid West wants a conservative God Fearing Free Enterprise man for President. So do I. I seldom get what I want, but perhaps this time….

    Respectful regards,

  6. Ron says:


    Right on Brother!

    It’s about time someone like yourself explained to most of the country what folks like Obama, Pelosi, and Reid really want – a socialistic country where there’s no incentive to exceed or perform, where the government determines what you can earn

    Make no mistake about it, Obama’s past associations with people like Bill Ayers who wanted to destroy the government by blowing it up, to Reverend Wright who wants to curse America to the convicted felon who got Obama his property to the folks at Acorn who want to enlist every able bodied illegal who walks talks or hasn’t been dead too long to vote for the Democrats.

    Even the liberals from Canada are coming down from Canada to help steal this election!

    Unchecked power in the Congress, who have done nothing, and the Presidency will only lead us down the same road we’ve been before with untested liberals like Jimmy Carter who when he was President we had 19% interest rates, heavy duty unemployment, and no respect throughout the world.

    Change for change sake is not what we need!

    One thing we must forget about the last 8 years with George Bush is this.

    This country has been kept safe from an unrelentant enemy who would seek to destroy all of the democracy that has made this country the greatest country in the world.

    Better think twice about how you view George Bush’s tenure. Streets are still safe, we have a rule of law, and are least threatened by the Muslim right who would seek to turn this country into a Muslim nation.

    Better think twice about the Obama rhetoric folks. You may very be like the people who voted for Jimmy Carter who once things didn’t turn out the way they thought it was going to turn out, completely disavowed themselves about voting for another liberal with NO EXPERIENCE IN LEADERSHIP.

  7. Peter says:

    Although I understand where you’re coming from, there is much fear in this post. We individually create our own reality (including our wealth), so whoever occupies the Oval Office matters little. To believe otherwise, is to relinquish our power over our own destiny.

  8. Dan says:

    Well written and to the point.  One comment so far says the money spent on the war in the Middle East could be spent elsewhere for other purposes.  The money spent has been borrowed money, that is why the deficit has been so large up to this point.  Besides, Obama stated that money was going to pay for health care.  So we are going to continue borrowing money to pay for programs?  Government programs do not create jobs.  Government taxes kill jobs.  Unless of course the government is the hiring agency.  Think about this.  Congress is currently considering another stimulus package.  Part of that package would pay for infrastructure rebuilding.  In other words create jobs.  The jobs created will be in road and bridge construction and repair.  With the unemployment rate so low and yes, 6% is low, where are all those laborers going to come from?  Illegal immigrants that is exactly where.  All the contractors bidding on those jobs can underbid each other by the number of illegal workers they can hire and get away with.  Just look at all the road crews around you now.  We might as well put a sign up at our boarders stating we are now hiring, come on it.

  9. STeve Newdell says:

    The Red Head for


  10. Paul says:

    Thank you, Clayton, for adding to the truth that needed to be told.

    I have been spreading WORD around to everyone, not wealth re-distribution, in the hopes that the truth about what lies inside this "candidate" will be scrutinized by Americans BEFORE they enter the voting booth.

    I am not swayed by the "public opinion" polls manipulated by a liberal media. I believe no matter what, that I know WHO is in control over all affairs, and whether the liberals attempt to mess with consitutional rights and other liberties, that the proper balances will weigh out in the long term. It just may take some re-designing of Washington long past tomorrow.

    Kind regards,

  11. Sam Brobek says:

    Goodwin’s Law! LOL! You lose Clayton. Isn’t this supposed to be a marketing e-zine?

  12. Clayton Makepeace says:

    Harvey … other than cutting taxes, thereby ending the post-9/11 recession in record time and doubling federal revenues, what has Bush done for you to label him a conservative?  He is a fiscal liberal through and through.

    Bush’s profligate spending and populist policies caused this mess.  Electing a man who promises even greater spending PLUS higher taxation is a recipe for disaster.

    We’re simply jumping out of the "borrow and spend" frying pan and into the "tax and spend" fire.

    – Clayton

  13. Great post Clayton, 
                                       If Obama’s own people are shooting him down in the religious arena and calling him the Anti-Christ, who are we to disagree. The United States of Mexico are in deep trouble.

  14. Jason says:

    ‘And if this deadly combination — racism plus socialism — reminds you of another charismatic leader, a great speech-maker and National Socialist’???

    I’ve never commented on a blog before, but come on.

    I recently read a great book on Rhetoric by an English Professor who was very funny and talked about the ‘Argumentum Ad Hitlerum’…basically, when you have nothing to say, compare the other guy to Hitler.

    Hitler was a real guy with real policies, none of which bare any similarity, that I’m aware of, to Obama’s.

    Grow up, please.

  15. Clayton Makepeace says:

    Jason, Sam … I didn’t say "Hitler" — but if you connected Obama’s racist associations and socialist convictions to another demagogue, who am I to disagree?

  16. Leon says:

    "— reminds you of another charismatic leader, a great speech-maker and National Socialist who swayed the proletariat with promises of “change” some 70 years ago, so be it. "
    You’re comparing Obama to Hitler?!
    This is not a direct mail product where you build up a common enemy and drum up rallying points so the reader will buy a product. 

    The fear-mongering against Obama has been tried – and doesn’t work.

  17. seamus says:

    I hate when someone I respect(ed) throws it out the window with poor judgement.  You’ve become a hack over this.


  18. Clayton Makepeace says:


    Hitler was a socialist.
    Obama is a socialist.

    Hitler was a racist.
    Obama pleged his allegiance to a racist.

    Hitler was a great orator who deceived good people.
    Obama is a great orator who has deceived good people.

    I’m not saying Obama will murder six million Jews or start World War III. 

    I am saying, however, that he will be elected despite his abject lack of experience … despite his past associations …  despite his destructive policies …

    That he will be elected entirely because of his populist rhetoric, speech-making and charisma makes him an extremely dangerous character indeed.

  19. Clayton Makepeace says:

    Now, Seth … no need to be rude.  Follow the rules or you’re outta here.

  20. David Neale says:

    Just for the record Ron.

    Canada has a strong and intelligent CONSERVATIVE government that will be re-elected  again shortly.

    There are more conservatives in Canada than Liberals.

    This is 2008, not 1998.

  21. chrislrob says:


    I always enjoy this newsletter despite just how awfully wrong you are on the political issues.  My motto is: "Absorb what is useful and discard what is useless".

    But I gotta say that I’m shocked to see you throw in with those that claim that a progressive tax structure is "socialist".  If it is, America has been a socialist country for a very long time, since we have had a progressive tax for a very long time.  At least since the early 1900′s. 

    So while you may not be a fan of FDR , how do you feel about Reagan?  What do you consider his Earned Income Tax Credit to be other than a redistribution of wealth?  In short, The right-wing is attacking an American for supporting American policies going back to before the Greatest Generation and clear up to that right-wing paragon of virtue, Ronald Reagan.  

    To say different is to ignore history.

    Please keep up the good work on this site.  I appreciate it.


    P.S. If North Carolina even makes a good showing for Obama, I am just gonna be fit to bust!

  22. Alan Northcott says:

    What a sad statement. This represents why Obama may really make a change – by not pursuing such divisiveness in a "United" States. I personally don’t want a President bordering on Alzheimer’s, whose campaign speeches only seek to misrepresent the opponent’s position, and do not even say what he plans to do.

    Some issues may not be great, but the possibility that the populace can be inspired is worth that chance – the Mac cannot do that.

    As for controlling government – how paralyzed do you think government has been in the last couple of years by Bush refusing to sign laws debated and agreed in the House? Let’s at least get a government that is allowed to govern – if it’s that bad, it will be pushed out in four years.

  23. Clayton Makepeace says:

    Chrislrob:  Reagan didn’t invent the EIC — it was passed in 1975, although changed several times since then.

    And yes, I’m unalterably opposed to all forms of income redistribution, no matter which party is responsible.

  24. Clayton Makepeace says:

    I agree Alan … McCain isn’t the answer, either.  There were no fiscal conservatives running this time around.

  25. Clayton Makepeace says:

    Alan makes another excellent point:  The mind-numbing number of lies told by both sides during this campaign.

    For a complete list, check out

  26. Johnny says:

    For the record David Neale, the Canadian election was October 14th.  The Conservatives were elected to another minority government.  This in no way proves that there are more conservatives in Canada than liberals.  In fact, the opposite is true.  The Conservatives received 37% of the vote, the Liberals and the NDP party (both left wing parties) together received 45.4% with the remainder going to the Bloc and independents.

    Regarding Obama being a socialist, even McCain when pressed (by Larry King of all people) admitted Obama was not a socialist.  Perhaps, Clayton if you avoided alienating 50%+ of your audience with your far-right rants, you could make up for the 3.6% increase in tax you’ll be paying on your income over $250,000, once – God willing – Obama is elected POTUS.

  27. Ron says:

    To David Neale:

    Just for the record David, the Canadian TV news station that I receive in northern New York, CTC, Channels 4 and 8 reported and interviewed these interlopers. They also reported that no one for McCain was coming south to “help out.”

    I’m not making the story up, the Canadian media is talking with and reporting that Liberals in Canada are putting their sweet little back packs on and coming to the U.S. Florida, in specific, according to the NEWS REPORT FROM CANADIAN TELEVSION.

    I don’t make the news, David, just report what the Canadian media is reporting.

    I can just imagine that that isn’t the tip of the iceberg in terms of foreign intervention in our elections.

    If folks in the U.S. were coming to Canada to “help out” with the election, you and your Canadian media folks would be screaming blood murder, I should think.

    Just goes to show you to what length the Democrats will go to “steal an election”.

    If you’ve ever paid any attention to Chicago politics, from whence BO comes from, people actually vote there to keep their jobs.

    What a novel political approach by the Demon crats, who have lorded over Chicago and it’s people for years and years and years of Democrat Mayor Daley and his political cronies.

    Wasn’t BO a community organizer in Chicago? Didn’t he earn his political tactics from the Chicago political machine?

    Hmmmmmmmm! What else that is being widely reported are we willing to ignore just because someone can utter a speech?

    Perhaps it’s time to move to the Caymans or Belize and not have to worry about outsiders, including BO, trying to undermine this country’s values.

  28. Clayton Makepeace says:

    Johnny — I don’t make a plug nickel on this blog, so even if 100% of the audience stopped reading, it would cost me less than Obama’s tax increase.

  29. Brittni says:


    Shame on you. We all know that there is two things you don’t discuss with your co-workers, clients or business in general and that is RELIGION and POLITICS. I’m pretty sure you lost a significant portion of your fan base even if they didn’t comment on this post.

  30. Nick Burns says:

    Sorry Clayton, but Obama’s sense of good American government is not to spread the wealth (it’s too bad he said that in his offhand remark to Joe the Plumber). It’s to pay for, not borrow for, the services that Americans want from their government. When did it become unpatriotic, even socialist, to pay taxes?

    You know who’s going to pay for the republican party’s borrowing and incompetence? My kids…talk about destoying dreams.

    I’ll bet the stock market will agree. Obama wins…adults in charge… stocks surge.
    Nick Burns, Copywriter

    • DTOM says:

      Well, here we are, three and a half years into an Obama presidency. How’s that workin’ out for ya, Nick?

  31. seamus says:

    Rude is abusing my inbox with a link to this whimpering vomit. No need to toss me, RUB. I’m already gone. 

  32. Clayton Makepeace says:

    I pray you’re right, Nick — bet you a sushi dinner you’re not.

  33. Johnny says:

    Clayton, I’m not talking about the money you make from your blog.  I’m referring to the income you make from your e-letter. 

    People like to buy from people they like.  Now I’m not saying I don’t like you, I’m just saying I prefer to buy from people who are "more open-minded" (to put it lightly).

  34. Clayton Makepeace says:

    Brittini … you’re prolly right.  But frankly, I’m sincere when I say I’m convinced that ultimately, the environment in which we entrepreneurs will be operating is a marketing issue.

    At any rate, this is my last political post on this site.  I’m setting up a new blog for these purposes.  That way, I get to exercise my first amendment rights there AND focus on marketing issues here.

    See?  Win-win.


  35. Bill says:

    It’s not unpatriotic, even socialist, to pay taxes. 
    It’s unpatriotic, even socialist, to expect that others should share our personal responsibilities- particularly at the cost of our freedoms.
    Government’s sole purpose is to uphold the constitution.  It wasn’t created to secure anything other than the framework for people to pursue their life, liberty, and happiness.
    Even the current tax code is structured to benefit job creation over charitable donation.  The entitlement mentality gets us nowhere as individuals and as a group.  If it takes educating people on the importance of creating value for others, then so be it.  Regardless, it needs to end.

  36. Clayton Makepeace says:

    Johnny:  Just to be clear … 100% of my family’s income is derived from clients who pay me royalties in return for the promotions I create for them.

    All revenues generated The Total Package e-zine, this site and all the products on this site are re-invested in an effort to help more people.

    Cheers …

  37. Dave C says:

    Nick Burns asked: “When did it become unpatriotic, even socialist, to pay taxes?”

    Taking money at gunpoint is always wrong… as is punishing people for being productive. It’s always been unpatriotic and socialist to steal money by taxing. Always.

    Clayton wrote: “I’m not saying Obama will murder six million Jews or start World War III.”

    To know what Obamanation will do – listen to him.

    The 3% of those who will refuse to relinquish their money and guns will get exactly what they did the last time America elected an inexperienced lawyer from Illinois – 600,000 dead in a civil war.

    And don’t give me that historical revisionist Bravos Sierra about the Civil War being fought for slavery. Southern boys who couldn’t afford shoes did not march 100 miles barefoot to kill Yankees for their right to own slaves. The Civil War was about taxes.

    Sadly, this time Federal aggression won’t be aimed geographically. There are also databases and gun controls… so it’ll be easier for the Feds to win.

  38. Steve Odette says:


    I only disagree with you in that you imply that McCain/Palin would possibly be a better choice and that they would not be socialist leaning.

    The saddest truth of all is that the real puppeteers holding the string of these puppets is, as very well planned out, hidden in the background and ignored.

    Do you really feel that either of these candidates will be any different in the long run?

    Can you, with all of your intelligence and education, honestly look back at the last 200 plus years and say that any president or party really made a significant change in direction from that which the machine keeps moving?

    Frankly, give the Presidency to one or the other… then, give them Congress also, if we are going to elect either of them. Let’s get the ball really moving down that mountain and get the truth out in the open faster… so we can then see what is really going on right before our eyes. Why prolong the monster from showing itself any longer?

    Bring the puppeteers out in the open… bring on revolution… get it over with so our children and our childrens children are at least aware of this beast.

    Maybe they have not been too dumbed down yet to do something about it… maybe it’s too late? In any event, it’s time for the masqeurade to go public.

    Tell the Federal Reserve to stick it… kick ‘em out, along with any other fiat creating, fractional reserve functioning institutions (like the IMF) and let them know we are no longer going to allow the blackmail. It’s done.

    Short of that, do you really think that  a policy here or a policy there is going to truly make that much difference in the direction of this fast rolling, momentum gaining train?

    Also, the rhetoric is the same on both sides. The only real problem is that the Republicans haven’t figured out how to leverage what they fully capitalize on only in times of need… character elects the President… it’s a popularity contest, and the most eloquent spinner with the prettiest message wins… every time. (well… in Bush’s case, it was because he was better than the Democratic challengers in this regard… like the "lesser of two evils" kinda… though, I will never know how a president that can’t properly say "nuclear" has still failed to correct the problem).

    Who can hypnotize the audience best with their verbal copy? Right?

    Republicans use this well when they claim a person is not fit to be President because of fooling around… regardless of the mans qualifications or results.

    Then… like always with the fundamentalist argument… they end up getting the same egg on their own faces trying to hold the moral high ground… get religeon and morals out of politics… focus on ethics and qualifications… it’s a secular job.

    I’m interested in the person who can do the job for ALL Americans, not just for one demographic, personally.

    But, I digress… back to the issue.

    Your accurate and true, in that Obama is propagandized as a socialist… but I’ve NEVER heard any public official say to the public… "It’s your job as parents to set the example for your children, to read with them, to ensure they are educated…" (paraphrased) and THAT is certainly the least socialist thing I’ve ever heard from a politician.

    In Obama’s infomercial he also stated that he would "… Create an environment for small business to thrive… because that is where the strength of our country has always been… in the creative, thriving, hands of the entrepreneurs…" (paraphrased).

    Again… to me, not too socialist.

    Regardless… I would LOVE to hear something besides slamming and character attacks from the Republicans. "Tell me what you are going to do that is so much different from the Democrats…"

    Hell, at least spin it so I believe you are looking out for me anyway… like Obama so eloquently does!

    We are moving into the Bermuda Triangle of our free market world, here in America. Neither of these puppets is the solution, and neither is really that different from the other if you look at their policies closely.

    100 Senators
    435 Congressman

    = 535 people who have governed this country the same way since the drafting of the Constitution… in a manner that stretches the rules to their very limits or outright breaks them to the detriment of America, our people, and certainly our way of life…. or the "pursuit of it" so to speak. 

    To me… this argument is about as useful anymore as trying to discuss religeon with a fundamentalist, dogmatic… they have probably never read their own bibles, but they can sure quote what their minister spoon feeds them as the truth on Sunday.

    I’m not too sure all of my studying of the Constitution, the Federal Reserve system, the laws, or the workings of our government have been to any advantage to me… in fact, they are painfully open wounds sometimes because seeing what others never take the time to even look at – especially when the facts are contrary to pupular sentiment or publicly held beliefs – only reminds me of the conversation I had one time with a religeous "fruitcake" whack job…

    After trying to PROVE to me his perspectives and arguments, quoting several scriptures out of context… I simply asked him…

    "So, it seems that you are actively studying your Bible, yes?" to which he replied "Why yes, I am and I can quote it on this issue fairly clearly…" And when I asked him further… "and, have you gotten to the book of Genesis yet?" He replied… "well, no I haven’t gotten that far yet…" I just smiled at him and told him I was so fortunate to have met him and to have spoken to such a scholar about matters of such consequence. Duh.

    Most political discussions I have go about the same… "Have you read the constition yet? The policies of each canditate? Do you understand where money comes from? Can you tell me what Senators do and what Congressman do? (How ’bout this one… can you tell me what the role of the Vice President is?), blah, blah, blah…"

    To which the reply is universally… well… I believe or I know or so and so says… in other words.


    People who have no knowledge of the facts, should not try to argue them. I am by no means a mental giant in this regard myself. Sadly, I only started to look into these matters about 4 or 5 years ago… so I am but a middle-schooler too. But at least I’m doing my homework sometimes, and not copying off of others!

    It’s the age of "Sheeple" and all I have to say when we get what we end up with is… "Baaaaaa"… that way, the masses can understand me. :(


  39. Johnny says:

    Clayton thanks for clarifying, but it makes little difference whether you’re "making less money" or "helping less people". 

  40. Peter Black says:

    Dear Clayton…no surprises in this post.  Don’t have time to respond much, but I’m glad a lot of folks aren’t buying what you’re selling.  Here’s what I’d say in brief:  Some lawsuits are thrown out because they’re called frivolous.  The judge isn’t willing to sit through a lot of nonsense just to disprove arguments that, prima facia, have no real merit.  It wastes the court’s time.  In this case, of course, you are the court and waste your time as you wish.  But I’m afraid a number of your points fall into the frivolous category and deserve a scoffing rather than a well- argued rebuttal.  But I will say this about so-called libertarians:  They are almost always up in arms about the trillions being spent on domestic spending, but never raise a peep about the $1-$3 trillion we will probably end up spending in Iraq…not to mention Afghanistan. Leaving aside all of the humanitarian issues involved…leaving aside the criminality of our country’s behavior…somehow that sort of spending never catches the conscience of the libertarian when we get to arguing actual examples.  Sure, Paul complained about Iraq.  But it never really got his (or his followers’) dander up like, say, the gold standard.  And the same thing here.  You’re worried about the trillions Obama is going to spend on …what?…getting people health care. But you are apparently unfazed by the trillions we’re spending to arrive at 4,000 dead soldiers, tens of thousands of maimed soldiers, and millions of dead Iraqis.  Don’t get me wrong, Clayton.  I’m not calling you a bad guy or immoral.  But a trillion is a trillion.  You seem more concerned about "the war" Obama may wage against those making $250,000 (they must be sweating to get by) than the actual, and hugely costly, real war we’ve been waging since 2001…seven bloody years.  Where is your sense of proportion?

  41. Todd Herman says:

    To Johnny and Ron in particular…

    Think about something… if American’s (I’m Canadian) have learned anything from this election, it’s that the majority of your media can’t be trusted.  I find it reprehensible that ‘news’papers actually announce who they’re supporting i.e. NY Times for Obama

    I find it funny that a person living in upstate NY wants to cite the media of Canada for being the voice of a nation… if you think your media is liberal… try ours.  So your facts are terribly wrong…

    There are few things in the world view that has become endearing about a lot of America at this point… America used to be a glimmering light – but it lost it’s wattage a looongg time ago and it’s only now becoming glaringly apparent.  So it’s easy to lay the blame on the current sitting president.

    But think about it… is it the final swing of the axe which topples the tree… or is it the hundred previous whacks??  Obviously rhetorical…

    I live in NYC and have been travelling around the area (Ohio, PA and NY) speaking on the importance from a CDN perspective on electing McCain.

    Obama’s protectionist stance is a foghorn for just how out of touch he is with global economic policies… the guy is drastically immature with his policies.

    If he honestly thinks protectionism is the answer in a global marketplace… than just watch how ineffective America’s other global policies will be… if the image of someone falling flat on their face springs to mind – than you’re onto something.

    This only shows his lack of belief in the American people and their ability to adapt to an ever changing world… yeah, that’s the type of leader I want for my country. (dripping with sarcasm)

    Do everyone a favor and vote for McCain… educated Canadians will cheer you on.  We’d really like to see our friend and brother to the south… rise again after taking a bit of a beating.

  42. Andy says:

    Great Post Clayton, but think about this for a second.  We needed Jimmy Carter to get Ronald Reagan.  If and unfortunately when Obama is elected, who is the left going to complain about and point their finger at when the economy is worse, unemployment goes up, and inflation skyrockets?  If you are a glass half full guy like myself you might look at this as the launching pad for the greatest conservative movement ever.  It might be wishful thinking, but positive thinking is going to be needed to get through the next four years if Obama is elected.

  43. chrislrob says:

    Dave C. wrote:

    "To know what Obamanation will do – listen to him.   The 3% of those who will refuse to relinquish their money and guns will get exactly what they did the last time America elected an inexperienced lawyer from Illinois…"

    Wow.  I’m a big-time Obama fan and never would I have been so bold as to declare him the next Lincoln! I can only pray you’re right.

    As for your argument that the Civil War wasn’t about slavery because many of the southern soldiers did not own slaves, I cannot offer a more perfect analogy than this:  Joe the Plumber is barely named Joe, is an unlicensed plumber, owes on his taxes, and does not make anywhere near $250,000 a year.  He doesn’t even make one-quarter of that.

    And under Obama’s tax plan, he would see a tax cut.  And yet, and yet, he supports McCain because he says that if he ever DOES one day maybe make $250,000, he doesn’t want Obama overtaxing him on it. 

    Which is precisely what Clayton is arguing to all of the Joes reading this blog .

    The slaveowners told those shoeless, slaveless Rebs the exact  same thing.

  44. Clarke Echols (Resident scientist and rabble-rouser) says:

    Those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them.

    I have a good friend who survived five years in a Soviet prison camp after World War II.  He was a tank commander in Hitler’s army when they invaded Russia.  He was a platoon leader during the invasion of Poland and France.  We have conversed many times on the evils of communism, fascism, and socialism.

    I have lived in a foreign country ruled by socialism.  I sat in the home of a young couple, no children, both attempting to work and earn enough to save so they could buy a home.  But income tax took it all away.  I had a friend who was a building contractor.  He showed me his income tax instructions where if he made more than $65,000 per year in that country’s currency, his income tax on any amount over that was 110%.  In other words, if he made $75,000, he’d pay $11,000 tax on the last $10,000 he earned.

    That was 1964.  The country has been touted by some Americans as a model for U.S. healthcare and "high standard of living".  I was very thankful to return to the US and stand on American soil.  I have seen the evils of socialism — the destruction of incentive, the people who claim various maladies to avoid having to work (I caught one "bedridden" woman walking around in her home one day — perfectly mobile).

    There are too many young people who lack exposure to the real world, whose minds have been permanently poisoned by "professors" no better than the Marxist-socialist utopianists infesting what should be our best institutions of higher learning.
    One, a friend of Ayers and Obama is involved directly with the PLO!  What’s a clown like that doing in a US university?!!!

    Then they grow up and vote for some Pied Piper promising prosperity without effort.  Unfortunately some think they’ll make it as copywriters.  But what will they say when they hit the coveted six-figures and discover Uncle Sam has his hand out for 80% of their effort — a silent partner with zero invested in their "business".

    Most of what is wrong in this country can be traced to the fact that we, as a people have become much too tolerant of what should never be tolerated.  [I won't go further on that rant because I don't want Clayton kicking me off. :-) ]  But when people think certain personal issues are genetic rather than matters of environment and choice, we have a problem.  And when we have blow-hard enviros led by the pockets-laden-with-cash Reverend Mister AlBore telling us we must quit using energy,  we have only ourselves to blame when we don’t solve the global warming problem by simply plugging their pie holes with inpenetrable blockage and send them to another planet.  Let them solve global warming on Mars first.

    As for those responding on this blog who object to what Clayton is saying about "taboo" subjects of politics or religion,
    their problem is apparent.  They may be copywriters — even good ones.  But until you’ve been an employer, or paid self-employment taxes, and understand overhead, cost of goods sold, and the *realities* of trying to make it in business, you can’t have a clue just how incredibly DANGEROUS Obama clown and his ilk are to society.

    I suggest you quit looking at your own miserable little life, and consider the consequences for the next several generations if the people don’t exercise wisdom in choosing leaders.  For proof, study history:  Babylon, Egypt, Greece, Rome, and the ancient Americas for starters…

    Just because someone makes a lot of money (Donald Trump, for example, or others seemingly incapable of staying married to the same spouse) or is a famous celebrity is no reason to consider them wise.   When fools follow fools, all you get is fools engaged in mindless foolishness.

    I rank Michael Moore an obese, ignorant, clueless moron.  A rake with an IQ south of the freezing temperature of water (in degrees Celcius, not Kelvin.  Most other celebs are little better.
    How people can consider People or Us magazine worthwhile reading is beyond my comprehension.

    Yet these subjects of public adoration, along with their adorers, willingly rant and rail against others who are laboring with great effort to preserve the greatest nation on earth, and pass a legacy of freedom and opportunity to generations that follow.

    Would that we could create an *identical* nation in the midst of the great deep — perhaps the Pacific, then populate it with all those who think the socialist way is superior, leaving the current US as a land for freedom lovers who understand responsibility.

    Then let them prove over 40 years that their system is really better, as they slowly starve to death, as has every other nation or society in world history that gave in to the siren song of socialism and utopianism.

    I’m with Nathan Hale — Give me LIBERTY or give me death.


  45. I applaud your courage, Clayton. And agree that Obama is far too risky and untested–especially with a Democratic Congress.

    You will lose some subscribers over this, but you spoke your peace. No pun intended. Hats off.

    Let’s hope common sense prevails.

  46. Clayton Makepeace says:

    Steve, my own feeling is that no matter who’s elected tomorrow, we the people are screwed.

    The next president will have no choice but to borrow every penny possible and print dollars like there’s no tomorrow.

    I’d be willing to bet that Obama’s middle-class tax cut will never happen — just like the middle-class tax cut he promised Illinois voters when he first ran for office never happened.

    And if by some fluke McCain is elected, there’s no way he’s going to get any kind of tax cut through Congress, either. 

    George H.W. Bush promised "no new taxes," then raised taxes.   Bill Clinton promised a middle-class tax cut, then raised taxes.

    And neither of them faced anywhere near the economic crisis we’re facing now.


  47. Hi there Clayton and everyone

    This is not an easy vote for anyone in the USA as there is so much to consider.

    Me – I don’t have to vote as I live in Australia.

    Know that I wish everyone well and pray that whatever decision is made tomorrow, that it will be the one that is best for your wonderful country.

    The people make the country, not  the rulers. The people vote rulers and leaders into power. So whichever way the votes go, the people will make the decision in the end.

    I enjoy reading different points of view Clayton as it keeps the information fresh. Gives a person a different way of looking at things and people.

    Here in Aus, we have had a change of government with a huge swing in the favor of the working class. Yes, even the wealthy and the ones in the middle to higher end are being looked after. We are
    different and its a better kind of different.

    I read horror stories in the media – equal to horror movies as this voting day approaches. I also see good, the bad, the ugly and things in between.

    Its gotto be tough for everyone given what your people and country have and are going through. I am not giving opinions on either of the candidates or parties.

    All I can say Clayton and everyone is think. Think deep, long and hard on what you want for you, your family, friends and country.
    Think about and consider what each candidate has to offer. Keep an open mind and listen to what people have to say.

    Make up your own mind – no one else can.

    It is your future you are thinking of and your families. This decision may seem like an easy one – its not so simple.

    Make your vote count as you are important!

    Wishing you all well,

    Sue in Aus

  48. Clayton Makepeace says:

    <Hit "Submit" too soon>

    That means that the smart money is on tax increases across the board — with those of us who create jobs and invest being hit hardest and as a result, able to create fewer jobs and invest less.

  49. James says:

    Clayton, you have become quite the cry baby spreading your fear doom and gloom garbage. This is pretty much the second piece you have done regarding the election. The first like this piece is pretty much filled with inaccuracies in the time line and your historical recounts. It was funny that you never mentioned how the republican congress passed a law that allowed the side betting on the market that was once outlawed by congress after the great depression you instead blamed Carter and the CRA. You are attempting to use the fear and lies to drive people into your latest copy writing course offerings. John McCain is no better maybe even worst than Bush. His campaign as been all about attacking his opponent most people do not know what McCain’s game plan is all they know is the bullsh*t and lies… about Obama just like you’re sharing here.  Look at Obama’s team to turn things around and look at McCains. It’s always amazing the few self serving people always cry the sky is falling when things are not going their way. You’re too old for that Clayton!

  50. Steve Odette says:


    Now you are speaking my language… a clearer truth has not been stated.

    "Da**ned if you do, Da**ned if you don’t"…

    Curtain #1 or Curtain #2 – the problem is… behind those curtains, sits the same prize!

    Still an avid follower and even more so because you speak your mind… even if I don’t always agree.


    P.S. sent you a couple of personal notes… did you get them?

  51. Clayton Makepeace says:

    Not crying, James — although no matter which way it goes, we probably should all be weeping for our kids and grandkids.

    Oh — and James:  If I was trying to use my views to sell a product, why would I state views that I knew would be unpopular with roughly half of our readers?

    I wrote about this today because I know that the other half of our readers are deeply concerned about a what a fiscally liberal Congress and White House will do to our wealth and liberties in 2009 and beyond — and to offer them a few words of encouragment in the last two paragraphs of the article.

    And unlike those on this blog who object to my voicing my own sincere opinion — I invite you and anyone who disagrees with me to air your views here …

    In a forum that I’ve provided for you, for free.

  52. Joe Derer says:

    B.O. in the white house – who would have thunk it. Would it bother most people if they invited someone over to their home w/small children… if they knew that person hung out with child-molesters?
    Our next president hung out with former Weather-men and SDS supporters… ah but they were just sewing their oats… America will get the Commander in Cheif they deserve… Fascist Capitalism is alive and well in America and has been for some time.
    Its as if the republic-rats ran McCain because they wanted to lose…
    Lets face it – George Sorros has money on both horses… it makes little difference who is in the Out House… the President does not run this country anyway… Wall Street does and the foreign bankers – they have destoryed this country… Whay will the sheeple say when NATU is official… "How could this have happened"… bahaa  bahaa…  good news is tough times don’t last forever – tough people will servive… buy ammo…
    My name is Joseph Derer… and i approve of this message.

  53. faz says:

    "Hitler was a socialist"

    This is very insulting to all socialist that died fighting Hitler and Franco.

    Hitler killed many socialists in concentration camp, FYI.

    Many resistant here in france were socialist or communist. Spanish socialists, french jewish socialists, etc.

    Yes, I know what Nazi mean. It’s not because you label an orange with an apple sign that it’s an apple.

    Word have historically constructed meanings.

    I understand that you like controversies. But here you are clearly spitting on the grave of thousand of people that died in concentration camp or fighting Hitler — and were socialist.

    Understatement : it’s NOT ok.

    "Obama is a socialist."

    This one is more fun ! From an european point of view, Obama is a moderate conservator, and feel very, very american. All of the right wing love him here !

    Again, I understand it’s just for controversy.

    But from here, I can reassure you : Obama really seems to embrace core american values that we don’t really understand here. (not saying that these values are bad or something. We are just a little bit different, that’s all.)

  54. Sylvia says:


    You are soooo sneaky!  Talk about writing and "speaking" to the dominant emotions! The blog’s on fire again!

    You have got it down to the finest of sciences.  Can’t wait for the OPM course.

  55. Clayton Makepeace says:

    Faz:  What do you think "Nazi" means?  It’s short for "National SOCIALIST German Worker’s Party."

    Sure:  Socialists kill socialists who don’t agree with their interpretation of socialist thinking.  The army of the Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics, for instance.  So what?  Does that contradict either side’s proud assertion that it ascribes to socialist principles?

    I appreciate your Continental view of leftist thought, but there’s no spitting going on here.

  56. Clayton Makepeace says:

    BULLSEYE, Sylvia!  Nothing like stirring up the troops every once in a while … ;)

    I must admit that it’s intriguing — and more than a little unsettling — to see how much angrier the political discourse becomes here with each new political cycle.

    As an observer, I’m also fascinated that while Obama’s supporters seem to be personally invested in his victory on a very deep emotional level …

    Most McCain supporters I talk to seem to be less interested in electing McCain than they are in trying to avoid having Congress and the White House all in liberal hands.

    While Obama enjoys an almost cult-like following, McCain is seen by many of his own supporters as little more than "the lesser of two evils." 

    And judging by the response on this blog so far, most ideological  fiscal conservatives have pretty much given up on the Republicans altogether.

    Interesting, no?

  57. James says:

    Wow. Quite a post, Clayton.

    And quite a shot at Obama.

    Don’t suppose this was one of your tests to show us how stoking certain emotions elicit strong reactions?

    Regardless, I know Bush was never a true conservative, that’s clear from the results of his administration. But does that necessarily mean that we don’t give Barack Obama a chance to try something different?

    I realize that his plan to increase taxes on those earning over $250,000 a year has struck fear in the hearts of those in that demographic, as well as those who aspire to it.

    And fears that socialism will run amuck  under his administration also are stoking the emotions of many conservatives.

    But what has gone on the past eight years clearly didn’t work. And we’ve been saddled with an unbelieveable amount of debt as a result.

    If we don’t want to pass off responsibility for these debts to our children and grandchildren, we’ve got to do something different, right?

    So why can’t the current generation of entrepreneurs, business owners and wage earners step up to the plate and agree to pay more to see to it that future generations don’t have to solve all of this mess themselves? 

    I don’t like paying taxes, and I’m certainly not in the $250k+ tax bracket…yet. But if I want this country to continue to stand head-and-shoulders above the rest of the world as the greatest nation on earth, I’ve got to be willing to pay.

    I have two young daughters and I don’t want part of the legacy I hand to them to be that they, and others 0f their generation, have to pay for the sins of their elders.

    I think fears of socialism under Obama are overblown, but none of us will know for certain until after he is on office.

    I’m actually not sure why anyone would want to inherit this mess. But both he and McCain want to take it on. So whoever wins, and it will probably be Obama, I wish them luck and pray that whatever course they steer us down starts to repair the harm done to this country.

  58. Nick Burns says:

    I’ll take that bet (comment #32), though I’d prefer steak to sushi. A good old American dinner celebrating Barack Obama, a good old American story.

    Here it is: Barack wins, the stock market surges, I celebrate with steak. Anything else, you go out for sushi and send me the bill.

    I really hope I’m right too. Our country can’t afford to keep tanking under incompetent republican leadership, either in the administration or congress.
    Thanks, Clayton, for the forum on this election eve.
    Nick Burns

  59. Peter Black says:

    Clayton: "Faz:  What do you think "Nazi" means?  It’s short for "National SOCIALIST German Worker’s Party."  Sure, and "pig iron" comes from pigs.  Makes sense, no?

  60. John Klein says:

    As I read all of the rants above and many other political blogs I am blown away by how seemingly smart individuals become totally one sided once they have taken a position! It seems (to me)that most of the opinions I read are one sided — their candidate is God and the opposite site is always totally bad, totally inept, and totally evil. Where is thoughtful consideration and anlysis taking into account the good and the bad for each candidate. What is it about politics and political blogs that bring out the one-sided worst in all of us! Somewhere there is a marketing lesson in this - but I’ll let Clayton figure out what it is. 

  61. Re:Todd herman“Do everyone a favor and vote for McCain… educated Canadians will cheer you on.” Actually, the vast majority of educated Canadians strongly support Obama.  Today, an online poll for Canada’s leading newspaper shows that 82% of Canadians would vote for Obama — and only 18% for McCain. Harper’s Magazine ran an article after the last US election that showed that all of the states with an  average IQ  above 100 voted Democrat, and all the states where the average IQ is below 100 — with one exception at 101 — voted Republican.  There is, of  course,  a core of very smart people who vote conservative, but the majority of conservative voters have lower than average IQs, education, and live with a “fear based mental attitude.”  Just to throw some fire on the coals..Harvey McKinnon

  62. Jeanne says:

    I am not on your mailing list to read more political distortions of the truth, Clayton. I understand this election has passionate debate bubbling out of us all, but I turn to your website to focus on your superb advice, in your area of expertise, not for "more of the same" that I’m being inundated with on television. If you set aside the GOP spins and look at the truth, you just might get a glimmer of the real Obama and his honest vision for this country. If I was making at least $250,000 a year, I would gladly pay higher taxes to help out my fellow men, women and children who are less fortunate. Everyone should have a chance to grab the American Dream, but to turn a cold shoulder to those struggling, is beyond the ugly American. I’m not suggesting a free lunch, but our society could not remain civil without some socially consciencious programs. Would you have us eliminate social security, welfare, unemployment, banruptcy, grants, etc. and never offer assistance to companies in trouble?  The result would be chaos. Helping our citizens does not make us a "socialistic" country. Spouting fear about socialism is not going to help repair the damage done by GWB to our country, our allies,  our economic climate nor our peace of mind. We all need to work together and do what is best to rebuild our country and our standing on this planet. With all due respect, Clayton, I pray most of your readers have already voted their conscience early and will not be swayed by the eloquent use of your craft.  And if they have not voted, will personally research both sides of the race, and vote from the heart. 

  63. Lorraine says:

    How audacious to call Barack–a man of mixed race–a racist.I will thank God tomorrow when Barack is elected the first African American president of our country.I’ll keep this short as I must hurry back and unsubscribe from your email list.

  64. Dave C says:

    chrislrob wrote:
    "The slaveowners told those shoeless, slaveless Rebs the exact same thing."

    Maybe they did… altho I don’t believe the Federally-written history.

    Regardless, it’s NOT ENOUGH to get anyone to fight to the death. Bitch on TV or a blog, maybe. But not fight to the death.

    Taxation, however, IS enough reason.

    Fort Sumter was fired upon because it was the Union fort in Charleston Harbor where the hated federal tariffs were collected. The Southern economy was based on export… the North on manufacturing. To pay back his Northern financiers, Lincoln passed the Morill Tarriff in 1857, doubling the rates on imported goods. This sucked money out of the South for the benefit of the north. So the South seceded.

    Had the inexperienced lawyer from Illinois simply let the Confederacy go, there’s no telling how things would have turned out. Instead, he killed hundreds of thousands and re-wrote history.

    Now what can we expect from they latest inexperienced backed by the criminal PRD (People’s Republic of Daley) dynasty?

    Obamanation knows he’ll have to order the killings of those who will never kneel to him.

    He knows every Marxist has had to kill the hardcore libertarians who will never be bullied or reprogrammed.

    And he’s okay with it. That’s the scary part.

  65. Michael says:

    Does anyone else see what happens when Claytons makes a post like this (or anyone says something about Obama.) The Obama lovers go off and attack Bush, Palin, Joe the plumber, Republicans, everyone…but one thing they do not do is argue against the points Clayton makes.

    Because you can’t argue that fact that raising taxes hurts jobs, hurts families, and hurts the economy.

    It’s funny how the democrats love socialism, but they don’t want to call it that.

    Clayton, you missed one point…after Obama fails miserably to do anything for the economy, his loyal followers will simply say "Well, what could he do, Bushed messed up so bad Obama couldn’t fix it in four years!"

  66. David Lee says:

    Dead on, Clayton.  I couldn’t agree more. 

    It’s surprising how many people have fallen for this fraud called Barack Hussein Obama, or is it Barry Soetoro, or one of the other four names this identity-challenged individual has gone by? 

    Personally, I’m voting based on character, not the economy. 

    Let’s see, a war veteran/hero descended from two generations of Navy admirals and who has a proven 20+ year track record in government vs. a community "organizer" who descended from atheist socialists (yes, mother, father, and grandparents, et al) and who’s only experience is a few years immersed in Chicago racial politics.

    Wow, tough choice.  He’s even a fraud as a black man.  He’s bi-racial, and was predominantly raised in white America.  He’s only using the black community as a stepping stone for political gain.  Very sad.  Just look at how he diss’ed his "spiritual advisor" for convenience, even after pronouncing on national TV that he could never do it!  Pathetic.

    My guess is most of the whiners on this blog couldn’t write their way out of a paper bag, because they talk like they’ve never sold anything in their life for a serious  living.  Anyone who has would not be on board with this spreading the wealth BS.

    And no, in spite of what the Klingon plagiarist Biden would have us believe, it is NOT patriotic to pay taxes.  They are a necessary evil to pay for government functions, NOT to equalize wealth.

    In a capitalist society, "spreading the wealth" is done by charitable giving.  So, let’s compare candidates on that issue:

    Barak Hussein Obama – gave little more than 2% while making 250k, and only a measly 4.5% after making 7 figures.

    John McCain - 27% to charity; 100% of book royalties to charity.

    Nuff said.  The McCains are the true wealth spreaders.  I dare say that 27% would make most of us crap our pants, no matter how much you are making.

    This election will be as close as 2000.  McCain is damn sure still  in it.  Anyone who says this guy is too old is not paying attention.  He’s a freakin’ mad man right now.  Looks like he’s on crack.  Obama looks tired and angry.

    I predict a gutter ball for Obama, just like the four in a row he bowled on the campaign trail.  Polling is changing by the minute.  We live in an instant info society now, and Obama has stepped on his weanie yet again with this latest tape unmasking his true energy policy.  "Skyrocketing electricity"… just what we need as we transition to electric autos.  What a pathetic moron!

    Wake up people.   This idiot is a farce. 

    Clayton, you have a lot of balls for speaking out.  You and Mike Long are the only gurus with balls. 

  67. Todd Herman says:

    Hey Harvey ‘Bold-type’.

    Thanks for proving the Pareto principle for me… I love it when others do the research to prove your own point.

    The 80-20 rule…

    The sheeple of society follow without knowing why… they don’t educate themselves on issues… they don’t strive for something more out of life… they don’t take responsibility for their own actions and love to blame others for their ‘circumstance’… in the immortal words of Shaw – ‘Circumstance.  Hell I make it!’

    And as far as stats go… more than a boatload of polling and research shows the following:

    Liberals have less sex,
    Liberals enjoy sex less,
    Liberals are more likely to be on welfare,
    Liberals give less to others,

    Looks like your putting that IQ to a real good use… :)

  68. Jason says:

    It’s big of you to stop short of saying he’ll kill 6 million…

    But did anyone else hear Obama say in the final debate that he’ll stop permitting Health Insurance Companies to ‘Discriminate’ based on pre-existing medical conditions?

    I’m not sure how he expects them to do business, but Mcain didn’t even ask for clarification.

    So it’s tough to say who’s dumber.

    And Clayton, if you could answer me one question:

    How do you rationalize using Obama’s contentious middle name in the opening lines of an article?

    It seems to me like the only purpose would be to insight irrational fear and racial prejudice. I’m asking because I’d like to know, please don’t just say "it’s his name, isn’t it?’…because no one else (including you) refers to presidential candidates by their whole name.

    Just curious…thanks.

  69. Peter Black says:

    John Klein writes: "What is it about politics and political blogs that bring out the one-sided worst in all of us! Somewhere there is a marketing lesson in this - but I’ll let Clayton figure out what it is."  Here is the marketing lesson:  The point of marketing is NOT to present a balanced view of one’s product vis a vis your competitors’ products, but rather to stir the emotions of your audience in favor of your product so they go out and buy it.  Clayton writes these posts to show us how to stir the emotions in our copy.  The "politics" in these posts is determined by the fact that Clayton’s primary audience (in his own work) is right wing and conservative…Libertarian…Republican.  

  70. Clayton Makepeace says:

    James:  What a nice, well-thought-out post!

    My only concern is that we abandon "the failed Bush economic policies" only to embrace failed socialist ones.  At this point, with this economic crisis deepening, the last thing we can afford to do is to exacerbate it.

    Nick:  The stock market always surges for 60 days or so following a presidential election (except in 2000 when the results were in doubt) — but NOT necessarily because we elected the right guy.  Wall Street hates uncertainty.  When the election is over and uncertainty is removed, stocks go up.

    I’m far more concerned about the 24 months that will follow that fleeting relief rally.

    Oh — and steak it is, my friend!  :)

    John Klein:  Smart man … stay tuned.  ;)

    No GOP spins here, Jeanne … I’m a Libertarian.  In the article, I make it very clear that Bush’s  bears tremendous responsibility for this economic mess and that while I’m convinced that Obama’s policies are clearly not the solution, neither is McCain.

    I agree that everyone should have the opportunity to realize the American Dream.  To me, that means that those who so their best to make wise choices, who work hard, who risk their own money and who create jobs in their efforts to succeed should be encouraged and rewarded.  And I believe that those who do NOT do these things should suffer the consequences without compaint.

    To do it bass-ackwards — to punish good choices with taxes and to reward bad ones with give-aways — is to create a dysfunctional society that spanks kids for good behavior and gives candy to them when they’re naughty.

    And yes, I would love it if we eliminated ALL forms of welfare — regardless of whether it’s for individuals or corporations.  Charity should be the work of churches and families.  It should not be exacted at the point of a gun by government.

    Lorraine:  I must admit, a part of me will also thrill at the sight of a black man in the Oval Office.  I would much rather it be a black man of more rational economic views, of course — but there is something wonderful about how far America has come in terms of racial tolerance since I was a kid.

    David Lee:  You forgot to mention that your candidate’s wife owns a brewry.  ;)

  71. Hockey-Mom with nuclear codes and Obama spending like Bush are both scary.

  72. Clayton Makepeace says:

    Wow, Peter … great observation!

    And also to craft your message for the portion of your audience that is most likely to respond while ignoring those who are least likely to.

    Too many writers forget this basic tenet of marketing … try to do the impossible:  Create promotions that appeal to everybody … and by doing so, wind up with namby-pamby milquetoast copy that doesn’t touch or motivate anyone.

    Plus, it is fascinating to observe all the colors of emotion being poured out on this blog — right?

    Cheers, y’all! 

  73. Clayton Makepeace says:

    LOL, Markus!  Couldn’t agree more!

  74. Ron says:

    Isn’t it interesting that all of these "liberal thinking BO supporters" who want "change" and "to bring the country together" are so angry with you for stating your own hard-fought-American right to your opinion that "they’re willing to cut off their nose to spite their face" and "unsubscribe" from a FREE FORUM and FREE INFORMATION AND INSIGHT FROM ONE OF THE GREATEST MARKETING MINDS IN AMERICA.

    It just goes to show you how ignorance can run rampant and how lost these lost souls really are.  

    Clayton, keep up the great work!

    Don’t be dissuaded by their child-like actions, you’re STILL THE MAN, my friend.

    All the best to you, Wendy and your entire staff Clayton.

    Ron Schmidt

    PS And for those of you too ignorant and naive to think that your not being subscribed to this good man’s life’s work and willingness to give of himself will influence those of us who support THE TOTAL PACKAGE, CLAYTON MAKEPEACE, WENDY AND HIS STAFF, get a life and good riddens!

  75. Rodney Trotter says:

    Lorraine, we must be very careful about calling anyone a racist, but your thinking is incorrect. Just being of mixed race does not eliminate the ability to be racist. That is determined by a person’s character and how they regard others.

    As long as we allow discrimination in any form, we will have racist, because discrimination favors one person over another. You cannot justify discrimination based on one criteria and then turn around and say it is wrong based some other criteria. Point being, you cannot justify discrimination against the wealthy, and then claim discrimination against a person of a different race is wrong. Discrimination against any person based on race, sex, religion, country of origin or financial status is wrong. Justify any of these and you justify them all.

    Who is John Galt?

  76. Clayton Makepeace says:

    Jason — in a previous article, I referred to McCain as John Sydney McCain.  Didn’t hear any complaints from you then …

    But if it’ll make you happier, we’ll just call the next president Barak "Steve" Obama from now on.

  77. Sammy says:

    To the uninformed who state "If I was making $250,000 or more I would gladly pay more taxes for the less fortunate", you truly have your hands over your ears and your eyes shut.

    When taxes go up on small businesses making $250K or more, YOU will pay more for the goods and services. YOU. Doesn’t matter WHAT you earn.

    Obama stated himself that he wants to skyrocket electricity prices, oil and natural gas prices follow as well. Only making $30,000 a year? To damn bad. You will pay these "hidden" taxes. You have been lied to and you eat it up.

    EVERYONE is going to get soaked. Even people on SSI living on 15K a year via "skyrocketing electricity prices" and gasoline prices going far beyond the $4 a gallon they were last summer. Food goes through the roof. Small businesses close. Job losses and more job losses.
    Wake up to reality. You will pay more no matter how little income you make under Obama. Wake up.

  78. Jason says:

    Wow Clayton. You pegged me, nothing could make me happier. Not the fleeting kind…I’m talking deep, lasting, spiritual happiness.

    I’m going to hold you to it, though, so don’t slip up!

    On a more productive note, what do you hope for from the coming elections? My personal best-case (i’m canadian, so what the hell do I know?) would be Obama as President–if only because there seems to be a lower chance that he’ll invent a war–with a republican congress.

    that way, as I understand, nothing would get done in gov’t. which sounds like good news to me.


  79. Dean Kennedy says:

    Love your post Clayton.

    As an Aussie who plays no part in tomorrow’s poll, it still scares me to hear and read Obama supporters say things like "he can’t do any worse" — he sure can.

    Please also don’t think all Australians agree last year’s change of government here was for the better. Having socialist-leaning, two-faced incompetent loonies in charge at the federal and state level is really showing how scary it can get — suddenly with majorities, the socialists are foisting their ban-this, ban-that (or make it compulsory) liberty-destroying policies on the entire country.

    The worst thing is to have a government that takes no responsibility (everything bad is everyone else’s fault) and — like you point out — incorrectly thinking their problems will be solved if they take more money off those who have it — the more the government has,  the less likely they’ll do any good with it.

    I think we all need governments who foster providing opportunities for success, not governments who want equal (dismal) outcomes.

  80. Clayton Makepeace says:

    Great post, Dean … thanks!

    Jason:  Tell you what — from now on, we’ll just call him "President Steve."

    ‘night, all …

    – Clayton

  81. Dear Mr. Todd HermanYou should try reading Clayton more often. And then practice writing for clarity. You completely ignored the research that shows that people with IQs below 100 vote Republican and that people with IQs over 100 vote Democrat.  Now that I think about it, perhaps that explains your writing style.And who said I was a liberal? Not me.And anyone who thinks that Obama is a socialist, knows little about history, or political movements around the world.

  82. Robert says:


    I know you’re a great copywriter, but do you think you could be a little more concise here?

    Stop mincing words and tell us how you really feel. ;)

  83. Robert says:


    You just may be right… and if you are, that might explain why the A students work for the C students.

  84. Robert,

    Just because a student gets an A average does not NECESSARILY mean she or he has a higher IQ than a C student. It could mean they just spend less time in the student pub.

  85. Todd Herman says:

    Sorry Harvey, I didn’t realize I had to be sooo explicit with my ‘poor writing style’ for you…

  86. Hi all

    Wow, I disappear for a couple of hours and look what happens.
    Now I could add more fat to the fire and cant be bothered.
    Welfare etc theres a time and place to discuss them.

    I didn’t say it was all good for the Australian government. Really, I cannot be bothered with the bullshift that gets thrown around. You watch the ABC question time on the ABC and its just like watching chickens scratching and fighting over the feed as its scattered across the ground :)

    Right hand – left hand, still dont get it and dont care. I am
    passionate about the people. Let the people of that country decide. Let them make the decisions and go from there. Anyways, I dont know enough to make an educated decision on either of the USA candidates.

    I wish them well and may the best person be the winner or come out bashed and bruised from trying. May the best person and their party win to help the USA continue to grow and be the best it can!

    Sue in Aus

  87. Steve Odette says:


    When this debacle called an election is over… will you spend any more time political blogging?

    You had mentioned that you were setting up a new, different blog for this conversation, yes?

    One additional point on this topic that really crawls in my underwear and bites my butt….

    It seems that the Conservatives are fighting the fight for an ideal that no longer exists against a Liberal constituent that is no longer definable.

    Give me a break.

    What DO the Conservatives stand for anymore? I mean… really?

    It used to be they were FOR businesses… FOR entrepreneurs… FOR smaller Government… FOR fiscal responsibility… FOR a Capitalist, Free Market economy… and FOR a balanced MORAL guidance.

    Now…. all I see the single biggest SOCIAL SERVICE in history, given to banks and businesses at the expense of the taxpayers… the greatest expanse of the money supply in WORLD history (In just the last roughly 6 years… the total money supply in the world went from 35 Trillion to over 70 Trillion dollars….) DOUBLED on the Republican watch! If that’s not socialistic policy.. what the heck is, I ask? (Though, to be fair… it’s not socialistic to an unpopular minority… but to a very elite one instead).

    All of which will be paid for through Inflation… the single most insidious tax known to mankind… AND combined with, as Clayton mentioned, higher taxes across the board as well… regardless what the canditates promise from the platform.

    The Liberals are no better… what the hell IS a liberal anyway? Define it? It sure as heck isn’t a social communist… it used to be a party that ensured the RIGHTS of the people – of all people… Constitutionally, but it was never, well, not in my estimation anyway, intended to be viewed or enacted to be the "Spread the Wealth" party, to be sure.

    Rights, after all, are NOT guarantees. Having the same rights does not mean you are entitled… it just means you are supposed to be held to the same standards with the same opportunities.

    Prejudice will always exist… fat people against thin, beautiful against ugly, smart against Republican (oops… slipped there), Rich against poor, black against white, woman against man… and visa versa, etc. etc. etc. Won’t it?

    I’ve began to see the Republican party, for instance, as the party of biggots… because they just don’t seem to have anything else to talk about or enlighten us with… god, axis’ of evil, terrorism, prejudice, blah, blah, blah… oh, wait…. I meant to type God.. capital "G" as in GOP… God’s Own Party…

    And the Democrats as more and more socialist, "spread the wealth" "government take care of me" entitlement perpetuating, whiners.

    Neither of these has my vote… it’s actually pretty disgusting… would the REAL Republicans stand up and the Constitution Enforcing Democrats please come back, please?

    Neither of these groups, unrecognizable for many years, in comparison to the parties of old, are the solution to the coming storm, that is for certain.

    The obvious Republican conservatives posting here have offered nothing more than I can get on the evening news… especially FOX news of course… and simply perpetuate the same hate talk and negativity that lost them this election in the first place. Folks… your party is not the solution and McCain is definately not the man if it were… coming from me… a man who voted Republican much of my life and who used to belong to the Young Republicans – that is saying something of substance.

    Democrats… If the Republicans weren’t such easy targets, face it… about the only thing any of you have brought to the conversation is the race card or how Obama is not a socialist leaning liberal…. nah, nah.

    Sheeze… I’ll be glad when the election is over so Americans can crawl back into their ignorance holes and complain about the results.

    In the mean time… I’ll be watching my taxes go up… most assuredly… regardless, and the inflation of unfounded, unnecessary wars and irresponsible fiscal policy of ALL 535 folks in government… no party excluded… Libertarian officials included…, eroding my dollars into nothing, soon to be replaced by the Amero under the new North American Union with Mexico and Canada.

    Of course… what do I know… I’m a Ron Paul kinda guy for this election… but he was shut down and out long before even given a chance to be heard. Maybe whoever is elected will ask for his input once the storm get’s too bad to deal with?

    As for  giving more taxes if you make more… sure… so long as it goes to things that will benefit America… and not one penny goes to any social program for anyone (large corporate bailouts included, thank you). Things like infrastructure, technology, programs to promote business growth and opportunity, even, though controversial, protection of OUR boarders… not preemptive strikes on others…. yeah, maybe I’d be willing to pay more… but truthfully… I don’t see why I should be punished for being successful… seems a bit backwards to me.

    Create a free market economy that can compete in the world… and there will be jobs and opportunities for everyone who is willing to work for whatever they want… I agree with Clayton… let the churches, charities and families (who will probably also thrive in a true free market economy) take care of the less fortunate. It simply isn’t the governments (i.e. the taxpayers) job to do.

    Also.. I know quite a few LIBERAL Republicans… and even a few CONSERVATIVE Democrats (even gays!) – reconcile that statistic why don’t you! How do they fit into Mr. Hermans statistics, I wonder? Hmmmmmm……

    Baaaaaaa…… Baaaaaa…


  88. Oritseyemi says:

    Re: The #1 answer was, “Whatever’s on your mind.”

    I am sure the respondents of that survey  were referring to marketing issues. That is more educational than the "hullabaloo" that post has caused.

    Personally, I think we should stick to marketing issues. I enjoyed that more compared this!

    Good for a change of pace  though!

    May God help who ever win tomorrow.

  89. chrislrob says:

    Dave C.

    Your understanding of Civil War history is wrong.

    Further, it is the kind of overheated rhetoric that you are posting that is going to help lead to an Obama victory.  That kind of baseless attack is the relic of a bygone era in which, as someone said, “a lie can get halfway around the world before the truth even gets its boots on.”

    Lies still travel fast these days, but thanks to the internet, cell phones, and 1,000 TV channels, the truth need not be so far behind.

    This truth has doomed your side as they ridiculously insisted that Obama is a Kenyan-born, Islamic Marxo-terrorist, until time has run out, instead of focusing on the issues.  


    P.S.  The above applies doubly to you, David Lee.  The "community organizer" (that most vile and evil of things) is about to hand you the loss you so richly deserve. 


  90. BoneDaddy says:

    Regardless of who wins tomorrow… anyone who thinks that the winner will single handedly ruin this country… is an absolute moron.

    You do realize some of you are comparing a current day USA Presidential Candidate to Adolf Hitler? You have GOT to be kidding.

    Vote for whoever the heck you want to.

    The electoral’s decide – not us.

  91. Louis Burns says:

    How do you decided when enough is enough? And when you reach that point, what then?

    Many people fled the fascist regimes of the 30s and 40s. Is that our only option left… get out from under it and let the empire fall? Nothing else seems like a viable long term solution.

    End then Fed? Then what? Go back on the gold standard? How’s that going to happen? Reign in all the abuses of our civil liberties? End the IRS? End welfare programs? We can’t very well bring back all the dead soldiers and Iraqis.

    Assuming any of that were possible, where do we go from there? There aren’t any mechanisms for going back to smaller government. What could accomplish that?

    I think I’d prefer to watch from the relative safety of another country before this government machine eats us… for our own good of course.

  92. Andy says:

    Bonedaddy – The electoral voters vote for whoever wins the popular vote in their states except for in Maine and Nebraska.  Your vote does matter.

  93. Andy says:

    Big government creates bigger government.  The more government programs the more government employees, the more government employees the more votes for candidates that support bigger government.

    I don’t know about your state, but here in Minnesota the largest employer in Minnesota is the State of Minnesota.  I would venture to guess that is true in most "blue" states.

  94. BoneDaddy says:

    Thanks for the clarification Andy – I honestly did not know that. Appreciated.

    On another note: While I agree with Clayton (and Dan Kennedy, too) about the financial issues of this election, there are other deciding reasons for whom people should vote for or against.

    Clayton, I have to ask you this:
    Why is it that someone with as much skill and talent for making money as you and Dan Kennedy have… are you so scared of what’s about to occur?

    Why the abysmal attitude?

    Is this time around the financial marry-go-round really going to be the end for you?

    Regardless of who gets elected… are you NOT going to adapt?

  95. mikie says:

    there is only one absolute fact clayton and that is that you have an incredible amount of idiots on your mailing list.

  96. Rex Deissart says:

    Once and for all, IF Obama can add new wealth to the country and help the poor and needy, IF he can spur and create NEW jobs-producing enterprises, without adding to tax burdens, without steering America into economic sinkholes, then he’s THE MAN.


    It’s time America meet its fate. If Obama turned out to be another fatalistic leader, then let him sock it to the Americans. Who are not able to see consequences, only their immediate selfish interests (aka healthcare, taxes, employment, etc).

    When Reagan started the big financial slide, Americans were none the wiser

    When Cliton was helming, they only slapped his hand for sexual indiscretion

    When the George Bushes took reins, Americans applauded them for murders.

    When Obama rules, the unaffected rich might quietly cringe. But the befuddled masses will keep threading waters harder to keep their masters richer.

    Whether capitalism will heal or go to the dogs can be left unsaid. You know the answer. Good luck people of America.

  97. Andy says:

    Bonedaddy- No problem, and as to your question to Clayton, I of course can not answer for him, but I think no matter what, all of us will adapt, but this election isn’t about what’s right for me, you, or even Clayton, it is about what is right for our country.  Please listen to this speech by Ronald Reagan from 1964.  It is amazing how much of what he says is still relevant today.

  98. Kirsten Paris says:

    I thought this was a business post rather than a politics post!  When I started reading, I really for a moment thought I had come to the wrong website, and then it occurred to me as I continued reading that that’s exactly what I did — I came to the WRONG website.  Political preferences should be posted elsewhere!!

  99. Erik says:

    Obama will make history… as the first socialist muslim terrorist, rucola eating black man… to reform and restore America.

    Well, we don’t know about that last part yet.

    Kudos on sharing your thoughts Makepeace, but let’s all join in hoping that Obama will be for the collective good of America and the world. Since the world economy floats on the dollar, there’s a lot at stake here.

  100. Mannix Giordanno says:

    America, sadly, is almost dead. Or in perpetual trance, as reflected by its majority, who can only be swayed by charisma. Not by the FACT that its government cannot dig itself out of a glaring and deepening debt hole. Not even one of its presidents has been made accountable for that, imagine…

    Are their minds so diminished? Or is this still a mirror trick that cannot be talked about and actioned upon? The King is NAKED!

    We should be seeing a temporary mass migration of better middle class professionals away from this country, and to tested pro-business countries like Panama, Vietnam, Sweden, Hungary, or China, where the free enterprise spirit is not currently being curbed. Where redistributory regimes have been proven as economic roadblocks… Where foreign investments and massive job creations are still the order of the day. Not "confiscatory" healthcare or welfare.

    To these countries JOBS are UNO NUMERO, certainly not Just Over Broke. Jobs are blessings. But Americans are brainwashed into get rich quick mentalities, thinking that jobs are necessary evils, in the name of "freedom".

    Obama is Socialist?

    Socialistic is, when you know how to get BIG in your earnings, then your taxman must make you feel some pinch on your wallet, lest you feel you are better than your fellows, and start acting like the rich jerk. Much to the chagrin to your less successful brethren.

    Socialistic is, when feeling helpless to improve, your brethren will lobby the taxman to breath down on your neck hard and fast. That’ll put you in your place, you jerk.

    Socialistic is curbing the pride of your so-called accomplishments. If we ever needed another high tax system to teach these rich jerks a lesson, give them Socialism.

    Oh, Usually the super rich have other great social responsibilities. So they are not heavily taxed. Unlike the so-called newly arrived rich jerks. Big headed bozos.

    Capitalistic is acting like a jerk and being derisive when you are successful, which in turn sparks its socialistic response. Action and reaction goes hand in hand; and the cycle prolongs. Unless there’s a socialistic capitalism huh. Here we find an uneasy balance, with all the redistributory regimes.

    We don’t need an economic class division to determine on an individual’s worth. Every human being is worthy. Every individual is valuable. Full of intrinsic value. The originators of all other material values.

    We don’t need another modern day version of the caste system.

    People need to come together, not separated into financial classes, skin colors, religious beliefs. If how much respect you get depends on how much you earn, then how much you earn depends on the intelligent efforts and values you pump out into society.

    And when we are wealthy and are in much better position to help out some less fortunate few, then we wouldn’t need redistributory schemes.

    And do-good politicians may be out of work.

  101. George Scott says:

    Fact. The country has traditionally done better economically under the Dems. The smug Repugs try to tar their opponents with the dreaded cliche "tax and spend", but the reality is that their solution is to borrow and spend. These last eight years have been a kleptocracy, with the Halliburtons simply systematically fleecing all of us not in the top 2% of of the income pile. The people finally seem to be waking up and are about to throw the bums out. At long last. But no, it won’t last unless Obama can keep the country informed and fired up enough not to lapse back into the somnolence that is the usual state of the public mind. We need this change, and I can only hope it lasts.  

  102. Jonathan says:

    I suspect that with or without Obama, companies like GM and Boeing are going to default shortly and end up owned by the Chinese who are espacially interested in the Boeing technology.

    Dilemma: Does congress allow Boeing to crash, or accept the Eastern investor and lose her forever? 

    Let’s see how this tale unwinds.


  103. Clayton Makepeace says:

    I love reading all the various points of view, here!

    Me, personally?  I can’t get past the fact that with the greatest crisis of confidence in government I’ve ever seen — and with the greatest economic meltdown in our lifetimes bearing down on us …

    1. We need a president with leadership experience.  But Obama has never accomplished anything meaningful or reformed anything in his entire political life.  To the contrary:  He USED the notoriously corrupt Chicago political machine to build his career.

    2. We need a leader whose judgement we can trust. 
    But Obama’s  associations with radicals, racists and convicted slumlords (Ayers, Wright, Rezko and others) causes me great concern about his judgement.  Birds of a feather do flock together.

    3. We need a leader whose promises we can believe.  But Obama welched on his promise to cut middle-class taxes during his campaign for the Illinois State Senate.

    4. We need a leader who will create jobs.  But higher taxes on business and investment kill jobs — and that is precisely what Obama is proposing.

    5. We need a leader who will ruthlessly cut government waste and pork barrel spending.  But Obama has not proposed a single significant measure to do so.

    6. We need a leader who will be a check on a Congress that now enjoys only about one-third the approval rating George Bush does.  But Obama has made it clear that he will rubber stamp pretty much everything his liberal pals in Congress send him.

    Given these facts, I am amazed that anyone supports the man.  He’s an empty suit.  But hey — he looks good on TV and he’s not a Republican.  For millions of voters, I guess that’s enough.

  104. Jeanne says:

    Clayton, I understand and agree with your comment that "…those who do their best to make wise choices, who work hard, who risk their own money and who create jobs in their efforts to succeed should be encouraged and rewarded", however to say "And I believe that those who do NOT do these things should suffer the consequences without compaint" is not coming from understanding or empathy for the situtation of those who have not had resources, opportunity or education to make wise choices, nevermind money to risk. Many people are just dealt a bad hand, and are buried before they begin. Too many are struggling with two and three jobs just to make basic ends meet. To suggest they should suffer in silence without complaint is out of touch with the reality facing millions of Americans, and widens the gap between the rich and poor. I’m not suggesting a free lunch or "givaways", just a helping hand of opportunity and a little warm understanding. It goes a long way to improve the climate of our dysfunctional society, and keeps us from the perils of a third world country.Yes, charity should be a function of churches and family, but to put the entire burden on their shoulders is putting them at the point of a gun.  Our top heavy tax structure has given advantage to those with the highest income for way too long, and is clearly not working. Obama’s tax plan is not so much "spreading the wealth" as spreading equal advantage. Elitism is no more acceptable than racism. It’s time to open our minds to a new future. "According to a new analysis by the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center, a joint venture between the Urban Institute and the Brookings Institution, two Washington think tanks, this round goes to Obama. The TPC took a look at the various tax proposals put forth by the two candidates and estimated that Obama’s plan would lead to a boost in aftertax income for all but the [very] highest earners, while taking a smaller bite out of government tax revenues than would McCain’s plans." – Business Week, June 12, 2008.

  105. Jim says:

    Only time will tell how an Obama presidency will turn out.   Personally I think Clayton hit the nail directly on the head.  

    People need to read his two books (in his own words) and they will see just how racist his views really are.  There is absolutely no denying this fact being that he wrote the books himself.  You can’t spin that! 

    When one looks back on another racist book written by another "great orator" before he came to full power, you can only ask yourself "how could people not see it coming?".  In "Mein Kampf" Adolph Hitler revealed his hatred for the Jews while Barack Obama reveals his hatred for white people and the USA in "Dreams From My Father" and "The Audicity Of Hope".  Open your eyes people; this man is corrupt, phony and dangerous!!!!!

    Ask yourself this, would I highly recommend this man for a job at my company and put my reputation and family’s future on the line in doing so?  If you can’t honestly answer yes to that simple question then how can you possibly put your family and country’s future on the line by giving him complete power as the next president of the United States of America?!  

    Think clearly and rationally before you vote.

  106. BoneDaddy says:

    Clayton – will Obama winning change the immutable Laws of Success? You make it sound like once he is elected, it becomes impossible for an up-and-comer to achieve their dreams, goals, ambitions.

    But isn’t it true that during every crisis & downfall, there are people (marketers like you and I) who still make things happen?

    Yes there may be more obstacles now, but won’t we still be able to move forward?

  107. Walter Thurston says:

    There was recently an American Indian on The Daily Show promoting his new book. And he was asked: "McCain has always been a big supporter of Indian’s, why would you vote against him?"

    And the author replied: "Unlike other minority groups, we vote for the greater good of everyone, not just ourselves."

    Mr. Makepeace’s comments seem to put himself in the minority group of $250,000+ who are looking out only for themselves.

    Remember friends: Obama won’t be permanent. If he screws up he country like Bush already has, he’ll be gone one day, too.

  108. Larry Foster says:

    Clayton, thank you for sharing the information in this thread.
    Unlike some, I find it appropriate and think it’s our duty as citizens to have healthy debates.
    Unfortunately, we have a very uninformed electorate and that may be the downfall of this great country. You can see that from some of the posts. From both viewpoints.
    I believe America is facing many dangers, economic being only one.
    I regret that the choices we’re given are the best we have.When I voted today, I found myself with familiar thoughts. I’m voting against rather than for candidates.
    To clarify someone’s post above. Republican does not equal Conservative and should not be used interchangeably.
    Larry Foster

  109. Clayton Makepeace says:

    Jeanne:  You’re talking to the intensely unwanted bastard son of a poverty-stricken single mother of five and a married man. 

    At birth, I was adopted by a dirt-poor Methodist minister who insisted that I the family couldn’t afford for me to have more than one change of clothes for each school year. 

    At 15, I held down two jobs — after school in a donut shop and nights as a gas station attendant.  At 16, I was forced to drop out of high school to help support my mom and brother. 

    Please don’t even try to lecture me on starting life upside down.

    In our "tax-heavy" tax structure, the top 5% — of which I am proud to say I now belong (without ever taking a single government hand-out) — pay between 80% and 90% of all income taxes.  How much more would you like us to pay?  Maybe we should just say "100%" and be done with all this populist nonsense.

    If you let risk-takers and employers keep more of what they earn, you’ll get more employment and more investment.  If you give money to everyone else, they spend it once to buy the big-screen TV.  Tax cuts on the middle class make China rich; NOT America.

    But hey — it’s a useless discussion because Obama’s not going to cut ANYONE’s taxes.  He can’t.  In fact, this economic crisis — and our $1 trillion 2009 deficit will give him every excuse he needs to hold us all up at gunpoint.  And like Bush Sr. and Clinton before him, he will do just that.

    BoneDaddy:  To the contrary.  An Obama victory will create greater obstacles for those who dream of becoming rich — but my article is an admonition to not let the bastards grind you down; to never give up.

    Walter Thurston:  You think Obama’s tax hike will hurt me?  HAH! 

    I’ve already got tons of cash and my personal living expenses can be easily cut to $249,999 per year.  My CPA will then play the tax code like a Stradivarius — shamelessly exploiting every legal means to shelter every penny of that quarter mill as well as the money I leave in my companies.

    I don’t have a dog in this fight — but thousands of our readers do.  Becoming successful and amassing enough wealth to get your kids through college and still retire comfortably is enough of a challenge.  Having your own government dropping landmines on the way only makes it harder.

  110. Dean says:

    Hi Clayton,

    Frankly I shocked, that you could write such hatred. I always took you for a sensible man. If you actually bothered to go to Obama’s website and read his policies, you will see that ultimately they are for the best for all American’s and the world.

    Under Bush the rich got richer and the middle-class poorer. You being the rich, will obviously like Bush/Republican. Short-sighted though, as the middle-class ultimately drive the economy, and create national wealth — which means more $$ to you.

    Stop being so selfish with your money, and allow other American’s less fortunate than you to also have a chance at a better life.

    Viva Obama!


  111. Brett says:

    For all the ignorant,… here’s Obama’s Tax Policy… Read it and then you’ll understand why Clayton’s post, may have missed a few key points:

    Plan to Strengthen the Economy The Problem Wages are Stagnant as Prices Rise: While wages remain flat, the costs of basic necessities are increasing. The cost of in-state college tuition has grown 35 percent over the past five years. Health care costs have risen four times faster than wages over the past six years. And the personal savings rate is now the lowest it’s been since the Great Depression. Tax Cuts for Wealthy Instead of Middle Class: The Bush tax cuts give those who earn over $1 million dollars a tax cut nearly 160 times greater than that received by middle-income Americans. At the same time, this administration has refused to tackle health care, education and housing in a manner that benefits the middle class. Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s Plan Jumpstart the Economy Enact a Windfall Profits Tax to Provide a $1,000 Emergency Energy Rebate to American Families:Barack Obama and Joe Biden will enact a windfall profits tax on excessive oil company profits to give American families an immediate $1,000 emergency energy rebate to help families pay rising bills. This relief would be a down payment on the Obama-Biden long-term plan to provide middle-class families with at least $1,000 per year in permanent tax relief.Provide $50 billion to Jumpstart the Economy and Prevent 1 Million Americans from Losing Their Jobs: This relief would include a $25 billion State Growth Fund to prevent state and local cuts in health, education, housing, and heating assistance or counterproductive increases in property taxes, tolls or fees. The Obama-Biden relief plan will also include $25 billion in a Jobs and Growth Fund to prevent cutbacks in road and bridge maintenance and fund school re­pair – all to save more than 1 million jobs in danger of being cut. Provide Middle Class Americans Tax Relief Obama and Biden will cut income taxes by $1,000 for working families to offset the payroll tax they pay. Provide a Tax Cut for Working Families: Obama and Biden will restore fairness to the tax code and provide 150 million workers the tax relief they need. Obama and Biden will create a new "Making Work Pay" tax credit of up to $500 per person, or $1,000 per working family. The "Making Work Pay" tax credit will completely eliminate income taxes for 10 million Americans.Eliminate Income Taxes for Seniors Making Less than $50,000: Barack Obama will eliminate all income taxation of seniors making less than $50,000 per year. This proposal will eliminate income taxes for 7 million seniors and provide these seniors with an average savings of $1,400 each year. Under the Obama-Biden plan, 27 million American seniors will also not need to file an income tax return.Simplify Tax Filings for Middle Class Americans: Obama and Biden will dramatically simplify tax filings so that millions of Americans will be able to do their taxes in less than five minutes. Obama and Biden will ensure that the IRS uses the information it already gets from banks and employers to give taxpayers the option of pre-filled tax forms to verify, sign and return. Experts estimate that the Obama-Biden proposal will save Americans up to 200 million total hours of work and aggravation and up to $2 billion in tax preparer fees. Trade Obama and Biden believe that trade with foreign nations should strengthen the American economy and create more American jobs. He will stand firm against agreements that undermine our economic security. Fight for Fair Trade: Obama and Biden will fight for a trade policy that opens up foreign markets to support good American jobs. They will use trade agreements to spread good labor and environmental standards around the world and stand firm against agreements like the Central American Free Trade Agreement that fail to live up to those important benchmarks. Obama and Biden will also pressure the World Trade Organization to enforce trade agreements and stop countries from continuing unfair government subsidies to foreign exporters and nontariff barriers on U.S. exports.Amend the North American Free Trade Agreement: Obama and Biden believe that NAFTA and its potential were oversold to the American people. They will work with the leaders of Canada and Mexico to fix NAFTA so that it works for American workers.Improve Transition Assistance: To help all workers adapt to a rapidly changing economy, Obama and Biden will update the existing system of Trade Adjustment Assistance by extending it to service industries, creating flexible education accounts to help workers retrain, and providing retraining assistance for workers in sectors of the economy vulnerable to dislocation before they lose their jobs. End Tax Breaks for Companies that Send Jobs Overseas: Barack Obama and Joe Biden believe that companies should not get billions of dollars in tax deductions for moving their operations overseas. Obama and Biden will also fight to ensure that public contracts are awarded to companies that are committed to American workers. Reward Companies that Support American Workers: Barack Obama introduced the Patriot Employer Act of 2007 with Senators Richard Durbin (D-IL) and Sherrod Brown (D-OH) to reward companies that create good jobs with good benefits for American workers. The legislation would provide a tax credit to companies that maintain or increase the number of full-time workers in America relative to those outside the US; maintain their corporate headquarters in America if it has ever been in America; pay decent wages; prepare workers for retirement; provide health insurance; and support employees who serve in the military. Invest in the Manufacturing Sector and Create 5 Million New Green Jobs Invest in our Next Generation Innovators and Job Creators: Obama and Biden will create an Advanced Manufacturing Fund to identify and invest in the most compelling advanced manufacturing strategies. The Fund will have a peer-review selection and award process based on the Michigan 21st Century Jobs Fund, a state-level initiative that has awarded over $125 million to Michigan businesses with the most innovative proposals to create new products and new jobs in the state.Double Funding for the Manufacturing Extension Partnership: The Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) works with manufacturers across the country to improve efficiency, implement new technology and strengthen company growth. This highly-successful program has engaged in more than 350,000 projects across the country and in 2006 alone, helped create and protect over 50,000 jobs. But despite this success, funding for MEP has been slashed by the Bush administration. Barack Obama and Joe Biden will double funding for the MEP so its training centers can continue to bolster the competitiveness of U.S. manufacturers.Invest In A Clean Energy Economy And Create 5 Million New Green Jobs: Obama and Biden will invest $150 billion over 10 years to advance the next generation of biofuels and fuel infrastructure, accelerate the commercialization of plug-in hybrids, promote development of commercial scale renewable energy, invest in low emissions coal plants, and begin transition to a new digital electricity grid. The plan will also invest in America’s highly-skilled manufacturing workforce and manufacturing centers to ensure that American workers have the skills and tools they need to pioneer the first wave of green technologies that will be in high demand throughout the world.Create New Job Training Programs for Clean Technologies: The Obama-Biden plan will increase funding for federal workforce training programs and direct these programs to incorporate green technologies training, such as advanced manufacturing and weatherization training, into their efforts to help Americans find and retain stable, high-paying jobs. Obama and Biden will also create an energy-focused youth jobs program to invest in disconnected and disadvantaged youth.Boost the Renewable Energy Sector and Create New Jobs: The Obama-Biden plan will create new federal policies, and expand existing ones, that have been proven to create new American jobs. Obama and Biden will create a federal Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) that will require 25 percent of American electricity be derived from renewable sources by 2025, which has the potential to create hundreds of thousands of new jobs on its own. Obama and Biden will also extend the Production Tax Credit, a credit used successfully by American farmers and investors to increase renewable energy production and create new local jobs. New Jobs Through National Infrastructure Investment Barack Obama and Joe Biden believe that it is critically important for the United States to rebuild its national transportation infrastructure – its highways, bridges, roads, ports, air, and train systems – to strengthen user safety, bolster our long-term competitiveness and ensure our economy continues to grow. Create a National Infrastructure Reinvestment Bank: Barack Obama and Joe Biden will address the infrastructure challenge by creating a National Infrastructure Reinvestment Bank to expand and enhance, not supplant, existing federal transportation investments. This independent entity will be directed to invest in our nation’s most challenging transportation infrastructure needs. The Bank will receive an infusion of federal money, $60 billion over 10 years, to provide financing to transportation infrastructure projects across the nation. These projects will create up to two million new direct and indirect jobs and stimulate approximately $35 billion per year in new economic activity. Technology, Innovation and Creating Jobs Barack Obama and Joe Biden will increase federal support for research, technology and innovation for companies and universities so that American families can lead the world in creating new advanced jobs and products. Invest in the Sciences: Barack Obama and Joe Biden support doubling federal funding for basic research and changing the posture of our federal government from being one of the most anti-science administrations in American history to one that embraces science and technology. This will foster home-grown innovation, help ensure the competitiveness of US technology-based businesses, and ensure that 21st century jobs can and will grow in America.Make the Research and Development Tax Credit Permanent: Barack Obama and Joe Biden want investments in a skilled research and development workforce and technology infrastructure to be supported here in America so that American workers and communities will benefit. Obama and Biden want to make the Research and Development tax credit permanent so that firms can rely on it when making decisions to invest in domestic R&D over multi-year timeframes.Deploy Next-Generation Broadband: Barack Obama and Joe Biden believe we can get broadband to every community in America through a combination of reform of the Universal Service Fund, better use of the nation’s wireless spectrum, promotion of next-generation facilities, technologies and applications, and new tax and loan incentives. Support Small Business Provide Tax Relief for Small Businesses and Start Up Companies: Barack Obama and Joe Biden will eliminate all capital gains taxes on start-up and small businesses to encourage innovation and job creation. Obama and Biden will also support small business owners by providing a $500 “Making Work Pay” tax credit to almost every worker in America. Self-employed small business owners pay both the employee and the employer side of the payroll tax, and this measure will reduce the burdens of this double taxation.Create a National Network of Public-Private Business Incubators: Barack Obama and Joe Biden will support entrepreneurship and spur job growth by creating a national network of public-private business incubators. Business incubators facilitate the critical work of entrepreneurs in creating start-up companies. Obama and Biden will invest $250 million per year to increase the number and size of incubators in disadvantaged communities throughout the country. Labor Obama and Biden will strengthen the ability of workers to organize unions. He will fight for passage of the Employee Free Choice Act. Obama and Biden will ensure that his labor appointees support workers’ rights and will work to ban the permanent replacement of striking workers. Obama and Biden will also increase the minimum wage and index it to inflation to ensure it rises every year. Ensure Freedom to Unionize: Obama and Biden believe that workers should have the freedom to choose whether to join a union without harassment or intimidation from their employers. Obama cosponsored and is strong advocate for the Employee Free Choice Act, a bipartisan effort to assure that workers can exercise their right to organize. He will continue to fight for EFCA’s passage and sign it into law.Fight Attacks on Workers’ Right to Organize: Obama has fought the Bush National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) efforts to strip workers of their right to organize. He is a cosponsor of legislation to overturn the NLRB’s "Kentucky River" decisions classifying hundreds of thousands of nurses, construction, and professional workers as "supervisors" who are not protected by federal labor laws.Protect Striking Workers: Obama and Biden support the right of workers to bargain collectively and strike if necessary. They will work to ban the permanent replacement of striking workers, so workers can stand up for themselves without worrying about losing their livelihoods.Raise the Minimum Wage: Barack Obama and Joe Biden will raise the minimum wage, index it to inflation and increase the Earned Income Tax Credit to make sure that full-time workers earn a living wage that allows them to raise their families and pay for basic needs. Protect Homeownership and Crack Down on Mortgage Fraud Obama and Biden will crack down on fraudulent brokers and lenders. They will also make sure homebuyers have honest and complete information about their mortgage options, and they will give a tax credit to all middle-class homeowners. Create a Universal Mortgage Credit: Obama and Biden will create a 10 percent universal mortgage credit to provide homeowners who do not itemize tax relief. This credit will provide an average of $500 to 10 million homeowners, the majority of whom earn less than $50,000 per year.Ensure More Accountability in the Subprime Mortgage Industry: Obama has been closely monitoring the subprime mortgage situation for years, and introduced comprehensive legislation over a year ago to fight mortgage fraud and protect consumers against abusive lending practices. Obama’s STOP FRAUD Act provides the first federal definition of mortgage fraud, increases funding for federal and state law enforcement programs, creates new criminal penalties for mortgage professionals found guilty of fraud, and requires industry insiders to report suspicious activity.Mandate Accurate Loan Disclosure: Obama and Biden will create a Homeowner Obligation Made Explicit (HOME) score, which will provide potential borrowers with a simplified, standardized borrower metric (similar to APR) for home mortgages. The HOME score will allow individuals to easily compare various mortgage products and understand the full cost of the loan.Close Bankruptcy Loophole for Mortgage Companies: Obama and Biden will work to eliminate the provision that prevents bankruptcy courts from modifying an individual’s mortgage payments. They believe that the subprime mortgage industry, which has engaged in dangerous and sometimes unscrupulous business practices, should not be shielded by outdated federal law. Address Predatory Credit Card Practices Obama and Biden will establish a five-star rating system so that every consumer knows the risk involved in every credit card. They also will establish a Credit Card Bill of Rights to stop credit card companies from exploiting consumers with unfair practices. Create a Credit Card Rating System to Improve Disclosure: Obama and Biden will create a credit card rating system, modeled on five-star systems used for other consumer products, to provide consumers an easily identifiable ranking of credit cards, based on the card’s features. Credit card companies will be required to display the rating on all application and contract materials, enabling consumers to quickly understand all of the major provisions of a credit card without having to rely exclusively on fine print in lengthy documents.Establish a Credit Card Bill of Rights to Protect Consumers: Obama and Biden will create a Credit Card Bill of Rights to protect consumers. The Obama-Biden plan will: Ban Unilateral ChangesApply Interest Rate Increases Only to Future DebtProhibit Interest on FeesProhibit "Universal Defaults"Require Prompt and Fair Crediting of Cardholder Payments Reform Bankruptcy Laws Obama and Biden will reform our bankruptcy laws to protect working people, ban executive bonuses for bankrupt companies, and require disclosure of all pension investments. Cap Outlandish Interest Rates on Payday Loans and Improve Disclosure: Obama and Biden will extend a 36 percent interest cap to all Americans. They will require lenders to provide clear and simplified information about loan fees, payments and penalties, which is why they’ll require lenders to provide this information during the application process.Encourage Responsible Lending Institutions to Make Small Consumer Loans: Obama and Biden will encourage banks, credit unions and Community Development Financial Institutions to provide affordable short-term and small-dollar loans and to drive unscrupulous lenders out of business.Reform Bankruptcy Laws to Protect Families Facing a Medical Crisis: Obama and Biden will create an exemption in bankruptcy law for individuals who can prove they filed for bankruptcy because of medical expenses. This exemption will create a process that forgives the debt and lets the individuals get back on their feet. Work/Family Balance Obama and Biden will double funding for after-school programs, expand the Family Medical Leave Act, provide low-income families with a refundable tax credit to help with their child-care expenses, and encourage flexible work schedules. Expand the Family and Medical Leave Act: The FMLA covers only certain employees of employers with 50 or more employees. Obama and Biden will expand it to cover businesses with 25 or more employees. They will expand the FMLA to cover more purposes as well, including allowing workers to take leave for elder care needs; allowing parents up to 24 hours of leave each year to participate in their children’s academic activities; and expanding FMLA to cover leave for employees to address domestic violence.Encourage States to Adopt Paid Leave: As president, Obama will initiate a strategy to encourage all 50 states to adopt paid-leave systems. Obama and Biden will provide a $1.5 billion fund to assist states with start-up costs and to help states offset the costs for employees and employers.Expand High-Quality Afterschool Opportunities: Obama and Biden will double funding for the main federal support for afterschool programs, the 21st Century Learning Centers program, to serve a million more children. Obama and Biden will include measures to maximize performance and effectiveness across grantees nationwide.Expand the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit: The Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit provides too little relief to families that struggle to afford child care expenses. Obama and Biden will reform the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit by making it refundable and allowing low-income families to receive up to a 50 percent credit for their child care expenses.Protect Against Caregiver Discrimination: Workers with family obligations often are discriminated against in the workplace. Obama and Biden will enforce the recently-enacted Equal Employment Opportunity Commission guidelines on caregiver discrimination.Expand Flexible Work Arrangements: Obama and Biden will create a program to inform businesses about the benefits of flexible work schedules; help businesses create flexible work opportunities; and increase federal incentives for telecommuting. Obama and Biden will also make the federal government a model employer in terms of adopting flexible work schedules and permitting employees to request flexible arrangements. Barack Obama’s Record Housing: In the U.S. Senate, Obama introduced the STOP FRAUD Act to increase penalties for mortgage fraud and provide more protections for low-income homebuyers, well before the current subprime crisis began.Predatory Lending: In the Illinois State Senate, Obama called attention to predatory lending issues. Obama sponsored legislation to combat predatory payday loans, and he also was credited with lobbying the state to more closely regulate some of the most egregious predatory lending practices.American Jobs: Barack Obama introduced the Patriot Employer Act of 2007 to provide a tax credit to companies that maintain or increase the number of full-time workers in America relative to those outside the US; maintain their corporate headquarters in America; pay decent wages; prepare workers for retirement; provide health insurance; and support employees who serve in the military.

  112. Tommy says:

     I am so glad that we are not the only country (South Africa) stuck with dribbling fools in government. Zuma (the leader of the ruling ANC) is still trying to get out of his (alleged)corruption charges, they fire Mbeki (the previous president in his last term), a municipality (Vryheid) is bankrupt and all their property is being auctioned off soon. They  also seem to be leaning to taking from the deserving earners and giving to the drooling masses. And those are just the short headlines. Read Animal Farm for the full news bulletin.

    It is said that the country gets the government it deserves.

    I know what happened here but,

    What on earth did you lot do to deserve this?

    I told you Clayton for Prez, but you didn’t listen!! Maybe if you run for the next election, you may just be able to save something.
    I honestly wish all you US citizens well. From what I have read and seen about these two candidates, it don’t look so good.

  113. Deb Wright says:

    Conservative has not meant Republican or Democrat for many a year.  This election boils down to choosing what you see as the lesser of two evils.  Our next president will nominate at least one, and maybe two Supreme Court Justices.  Obama is far more likely to saddle us with liberals interested in rewriting the Constitution and then what?  I know this will throw a little more gas on the fire but if we don’t get this right, our First and Second Amendment rights are in REAL danger.  We all have strong FEELINGS about the current state of affairs and that’s what scares me the most.  I’m sincerely hoping that at least some of you hotheads don’t vote!

  114. Clayton Makepeace says:

    Thanks for the Obama propaganda, Brett … I’m sure it’s just what we were all hoping for on this last day of the longest and most deceptive presidential campaign in history.

    I would suggest that anyone who actually believes any campaign promise made by either candidate is worse than ignorant; he’s woefully naive.

    I would also suggest that destroying jobs with higher taxes on employers — in the middle of the greatest economic debacle in generations, no less — is no way to help the middle class.

  115. chrislrob says:

    (Without taking a stance as to whether raising taxeson the rich  is always the answer)Clayton wrote:"Walter Thurston:  You think Obama’s tax hike will hurt me?  HAH!  I’ve already got tons of cash and my personal living expenses can be easily cut to $249,999 per year.  My CPA will then play the tax code like a Stradivarius – shamelessly exploiting every legal means to shelter every penny of that quarter mill as well as the money I leave in my companies."This is your right.  And much as we suspected.  It’s a very good argument for not worrying about higher taxes causing the rich to cut jobs or wages or to not invest.  You”ll just figure out a way to beat the system, whether your rate is raised or not. You’re not paying 36% now and you won’t be paying 39% a year from now.    

  116. Clayton Makepeace says:

    Dean, my friend, this is only hatred for those who would oppress us by destroying jobs and rendering more middle-classers unemployed.

    The best solution for the middle class is not more hand-outs at the expense of their employers.

    It’s a tax structure that helps them LEAVE the middle class, join the top 5% and assume their place helping us pay the 80% to 90% of total tax revenues.

  117. Robert says:

    Hey Brett,

    You should consider investing in one of Clayton’s products.

    If you want someone to read your points, it’s important to structure them in a way that’s makes it EASY for someone to consume them.

    Your jumbled, long winded regurgitation of Obama’s website hardly accomplishes that.


  118. Clayton Makepeace says:

    Chinalrob:  Unfortunately, relatively few Americans are savers. 

    Equally unfortunately, many small business owners are just getting started and don’t have the luxury of a cash pad to fall back on. 

    And even worse, many have personal financial commitments that force them to take more than $249,999.99 out of their companies each year.

    For many of them, tax increases will translate directly to layoffs.

    And many of those newly unemployed will be Obama voters.

    Kind of ironic, don’t you think?

  119. Jason says:

    Clayton, you’ve made me very unhappy. you promised to call him Steve.

    For shame, sir, for shame.

  120. Clayton Makepeace says:

    Jason:  Damn!  I forgot.

    OK everybody, let’s all pretend that instead of referring to the next president by his real name — which Jason believes is inflammatory in some way — I’ve referred to The Obaminator as "President Steve" as I promised.

  121. Jason says:

     Or Barack the Impaler.

    The important part is we’re finally discussing the issues that matter to the American People.

  122. Vanessa says:

    Personally, I’m just glad the whole damn thing is over today. I find it hard to believe that as big, diverse, and rich with talent as America is, these four are the best we could come up with. It’s really pitiful. And not a little depressing.

    Also, as a (formally) die-hard liberal, I am sick. to. death. of the complete intolerance and disrespect for the opposing viewpoint shown by the supporters of "Hope and Change". (Newsflash: It IS possible to have liberal leanings and not like Obama. Get over it, y’all.) 

    Somehow, it seems that, in The Land of Hope and Change, we live in a democracy only if we all agree to never, ever, criticize Obama.

    We’re not allowed to point out that he has backtracked on every campaign promise he made before his nomination, or express any reservations at all about his candidacy. (hmmm… having a flashback to …. 2003 or so… only… I got it!! Different guy, different party, different name: Same deal.)

    All we have to do now is brace ourselves for the cacaphony of distressed howling that will shortly arise when The Great One and The-Great-Uselessness-That-Is-The-Democratic-Congress fails to live up to all this overheated hype.

  123. Terry Moore says:

    Clayton – it appears to me you’ve become completely delusional with regard to your observations of potential results of an Obama presidential victory.  I find that rather sad.  My condolences.

  124. Nick says:

    Call me pessimistic but I think Americas best days are behind it. The public school system and a 6 hour a day TV diet has ensured the majority of voters from here on out will be brain dead stupid.

    Can you realistically imagine someone coming along and restoring the liberties that have been stolen from us, and letting us keep the money we earned?

    The fat worthless idiots will protest in mass over a few pennies increase in minimum wage, but don’t blink over big chunks of their money being taken from them in taxes.

    I hear there’s some thriving upstart Democracies springing up around the world – for those of us looking for the ideal conditions for our business (especially online business) to flourish it’s time to pack up and leave while you still can.

  125. Jeanne says:

    Clayton, it was not my intention to “lecture” you. I admire you for overcoming the obstacles and reaching success. However, it disturbs me that you seem to have missed something, while pulling yourself up, that would give you empathy for those who have not had fortune smile on them. Somehow you think that anyone who has not achieved your level of success must be lazy or stupid, and deserve what they get.The basic math supports your contention that the top 5% pay between 80% and 90% of all income taxes. In fact, I believe I read it’s more like 96%. The flaw in your argument overlooks that bigger taxable income will generate a larger percentage of taxes. I venture to say that individuals and corporations in the top 5% don’t end up paying a larger percentage of their income than those in the bottom 50%. Not to mention available loopholes and those who “…play the tax code like a Stradivarius – shamelessly exploiting every legal means to shelter every penny…” – and that is your right. Please don’t lecture me about the tax burden you bear, when clearly we both pay the same for milk and gas, and a dollar stretches much farther for the top 5% than it does for the bottom 50%.Even Warren Buffett blasts the tax system because he pays 17% tax, without loopholes, while his secretary pays 30%. If the tax structure gives employers and risk-takers more incentive to keep from sending jobs out of the country, and allows the bottom 50% to keep more of what they do earn, there will be less unemployment and a more productive society that will stimulate the economy. I assure you the bottom 50% is more concerned with paying the bills than spending any funds on a big-screen TV. And if jobs stay in the U.S., purchases in the U.S. would not benefit the Chinese economy. Narrowing the gap between the rich and poor will ultimately benefit the top 5%.

  126. Dave C says:

    No chrislrob … it’s YOUR understanding of Civil War history that is wrong. But don’t feel bad for believing the nonsense spewed out by the victorious history writers. Besides,  you’re in the majority, which I’m sure is more important to you… after all, might makes right… safety in numbers… and numbers don’t lie.   And don’t insult me by saying "my side". 

    I don’t have a side in this election because I acknowledge the American vote — like the Steppenwolf song said — "is a meaningless joke".  Events of the last two months has seen proof that the USA is run by the NYC banks — your vote is symbolic only.  Both candidates are from the same party.

  127. Dave C says:

    chrislrob wrote: “Wow.  I’m a big-time Obama fan and never would I have been so bold as to declare him the next Lincoln! I can only pray you’re right.  Go ahead and pray that I’m right and the next US president will order the deaths of 600,000 Americans who disagree with him.   When you’re done praying to your God to smite the disagree-ers, then you can tell us how communism would have worked if only the "right" people would have been in charge.

  128. Blue Makepeace says:

    Hey Padre! It’s Ol’ Blue Eyes.

    After many years of listening to Madre and yourself discuss various issues over weeknight television game-shows and dinner, I’ve only recently began paying attention to you guys. Paying attention to current events, I mean. Oh, come on… I always pay attention to you. I look up to you. You know I always gave your explanations of quantum theory my undivided attention on the way to school every morning in the fourth grade. I was just staring agape and astonished out the car window, taken aback by how the laws of physics affect us all…

    …And not listening to my walkman.

    All of that fluff and nonsense aside, I wanted to express what little political viewpoint I’ve acquired through hearing both sides of every argument. Really, I have no political opinions (yet), except for a few very, very basic ones:

    1. I hate politics. And politicians (all liars, IMHO). I hate how the American people continue to segregate themselves into smaller and smaller groups. I hate watching proud people become so angry and demeaning towards one another over opinions that cannot be swayed by another’s redundant, monotonous mental list of why this policy bombs and why that policy will fix everything. I understand that this is human nature,and it’s a little necessary, and that it will always continue on forever and ever. I think that’s fine. I just think it’s sucky.

    2. I hate the government. For reasons that you and I have already discussed many times.

    Yes. I’m very very new to this whole "real world" thing. Actually, I haven’t made it that far yet. I’m still kinda at the little window next to the door that opens to the real world, so I don’t know much at all. I know. It’s just…Why can’t everybody be smart and sweet? I’d like to think I’m not being naive when I say that. I think I’ll be asking this question for the rest of my life, as I’m paying for the mistakes of today’s leaders. Mmmm can’t wait.

    What am I talking about? I forget sometimes that I’m going to be a simple Spanish sunflower farmer when I grow up. Hah! Silly me.

    Anyways. That’s my rather long bit you’ve been asking for for about a year now. I toiled over this thing, sir. Toiled.

    Man. I wasn’t prepared for such an election! What a ride it’s been.
    So glad the campaigning is almost over.

    Love you!
    Ich liebe dicht!
    - Blue

  129. Sara says:

    Well.Political events sure have a way of raising the ire of passionate folk, eh?And passion is, after all, THE key ingredient to successful copywriting.  Am I right?  Or successful anything, for that matter.Me, I just read the LA Times post confirming what I have known for months would happen.  I got tears of joy in my eyes.  (Scoff all you want.  No blame here.)Now, I know it is the loudly expressed prevailing opinion of the moderator of this board that we’re all in for a doozy of a ride, economically speaking.  (By the way, whatever "doozy" we’re in for…we’ve proposedly been in for it regardless.  It’s been predicted for longer than Makepeace, or any of us, have been on the planet.  And I’m not into thumping, gang.  I’m talking something much bigger here.)Here’s the deal.  There is more to life than the economy.  There’s more to life than financial success.  There is more to life than your current income-generating project.  And there is more to life than figuring out "the secret to having it all."There’s even more to life than making $250,000+++ per year, as much as I dearly look forward to such a thing, whatever taxes I may choose to pay.  Who cares, as far as I’m concerned. (I happen to believe the IRS is illegal to begin with, but oh well… I don’t think I’m up for fighting that particular battle just yet.)Believe it or not, Clayton, my man, there’s even more to life than zipping swift on an expensive hog under the Carolina moon.  I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s true.And, another thing…the real goods sure as &*@# ain’t gonna come to those who think the government or any body else owes them anything.  Nor are they going to come to those who think success is about learning some magic tricks to get other people to do what you want them to do.See, no matter WHAT happens out in the world, it is WE who create our reality.  It is WE who choose what we put our attention to.  It is WE who rise above any and all struggle (or not), and thrive (or not) no matter what.I once walked the streets of pre-911 New York City late at night with a man who told me something I’ll never forget.When he said what he did to me, something in me KNEW he was right.  I can’t tell you how I knew, but I did.  He said to me, "It doesn’t matter what happens in the world.  It matters what you give your attention to.  Even if your world is destroyed, it doesn’t really matter.  You’ll just create another."Do you get it?Do you get that all this habberdash about tax cuts and rising prices and unemployment means squat to your actual success in life?Do you?Maybe you prefer to rant and rave.  I can appreciate that.  I’ve done my share of such myself.  And I might get tripped up there again.  Might even go there on purpose. Seems more trouble than it’s worth, but….As for now, I’m going to put my beloved passion into something more profitable.That being said, I wish you well.Good night and good luck.yours truly,sara jane colquhoun

  130. Horatio says:

    Is Blue Makepeace Clayton’s genius 16-yo Oxford-bound daughter?

    Well, I’ll be…. :-)

    Nice place for you to make a debut appearance, a tentative step through the window into a fake political world you have every reason not to love…

    Stay smart, stay innocent, and yes stay sweet…

  131. chrislrob says:

    Dave C.,

    Don’t know anything about any communists, but thanks for the encouragement.  Looks like my side won–and lost.  So nothing’s changed except everything!

    The majority is pretty important in a democracy and I’m pretty sure that President-Elect Obama will do his best to spare American lives.  That’s why I voted for him.

    Thanks for your support! Obama/Biden 2012!

  132. All Obama has to do now is spend less than Bush and that nearly makes him more Republican than Bush. Freaky…

  133. Clayton Makepeace says:

    I love you too, Blue Eyes!

    And I love your post.  You have wisdom well beyond your years.  You’re right to fear government.  It’s the only organization on Earth that can impoverish, enslave and murder millions with impunity.  Any organization with that kind of power bears watching closely.

    For those of you who supported Obama, congratulations on your win.  All we can do now is pray that our new president surrounds himself with advisors who possess the knowledge, experience, tolerance and judgment that his own history demonstrates that he clearly lacks.

  134. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone. May the USA thrive and a new and better era come through for all! The people make the nation and the nation a country. I enjoyed listening to the speeches by both of the presidential candidates. Congratz to you all as what really matters is your country – the heart and soul, your people!.
    My few cents worth…

    Sue in Aus

  135. Nick Burns says:

    I’m 30% closer to winning our bet, Clayton. Steak for me if Obama wins and the stock market surges…sushi for you if both don’t happen. Why am I only 30% closer to victory? Obama’s win was easy compared to the tidal wave McCain faced with a decimated economy, the betrayal of trust that is Iraq, and the incompetence that was Katrina.

    Now the hard part, a surge in the New York Stock Exchange today. You’re right, no matter who won, the market has in the past gone up. These aren’t normal economic times, though, so I’m worried that I might be a loser here.

    We’ll see soon enough.
    Take care,
    Nick Burns

  136. Ross says:

    Hmmm… Obama wins.

    I see Mat Damon slamming a girl’s phone number against a bar window and saying a sweet ‘How ’bout them apples?’

  137. Oritseyemi says:

    Re: For those of you who supported Obama, congratulations on your win.  All we can do now is pray that our new president surrounds himself with advisors who possess the knowledge, experience, tolerance and judgment that his own history demonstrates that he clearly lacks.

    With all due respect.

    Bush had all the experience/qualities  and look at all the mess he has gotten America into.

    God help us all.

  138. Clayton Makepeace says:

    Nick:  Sorry … you get zero points for the Obama win.  I predicted it myself in the article — remember?  In fact, I predicted it in January when he was still duking it out with Hillary.

    As for the Obama rally you predicted:  It’s 2:47 PM the day after the election results became known.  Europe sold off this morning.  The Dow is DOWN more than 300 POINTS.

    I’m pretty sure that’s the first time the market has fallen after any election in the past 20 years or so — except for in 2000, when the results were delayed.

    Some "surge!"

    Another reason why I’m already mixing my wasabi and ginger:  This crisis is bigger than Obama — bigger than any mere mortal, for that matter.

    My predictions for the next 12 months:

    A $1 trillion-plus federal deficit for FY 2009. 

    More than $2 trillion in new Treasury offerings crush the bond market, driving interest rates to over 15%.

    U.S. stocks crash at least another 40% — the Dow falls 3,700 points from today’s levels to 5,580 or below.  Asian and European stocks fare worse.  Eastern European stocks virtually cease to exist.

    Obama cites the crisis, cancels his middle-class tax cut and instead, RAISES income taxes for all but the very poorest workers.

    … Unless of course, the Obaminator actually sneaks his anti-business strategies past the Republicans and Blue-Dog Democrats in Congress … in which case, things will get REALLY bad.

    Ross:  Go ahead and gloat, my friend … let’s see how you feel this time next year.

    Oritseyemi:  Hey — you never heard ME defending Bush.  But have you ever heard the phrase, "Jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire?"

    On a positive note, though, isn’t it marvelous how far we’ve come in racial terms in this country?  Despite the fact that I despise everything Obama stands for, I am extremely proud of my country on that score.

    Cheers, y’all!

  139. Nick Burns says:

    Yup, Clayton, you predicted the Obama win…and it looks like you might want to send me the bill for that wasabi and ginger. Let’s at least wait for the Exchange to close though. A miracle from the anointed one? (As Rush Limbaugh calls him.)

    My calculation was that Wall Street would figure that with an Obama win, the adults would be in charge…and that would fuel a rally.

    Guess not.
    Nick Burns

  140. David Lee says:

    Comment by chrislrob — November 3, 2008 @ 11:27 pm
    This truth has doomed your side as they ridiculously insisted that Obama is a Kenyan-born, Islamic Marxo-terrorist, until time has run out, instead of focusing on the issues.   ChrisP.S.  The above applies doubly to you, David Lee.  The "community organizer" (that most vile and evil of things) is about to hand you the loss you so richly deserve. 
    Chrislrob:  Well, your sacred Messiah has won.  However, the loss that you think I doubly "so richly deserve" is having zero impact on my life and attitude, as do your unfounded rantings.  I’m still the same successful capitalist pig I was yesterday and the 15 years before.

    Today is my birthday, and I’m headed out to the golf course in my gas guzzling SUV to carouse with my cronies and exchange politically incorrect Obama jokes.  Like Clayton, I’m not sweating Obama’s plan to steal from the rich and give to his favorite radical black causes.  My internet marketing income will flow from my IRA owned business right into my IRA owned currency trading account, free from the clutches of the redistributors to squander.

    In fact, trading has been phenominal since the weak liberal politicians and the socialist press have created massive swing trade opportunities in the major currency pairs.  Of course, someone will lose on the other side of many of my trades, a necessary function which you are certain to never grasp.

    I never stated that a community organizer was vile and evil.  Most probably think they’re justified in shaking down companies with bully tactics and trumped up cries of racism where it doesn’t exist.  I just think it’s a joke to use that as filler for a presidential candidate’s resume, particularly when you state that you’re the "post racial" candidate. 

    If you’d ever worked in the mortgage industry for a large lender who’s fallen prey to these tactics, you would understand the destruction their immoral behaviour has caused all of us.  Clayton is right, treasury rates (and thus mortgage rates) are soon to soar, causing deeper pain in real estate and the entire economy.  Printing more money is the only hope that will be brought to the table.

    Clayton:  I would’ve mentioned that McCain’s wife owned a beer distributorship in my rant yesterday, but since I’m strickly a German beer man, I can’t in good faith endorse the stock they brew.  FYI, I lean libertarian as well, but one had to choose hamburger A or B this time around.

  141. Nick Burns:  HAH!  Obama gets hisself elected and the Dow closes DOWN nearly 500 pointeroonies.

    Pay up, suckah!  :)

  142. Nick Burns says:

    Clayton, surge doesn’t mean down does it?

    Okay, the NYTimes has the Dow at -486 or so. What’s the tab, I’ve got your mailing address in the contact info above.

    Nice bunch of predicting!
    Nick Burns

  143. Any other foolhardy souls want to bet against me on economic or investment matters?

    Or maybe about where the Obaminator’s approval ratings will stand on November 5, 2009?

    I’ll take all the free sushi I can get!  :)

  144. Ron says:


    Now that the election is over, let’s put our heads together a come up with a comprehensive economic survival plan for staying ocmpletely out of the economic collapse that is bound to ravage the U.S. and overwhelming inflation that is sure to come.

    Probably the safest position to be in will be to hold hard assets such as gold and silver (I happen to like silver myself) because the paper on Wall Street and currency will be virtually worthless.

    If anyone really cares about how this turmoil is all going to play out, read the 2000 Millenium Decree (the U.N. strategic plan as decided on by 158 world leaders who met at the United Nations in 2000) they will fully know that plans have already been made to divide the world in to 10 separate kingdoms (according to Biblical prophesy) and establish a one world government.

    The plans are already in place to enslave all of us who don’t go along with the New World Order and based upon what’s happening in throughout the world right now, we’re not too far from what has already been outlined in the 2000 Millenium Decree.

    Those of us who already know the U.N.’s plan aren’t surprised that the real power in this world lies in the hands of the U.N. Secretary General, not the U.S. and certainly not Barack Obama.

    As a matter of fact, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid in this country are more threatening to our democrary than Barack.

    And just wait . . . we’ll have more good news from our pals the Russians, the Chinese, the Syrians, the Iranians, and the Iraqis.

    As my brother used to say, better get your helmets on, it’s going to be one hell of a battle.

    Pray for the peace in Jerusalem and that the U.S. government doesn’t keep trying to force Israel (and the Jewish people) to give up their covenant land and divide Jerusalem into two states.

    Historically, over the past several years, every time the U.S. government has tried to intervene in forcing Israel to give up land, we have suffered major disasters, Hurricanes Ike, Katrina, Andrew, Fay, and the economic collapses all occured when Condi Rice was in Israel trying to force Israel to give up their land that was given to the Jewish people by the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob.

    These devastating occurences in the U.S. have ALL occured after some U.S. intervention to turn Israel into two distinct states – and that will never work!

    So forget about how Obama’s going to affect our nation, be more concerned about how our U.S. conduct affects the apple of God’s eye, the nation of Israel and the Jewish people – his original covenenant people.

  145. Yo Momma says:

    Hey!!!!-Its the "other Makepeace daughter"

    I also blame the Bush administration and Cheney’s insatiable greed for so many of the problems we face with the economy.  I am mourning McCains loss today.  What a beautiful speach he gave though.  I was touched by his wise words and graceful way about him. 

    Obama has made history…now we must wait to see how shocked his followers will be when he is unable to magically fix the economy come January 2009.

    I am fearful, but I have hope in the future because I know that my God is in control of everything, and my daddy is keepin an eye on the Liars and Cheaters in Washington.

    -keep it real!

  146. Peter says:

    Hi All,
    Been really interesting following this discussion the past few days.

    Talk about stirred emotions.

    My problem… from someone living outside your great country is in democracy you seem to get the government you deserve. I’ve seen it happen where I live and watched it happen to you.

    Isn’t it time your ellected leaders stopped your financial organisations performing completely immoral actions… such as selling securities to banks and governments around the world which they knew were worthless.

    Just how disgusting an action is that… all in the name of capitalism.

    I’m all in favour of a free market but with controls to stop actions like this which have decimated economies who trusted your institutions to do the right thing.

    Now your election is over… hopefully some sense will return and… I hope your new leader will actually reign in the perpetrators of this financial mess (including the politicians who started it)


  147. Clayton Makepeace says:

    Peter, thanks for your post.

    Actually, if you’ll check the facts, I think you’ll find that this crisis was caused by several groups of people.

    First, our leaders caused this problem by:

    1. Requiring that lenders grant loans to unqualified borrowers under penalty of law …

    2. Mandating that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac purchase those loans, thus freeing lenders from the consequences of making them …

    3. Empowering Fannie, Freddie and investment banks to turn those loans into securities and sell them to investors.

    4. Failing to investigate and reform Fannie and Freddie in 2001 and again in 2003 when massive fraud was uncovered and the White House asked for reform and greater regulation.

    We now know that the senators who blocked efforts to reform F&F were:

    a) Engaged in sexual liasons with F&F executives (Barney Frank)

    b) Receiving huge campaign contributions from F&F (Christopher Dodd),

    c)  Getting sweetheart deals on their own mortgages from F&F (Christopher Dodd),

    d) Rewarding party functionaries with multi-million-dollar salaries as top executives at F&F (Franklin Raines, James Johnson, Jamie Gorlick.  Plus, although Obama’s new Chief of Staff, Rahm Emmanuel did not make millions, he did serve on Freddie’s board of directors and used his “sharp elbows” to viciously attempt at reforming them.).

    5. Alan Greenspan, chief of Bush’s Federal Reserve exacerbated the crisis by slashing interest rates, thus making mortgages more affordable.

    But that’s only the history of the beginning of the crisis.  So let’s count ALL the groups who bear guilt:

    1. As I point out above, the U.S. government — both parties and both the executive and legislative branches — bears guilt for creating the environment that led to this crisis.

    2. Hopelessly and blatantly corrupt politicians in Congress are also guilty for blocking early attempts by the White House to head off the crisis before it struck.

    3. Lenders are guilty for taking advantage of the fact that Fannie and Freddie (F&F) would buy even the lousiest loans from them by aggressively marketing loans to unqualified buyers.

    4. Homebuyers are guilty for allowing themselves to be seduced into mortgages they couldn’t afford to repay.

    5. F&F and the U.S. investment banks are guilty for participating in what any intelligent person could see was a scam by turning those lousy loans into investments.

    6. And of course, private investors, corporate investors and governments all over the world are guilty for buying those loans thinking they were getting a free lunch — that, since Fannie and Freddie were GSEs, those investments were somehow like treasuries:  Backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government.

    So now that we know who really caused the crisis, we can see how to  make sure nothing like it happens again.

    Here’s a good start …

    A. Congress should be prohibited from tinkering with the economy and especially from passing laws that push businesses into harmful decisions.

    B. It should also be made illegal for the government to own any part of any privately owned or publicly traded company, as such ownership misleads investors into believing that those companies’ securities are as safe as government bonds.

    C. The politicians who blocked F&F reform while profiting personally from them should be tarred, feathered, ridden out of Washington on a rail and locked up until this crisis ends (or longer!).

    D. Corporate CEOs should be given greater lattitude to oppose idiotic government mandates and the responsibility to do so under penalty of law.

    E. Consumers who make stupid financial decisions should accept  the inevitable negative consequences of those decisions gracefully … stop whining and blaming everyone else … learn their lessons … and resolve not to make the same mistake twice.

    F. It should be made illegal for investors who failed to do their due diligence or who thought they were getting a "free ride" with these investments to be bailed out with our money.

    Oh — and I’d also like to see an end to their bitching.  They got what they deserved.

    G. Voters should wise up; recognize that government is the problem – not the solution …

    That historically, when a governmet attempts to solve one problem, it consistently creates two or more far more serious ones …

    And that you can always tell when a politician is lying (because his lips are moving).

    And finally, voters should insist that their government live by the same time-honored, prudent, conservative fiscal policies that every company and family in America must follow in order to survive and thrive.  In a nutshell:  Spend less than you earn; save the rest.

    Of course none of that is going to happen as long as lazy or gullible or partisan voters continue to buy simplistic governmental and media finger-pointing that simply blame "those greedy corporations."  Or worse:  "Capitalism."

    So once again, the guilty will be rewarded with new terms in office and with government bail outs and hand outs.

    And once again, the innocent will pick up the tab as our home equity vanishes … our tax rates explode … our retirement savings dwindle … our stocks crash … and our interest rates skyrocket.

    And later, we’ll pay yet another price as the trillions of dollars that will have to be created to fight this crisis render our income, savings and investments worthless … destroy our buying power … and send our cost of living through the roof.

    Fair enough.  After all in a democracy, we get the government we deserve.

    – Clayton

  148. Clayton Makepeace says:

    Hey, everyone, say "HI" to my older daughter — "YoMama!" (Post #145, above)

    Hiya, sweetie!  Didn’t know you even read your old man’s blog.  How nice!

    Well, as you all can tell, I do have a Republican or three in the family — including, of course, The Redhead.

    That’s OK — I’m proud of the fact that they have strong foundations in political and economic history and are informed and passionately involved.

    Plus, I’m working on them.  I still have faith that eventually, they too will embrace my Libertarian convictions.

    Love ya, Mimi!

  149. Ron says:

    Hello Mimi,
    I believe that you summed this all up beautifully.
    1. Your earthly Dad does indeed have a keen eye, watching out for the liars and cheaters - in 2001 the administration did raise concerns about Freddy and Fanny, but Congressional leaders failed to act responibly because of their greed and illicit associations. 

    2. And our Heavenly Daddy is in control and will not forsake us.


  150. David Lee says:

    Clayton, I think more emphasis should be put on point #5(e) above:
      "5. Alan Greenspan, chief of Bush’s Federal Reserve exacerbated the crisis by slashing interest rates, thus making mortgages more affordable." 

    This did far more than make the mortgages more affordable. 

    First, it super-heated the market and made speculation run off the tracks.   Second, after the price bubble was put in place, the Maestro then ratcheted up rates 16 times in a row, raising the LIBOR index as much as 4.5% in a mere 18 months.

    The LIBOR increase is what snapped the mouse trap down upon those that took out 2-3 year ARMs tied to this popular index.  If your teaser rate is due to adjust by two points given no index increase, and the index increases 4%, then presto, you just got a 6% increase.  Few can afford such a radical move.

    Finally, the consequential price bust caused by the bubble boxed in those that couldn’t afford the increases by making it impossible to sell at least for the loan amount.  

    Thank you, Meastro!  Well done. 

    I’ve been a mortgage broker for 15 years, and I’m proud to say that I never sold products that borrowers couldn’t afford, and I’ve sold lots of no income, zero down, and sub-prime loans.  They were very useful tools when used prudently.  I miss them dearly.  None of my customers went into default due to the useage of these products. 

    Some of us scapegoated brokers actually care a great deal about our customers, not just the bottom line.  That’s why I’m still standing today.  Of course, I’m fortunate to be in the great State of Texas where the market is holding up.

  151. chrislrob says:

    David Lee,

    You’re right to think that I’m feeling pretty good.

    And congratulations on your success.  I like rich people. And as I said to Clayton, your post proves that rich folks, such as yourself, are well-protected against Obama’s nefarious plan to soak up all of your cash. So I don’t need to worry about you.

    But why are you capitalist pigs worrying about the rest of us? You should leave that to the liberal comm(ie)unity organizing, bleeding-heart, guilt-ridden, equality-loving scum!

    Heck, from your post it even appears that the liberals and Obama are helping to make you even richer than the conservatives are, so why do you seem so ungrateful to the Messiah and his disciples for the bounty that they have placed before you?

    Finally, I have no doubt that you are rich, but I doubt that you work in the mortgage industry.  If you did, you’d know that the idea that those huge "mortgage lenders" fell prey to those mean old community organizers is a pathetic and totally disproven lie. 

    Oddly enough, it’s a lie most often told by commissioned mortgage brokers and Wall Street traders.  Some of whom also brazenly brag to have been involved in lots of "no income, zero down, and sub-prime loans" that somehow never went bad, in a world where billions of dollars of such loans  have, and where, in fact, "no income, zero down, and sub-prime loans" are virtually the only mortgage loans that do.

    P.S. And because I wish you a  happy birthday, here’s a politically incorrect joke you can tell in your SUV while carousing with your cronies! :

    Q.  What do you call a black man with a Harvard law degree?
    A.  President.
    Zing! Man, that’s a real kneeslapper! Your cronies are gonna love it!

  152. Suzy says:

    First I don’t understand why you internet gurus feel a need to give us your political opinion. That is not why we signed up to join your list. But I find your comments are very uninformed and reactive and yes full of fear… which is how you republicans support all your agendas.Obama has won! He is intelligent and thoughtful and capable… all qualities we have not had in power for a very long time.If you guys on the right are so smart, why are we in such a hell of a mess?Answer that smarty pants. Your side has done one ‘heckava-job-brownie’ and it is time to go away and let us clean up your mess again!Suzy

  153. Yo Momma says:


    I will always be a libertarian!  However, I will always vote for the better man or woman!!!!

  154. Mike says:

    Obama won, now the the fun begins…….

    As a small business owner many of my friends here are worried too.I have 13 employees. My best friend 85 employees. many of his workers are Obama crazy.

    Here is the talk he gives them…….

    So, you are excited that Obama may win? Yes…yes….they say. Do you think he will do great things for you? Yes….yes….they say.

    Well, I want you to know honestly and up-front that IF he wins…….you will probably be out of a job. Why they ask??

    Because if he wins…..and if I HAVE to pay your health benefits….then I will not have enough "profit" left to pay you. I
    will be giving all my profit to paying for your heath benefits.

    My friend Tom has one of Indiana’s most entrepreneurial company’s. His company has been around for 23 years and he employees many black and legal hispanics. They have worked for him in many cases 10-12 years.

    But – - when he tells them this "very real" scenario they get silent. They love their job. But they know that Toms company works on a low margin. So…………if health care becomes a issue that he is suppose to pay………his 80 plus workers lose their job. Tom loses his company and most of these workers had a hard time finding work before they got hired at Tom’s

    If health care is to be picked up by guys like me……….their will be much more unemployment than any Obama plan can compensate for.

    Obama did win !!!!! Let’s hope his charisma and words are surrounded by realistic policies that CREATE jobs because this one issue for the "little manufacturer" is a real BIG concern.

    Am I pro Obama or anti Obama ? Neither………..I just want to have my business here in Indy still thriving in 3 years.I’m for the small business owner that has to worry about 15-25 (when were busy) checks  and have to cover.

    Since Obama DID win……..I’m just hoping and praying and marketing harder than I ever did. Who Knows. He "may" be the real deal.

    Still Dreaming and Hoping


    P.S. And this is a forum. Clayton owns it. His own soapbox. His right to voice concerns as he sees them. And one BIG thought….
    Would’nt you think that a guy that has spent hundreds and hundreds (if not thousands) of hours doing RESEARCH and copy for the top 1% of financial minds for their newsletters……might be "clued-in" and be a little in the know than 99% of this board. For the nay-sayers it’s sort of like telling Steve Jobs….hey I think you’re ipod thoughts and design ideas are waaay off track. Just a thought !!

  155. Cathy Sutter says:


    I just love it when you post this political stuff!  You always make so much sense.

    I believe that most (if not all) of "Steve’s" supporters voted for him because they felt he was the Messiah, walking on the water, who would save the economy.

    Seriously, neither he nor McCain could do what needs to be done.  The US is already heading for bankruptcy if not there already.  Don’t believe me?  Spend 30 minutes and watch this video:

    But they’re gonna give out another stimulus package, the automakers might be getting $25B…who’s next?  Every time I see Pelosi on TV I’d like to smack her stupid face.  What an idiot!  Spend, spend, spend.  She and Reid are  both idiots. 

    And the stupid people keep on voting them back into office.  The ignorance of the American citizens never ceases to amaze me!  For example:  I believe that they voted Stevens back in in Alaska.  They actually said on Fox News, "The first time a felon has been reelected."  Wow!  Duh…  :(

    We need to fire the whole lot of ‘em, doncha think?

  156. Jeremy says:

    This was a carefully crafted plan.  The masses have been so dumbed down that they actually believe this Obama will bring change.  The truth is the agenda of the ‘puppet masters’ is well underway and this is a dangerous situation we are in.  It’s only a matter of time before ‘they’ have total control over the masses.  It is time for all Americans to wake up, get mad, and band together and bring our country back to what our founder fathers envisioned it to be.  Don’t be fooled by the fear tactics they will use to pass unthinkable policies while they continue to diminish our freedom.  Right now, their tool is the economy.  And they will scare us until we beg them to fix it.  I can see it now, a one world currency is just around the corner as a ‘fix’ to the global crisis.  Again, don’t be fooled.  This is all part of the agenda of the global elite.

  157. Love him or hate him – he’s the next President, so when we chisel through all the emotions and logic we are left with "now what."

    He’s going to make it better or he will make it worse, one of those will be a true fact for each individual. The ONLY thing each of us are in control of is how we react to any given circumstance. Give me obstacles or give me a path, it is up to me to move in my  direction.

    Michael Kocis

  158. David Harrison says:

    Shame on you Clayton for writing such a politically biased article. You sound like a bigot with a bad dose of sour grapes.

    George Bush has done his best to just about destroy the American brand all around the world, even here in the United Kingdom and we are your friends. The Republicans have totally run out of ideas and quite frankly they have taken a once great nation to the brink. Instead of taking you into the next decade, the McCain/Palin ticket looked like it would have taken you back several decades!

    Your article epitomizes everything that  the rest of the World dislikes about the USA. It’s greed and arrogance that got you into this trouble in the first place!

    Thankfully, the American public have seen through the desperate attempts by the Reps to shift to the right and bring in policies which would have set your country back for years and instead have voted  for a fresh start.  Making Obama  your president has restored most peoples’ faith in democracy and that the ‘Great American Dream’ lives on.

    Give the guy a break and let him get on with repairing all of the damage done by Bush. John McCain honourably pledged his support to Obama and surely it is in everyone’s interests to pull together and do whatever they can to help.

    So please Clayton … stick to the marketing.   

  159. B Fish says:

    Well, I should like Obama. All of my assets are safely in Asia, and yen-based. I hope to return to America someday. The combination of rock-bottom home prices in a crashed real estate market and a sackful of yen that will be worth three-times as many dollars as they are today sounds pretty attractive.

    On the other hand, the impact of America’s self-destruction over here is unknowable. And the America I return to may not be a place I care to live anymore, with Dem-style totalitarianism.

    Regarding the latter, and with all due respect to the UK poster above, I have lived in the UK, China and the US. The UK is becoming a totalitarian dystopia, while China is going in the other direction. There are already many points where the UK is more intrusive than China in your personal freedom. Now, it seems the US may follow suit, with the mass media leading the way.

    When I look at the trends, it seems almost obvious that Asia, from India to Japan, will surpass the West. I hate to say it, but Asian countries generally have three things lacking in the West:

    1- A cohesive (not self-loathing) culture
    2- A realistic appreciation of money and sacrifice
    3- Academic discipline (for the most part)
    4- Common sense

    Whatever the differences today in affluence, the trend is what matters. The West is going in the wrong direction, faster every day. There will be speed bumps along the way, maybe named Reagan or Thatcher, but they will only slow it for a moment.

    Once 60% of the population can vote themselves money from the other 40%, it’s all over. We’re almost there.

    Thanks, Clayton, for the post. I am sure it will cost you more subscribers that you gain, and get you called a racist, greedy bigot by many. But, far too few people can even see the truth these days, much less dare to speak it.

  160. Christina Mellott says:

    Looks like Nick owes you sushi – markets down over 400 each day since O took the race.  Keep up the good work and let me know where you go to get good sushi out there.  I’ll be in your neck of the woods in a couple weeks.  I love your posts, political or not.  You rock.

  161. Hey Clayton,
    Welcome to the world of liberal hate mongers.

    As you already know, most good liberals think with their (bleeding) hearts and not with their heads. Thus we we now have Obama as Prez-elect.

    I actually voted for McCain, but only because I was against "the new change" (whatever that is supposed to mean – we still don’t know, really).

    I’m not a conspiracy nut, nor am I very religious, but I did happen to watch the "Omen three" movie during the Halloween weekend.

    When I watched the acceptance speech on Tuesday night, I totally freaked as I heard Obama use this phrase (paraphrased as how I remembered it):

    "Now is the time to summons in a new spirit".

    This almost floored me as it was very similar to what Damien (the anti-Christ) said when all the stars aligned and his hypnotized followers chanted in an open field.

    My big question is, why would Obama use the words "summons" and "spirit" in the same sentence… it was very strange.

    You would think he had already rehearsed this speech a month in advance… of course he did.

    So, with all the internet chatter from right wingers, why would he choose to use such words in this speech?

    Why would he use words that would put crazed people who believe he is the anti-Christ on edge?

    He could have said "now is the time for change", but using the words summons and spirit???


    Thus far I haven’t heard anyone bring this up, but being a copywriter and a "wanna-be" speech writer, this got my undivided attention in a New York minute.

    I think it might be time to get back on my knees.

    As far as Obama being our new president, I will say, that I think this is a good thing for people of color, but a bad thing for true Americans. The ones who believe in freedom as we once knew it.
    The ones who believe in the Constitution.

    I hope and pray that he has a change of heart or that his recent intelligence briefing from the Whitehouse wakes him up to the dangers we are about to face.

    Tough times are ahead, indeed.

    Something else that we need to be alerted to.

    In 2012, we may witness an historic event, but it isn’t the ushering in of a new president.

    According to the many scientists, we will have an astronomical event where the planets align (yes, similar to the Omen movie that was made in 2004) and it may result in major global environmental catastrophes.

    If you want to see a great "scientific video about this, go to and do a search for: history channel, mayan calendar, and 2012… you’ll be shocked at what you find.

    I believe Obama will use this event as a way to declare the elections of 2012 be put on hold, while he deals with this major event. Of course, the libs will probably try to pin this on man-made global warming.

    Call me a raving lunatic, if you must, but I have predicted many other things in the past by simply looking into the past, present and future events. It doesn’t take a genius to see where things are going.

    Will Obama become the new world leader or am I just having delusional thoughts that will soon put me in an institution.

    Of course, if Obamas "new police force" finds out I’m revealing this information to the public, I will be taken out. Mark my words.

  162. Karen Hilstad says:

    Dear Clayton,

       It is with much sadness shock and horror that I read your diatribe today. You have not only lost my considerable respect, but lost me as a paying customer.

       I’m sure you’ve alienated other customers as well through your misguided attempt at speaking your mind and your unfortunate choice of topic.

       In wondering if perhaps the Grey Goose got the better of you, I hoped you would come to your senses and somehow redeem yourself. But reading through most of the considerable posts, your accompanying comments failed to show any remorse for your libelous remarks.

        How you can be so divisive on the eve of an election when your candidate is truly losing was best described by another poster as "sour grapes".

       Politics have nothing to do with a blog on marketing.
       Living outside of your country I have even less interest in your personal politics but still am deeply offended at the mean-spirited, knife-to-the gut, fear-mongering remarks espoused by someone of your stature.

       Words cannot do justice to the remorse I feel for you. Suffice it to say I am embarrassed for you as you obviously don’t have the gumption to be embarrassed for yourself.

       I wonder how many of your clients would also lose respect if they could see the "real you".

    Karen H.

  163. [quote]I wonder how many of your clients would also lose respect if they could see the "real you"./[quote]

    Karen, perhaps you don’t understand. Clayton’s clients (I’m sure many of them) probably feel the same way Clayton does. After all, who in their right mind would want the government to take more away from them in order to help "spread the wealth around"?

  164. Laurie says:

    Congratulations, Clayton.You’ve found out who your REAL supporters are!

  165. Victor says:

    The irony of Clayton’s post – has anyone else observed this?

    His scathing analysis of the Bush administration is dead-on – and McCain would have been the least likely person person to go in a different direction, given his record of supporting Bush 90% of the time.

    If you want a different direction than Bush – you need to make a different choice

  166. Stacie LaFargue says:

    Well…Well…Well… Post election!  Boy am I glad I didn’t read your post pre-election (really poor taste on your choice of timing and arena Clayton).  Now that all the rhetoric, spin-doctors, nay-sayers, uninformed opinions, and fortune-teller wannabees have had their say – all anyone can do now is hope that Obama runs the country as swiftly as he ran his campaign. Oh…didn’t realize there were so many Clairvoyants, can’t make it as a copywriter huh?  I am all for controversy Clayton, but at what cost?  I am more turned-off from the responses than your post itself.   This was very divisive and that I find appalling.  No need to be so insulting to those with differing opinions.  Post 95, comment by Milkie I couldn’t agree with you more. Yes, we may not contribute to your bottom line where it affects the livelihood of your family but there is no price you can put on respect.  Additionally, your rebuttal discounts the fact that we contribute to the jobs of those mandating the Total package. I have spent a considerable amount on your products whether via your blog, or ezine.  So when your employees think it was the tax increase that created  lay-offs, (that so many predict will prevail), pull out that spread sheet with decreased sales…heads up, it’s not the economy or President elect Obama! I post in peace…just saddened by a place I come to for inspiration.Yours in promotion of Wellness & Beauty,Stacie L.

  167. John Brandow says:

    I am a businessman in  South Africa. Frankly I have never been able to figure the Americans out. Claytons comments come as a bit of a surprise to me.  I have thought racism is a uniquely South African phenomenon. But bringing the race angle into argument with Barack Obama is truly eye opening for me. I have not tried to analise anyone of the 2 candidates’ policies because frankly my dear I do not give a damn.  It is just political bull anyway. I see any change from the Bush era as change for the better.

    What I do not understand is this   The majority has chosen . That is democracy.  We had to accept a black government for exactly that reason. What is the problem now? We have a black majority chosing a black government which is understandable.
    You have a white majority chosing a black president and blowing your head off for chosing him!

    Give the man a chance.  Maybe the big problem is that for some reason beyond understanding there is only 2 candidates in your elections.  So you have only 3 choices : one of the candidates or not to vote at all ? Why does the greatest (?) country in the world only have these choices? Does no-one else think for themselves

    Just observations
    John Brandow

  168. Bernie Malonson says:

    Clayton, interesting blog post.  Although I understand your concerns regarding income redistribution to be honest that is what has driven the Capitalist system for the last 100 years.

    Here is what I mean.  Take for example the post World War II era.  America was the most productive it has ever been, factories were building, housing was plentiful and to the victor goes the spoils. However Europe and Japan were decimated economically. 

    In other words, many of America’s traditional trading partners were no longer able to trade or buy American goods and products.

    So what did we do?  We passed the Marshall Plan to (redistribute American wealth) jump-start Europe’s economy, while at the same time rebuilt Japan (redistributing American wealth) to jump-start Asia-Pacific.

    Henry Ford did the same thing when he raised wages to $5 a day, his rationale was that he needed his workers able to afford purchasing his cars.

    We may not be fans of the idea, but it is the structure that keeps the game and the economy going.

  169. K Myers says:

    First, I have a 2-Part Question: Clayton, you mentioned your political posts would be made on another blog in future. (a) Have you started it? (b) If yes, can we get the URL for it, please? I would very much like to follow it.

    Next, on to the marketing side of things as they stand now.

    I’ve noticed that it is quite impossible to get PEBO followers to even think he could do anything wrong. It’s a strange phenomenum to watch from an observer’s p.o.v. — and as a copywriter writing exclusively for the web, it is quite disconcerting.

    Where once I thought I had a pretty good handle on my market, with PEBO’s majority in this election I now have serious doubts that I can continue writing to/for that market since I can’t even begin to see what they see in him.

    It makes it difficult for me to incorporate any empathy for them into my copy.

    For the first time in my online career I’m experiencing writer’s block. I keep thinking "can I be so far off base???" to not be able to see what they see?

    I need a copywriting pep talk in the worst way.

    And some serious tips on how to relate to the PEBO followers.

    PEBO’s Chief of Staff selection almost made me choke. Some of the other names that have been floating around that may be filling other key positions have me stunned. PEBO followers don’t even see anything wrong, which frankly amazes me, since it was my understanding that they were voting for change — not more of the same?!?

    NEXT, on to politics… and predictions…

    I tend to agree with your predictions, for the most part. Regarding the stock market, I see it plunging to about 6250, having a brief rally, then tanking to about 3800 over his term.

    There are 10 States already running out of Unemployment Benefits (Michigan ran out already) …and are expecting their funds to be bankrupt early next year — that was based on Sept unemployment levels. October beat them. So, I’m guessing in addition to the other taxes (including health) businesses are about to be paying under PEBO’s leadership, Unemployment Benefit Taxes will also be facing a sharp increase.

    I see the increased burdens on business causing a sharp decline in attracting new business into our country, and several existing businesses disappearing if he decides to push his tax increases right off the bat. What’s left of large manufacturing will most likely be the first to die off. Those remaining will find it difficult to remain competitive in all markets.

    If anyone looked closely at his pro CCS plan for coal power plants, they’ll see there is a hefty price tag attached (and the method itself has yet to be proven viable) so his plans for the coal industry will likely shut down quite a few power plants across the country. Some of them simply won’t be able to meet the caps in his timeline, they won’t be able to increase their rates nearly enough to meet the requirements.

    I see the grid running into a lot of trouble down the road… and if his CCS plans get pushed through, I see a TON of environmental problems that will have aquifers turning to acid in the long term, when it’s too late to fix the damage. It probably won’t affect us, but I worry for our kids and grandkids.

    On a sidenote about the power issue, I believe the sharp rise in electric bills will push another whack of entrepreneurs out of business as well.

    And since I noticed, the day after his election, Russia started lining up their missiles along all NATO defence lines… I’m guessing the first big foreign affairs test will come from them. Unlike Kennedy’s day, this time I don’t think they will back down. Not sure. Hope I’m wrong.

    As a final prediction, I’m seeing Israel making first strike on Iran, but PEBO will be too tied up with the Russia thing to do anything for Israel… they’ll probably be on their own.

    It’s too late to vote the other way. We’re stuck with PEBO now.

    I sincerely hope my predictions are wrong.

    PS: Would really like that pep talk now.

  170. B Fish says:

    Last time I heard so many people saying they needed a change, no matter who it was, was in the Mid-East. They were Iranians, the most prosperous, cultured and advanced country in the region at the time. They were offered someone who was 90% like the shah, threw him out, and brought in the current disaster that we call Iran.

    Insanity is trying to get different results by doing the same thing over and over again.

    But, what do you call it when you try to get different results by throwing yourself off a cliff and hoping you learn to fly before you hit bottom?

  171. Dean says:

    One thing about the posts on here… too much cynacism.

    Come on guys. Haven’t you every read about how your thoughts create reality. Americans need to catch a wake, up and start putting some positive thoughts and energy out there. The world isn’t coming to an end. Start imagining America as the best country to live in, in the world, as used to be the case years ago.

  172. Bobby Joe says:

    I hate to burst your bubble, Dean, but I hope you aren’t talking about the Law of Attraction in your post above.

    We all know that the libs are the biggest followers of LOA and do you think for one second they brought all this economy stuff on by simply thinking about it?

    I’m willing to bet that most of the people following this new neo-paganistic religion sent out thoughts to the universe that they would have a million dollars in their bank account by now.

    Now look what’s happening to them.

    I think this LOA is about to backfire on them and everyone else (if it hasn’t already).

    The new big thing will be the Anti-Law of Attraction. This is where you think negative thoughts and good things will happen instead.

    I’m sure someone will come on Oprah’s show and display a book cover with this label soon.

  173. Maureen Bruschi says:

    I couldn’t be happier or prouder that our new president is Barack Hussein Obama.  (And I especially love his middle name.)  I think you might be better off sticking to what you know…copywriting, marketing, websites, etc. 

  174. david says:

    And down the drain goes another "guru" who stepped outside his domain. You know not of what you speak, and history will prove you wrong. You can spout off all you want, but your arguments are juvenile and amateurish – you have betrayed yourself completely as another non-thinker who for some reason feels threatened by the concept of "the commonwealth" – a cornerstone, I might remind you, of the constitution of the United States. What exactly is it that you WANT, dude? You’ve got it all and you need to keep on barking like an angry caged dog? I used to have respect for you because you seemed to be knowledgeable and willing to share that knowledge. You once offered me a job which I am now THRILLED I didn’t take. You have tarnished not only your own name with this mindless tirade, but those of your co-contributers. You’re nothing more than a bad joke now.

    • DTOM says:

      Stepped out of his domain? Electing leaders who represent our values and who take seriously their oath to uphold the Constitution is the domain of every American citizen. It’s even more germane for entrepreneurs, who live and die under the legal framework shaped by our political leaders.

      Since I’m writing this nearly four years into BHO’s presidency, I must point out that Mr. Makepeace has been proven right many times over. BHO has broken virtually every one of his campaign promises. He has launched an unprecedented assault on civil liberties. He is the first president in history to murder an American in a foreign country with no authorization whatsoever. Despite running as an anti-war candidate, he has continued the Iraq and Afghan occupations at a loss of hundreds thousands of lives, and has presided over new military offensives launched without any permission from congress. He has issued more executive orders than any other president, many of which have extremely dire implications for individual liberty in this country. With bailouts of major financial institutions, (many of which were campaign contributors) he set a precedent that all of us are liable for bad bets made on wall street. The economic recovery he promised is nowhere to be found, and many indicators point to an even bigger crash in the near future. More and more disturbing information continues to surface regarding his shadowy past, including close association with convicted left-wing terrorists.

      I could go on, but the point is this: Even if you disagree with Makepeace, do not denigrate him for using his own platform to share his political views. If you don’t like it, leave. At this critical time in American history, we desperately need men like Clayton Makepeace to stand up for what they know is right whatever the consequences.

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