Ho, Ho, HO!

I have a special holiday gift for you
… and you’re gonna LOVE it!

Dear Business Builder,

It’s the actual audio of an interview I did a while back for my EasyWriters Marketing Club with legendary copywriter/entrepreneur JOSEPH SUGARMAN!

While the club is no longer around, this interview is timeless and remains one of my all-time favorites. So I’ve decided to pass it along to you.

Joe’s direct response exploits are the stuff of legend. And he’s a great case study for copywriters looking to hit the big time with a business of their own AND for business owners and marketers eager to generate a flood of new customers, sales and profits.

So pour yourself a cup of something hot (mine has a little brandy in it) … put your feet up and click play below to give it a listen.

(If a player doesn’t appear below and all you’ve got is that angry, little, red X, click the yellow bar at the top of your browser and select "Run ActiveX Control.")

Or you can right-click here to download it.

It’ll make you money – I promise!

Happy Holidays!
Clayton Makepeace Signature
Clayton Makepeace
Publisher & Editor

P.S. Watch your inbox next monday for one more holiday gift from me. It’s a doozy!

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3 Responses to Ho, Ho, HO!

  1. ken ca|houn says:

    hey thanks Clayton – great job on the interview… Joe’s books are superb too, I especially like Sugarman’s book, “Television Secrets for Marketing Success”, it’s here next to my desk.

    Your interview is a great example of giving away something of value to us who learn from you as a holiday gift – thank you. You asked some solid questions re product selection and more. happy holidays…


  2. Fantastic. What an excellent gift. And with one of my all-time favourite copywriters.

    Thank you.

  3. Tammy says:


    Thanks so much for the gift.
    It means a lot to the ones out here who
    can’t afford the expensive stuff.

    It is very thoughtful of you.
    I am so excited and I am going to go
    listen to the interview now.


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