Thanks For Your Participation

Why polls and focus groups
may be the best way ever invented
to spring to the worst conclusions
about what your prospect wants …
And the ONLY way to get the answers
that will actually rocket your response.

Dear Business-Builder,

You’ve just helped me a great deal. You couldn’t have known you were helping me, but you did anyway and I’m grateful.

Over the past year or so, nine or ten of the more than 600 articles in our archives have addressed this economic crisis – a situation that was about to affect and still is impacting your ability to succeed.

At first, I simply offered advice to help you prepare your business and your family for the great economic crisis I saw brewing. Later, hoping that learning what caused this crisis might help us avoid repeating it, I tracked the blunders that put our nation and our world in this precarious situation.

That meant each of these articles had plenty of political content.  I spared nobody in Washington; laying the blame for our current economic crisis squarely at the feet of villains in both parties.

I must admit it: Creating these articles was a refreshing challenge for me.  The last time I’d written “political” copy was in Ronald Reagan’s Santa Barbara hotel suite as the two of us cobbled together a half-dozen TV commercials in ‘way back 1978 – more than three decades ago.

Writing those posts was also cathartic for me, personally; an opportunity to vent my own frustration and disappointment with how our government created this crisis and is now intensifying it by abandoning the very principles that made this country the richest on Earth.

I took both parties to task; showing how, under the false banner of compassion for “the poor” and “fair housing” – Republicans and Democrats alike created the catastrophe that has now deprived more than 17 million Americans of their paychecks.

And of course, I pointed out how, by continuing Bush’s failed economic policies, the Obama administration’s corporate bail-outs and private hand-outs can only deprive millions more of their ability to earn a living.

Plus, I also had the opportunity to defend things I love dearly – the principles at the heart of entrepreneurship, free enterprise and our capitalist system.

I extolled the virtues of personal liberty and self-determination … the importance of allowing businesses and citizens to reap the rewards of their judicious actions and suffer the consequences of their foolish or greedy ones … and, of course, the right to own what you produce.

And since this is, first and foremost, a blog about copywriting and marketing, I also used each article as a kind of object lesson; to demonstrate how you can use words and word pictures, derision of a “common enemy,” common-sense rhetoric and the moral high ground to activate powerful resident emotions – and by doing so, to electrify and fully engage your target market.

As I suspected, the vast majority of our readers responded positively to these articles. That’s to be expected on a blog about entrepreneurship and marketing, read by thousands who have taken responsibility for their own success rather to trust politicians to provide for them.

And also as I expected, a minority – bless their liberal hearts – disagreed vociferously … attacked Bush’s idiotic economic policies then defended Obama for continuing them … derided free enterprise and capitalism without showing how any alternative has ever freed the masses from poverty … and more than a few attacked my intelligence, my motivation, my integrity and even my humanity.

I gleefully left every single one of these posts online for everyone to see (including the most hurtful ones that accused me of being a Republican) believing that each one would elicit three, five, ten or more posts from others who disagreed with them.

And sure enough; each one of these articles attracted ten to twenty times more page views, blog comments and incoming links than any article on copywriting or marketing we’ve ever published.

“Hmmm …” says I.
“There seems to be a market
for this kind of thing!”

So last November, I started thinking about creating a “political” website where folks could learn about and debate the issues of the day.

I recognized, of course, that the ultimate success of the site would be largely determined by the number of visitors who bookmarked the site, returned daily and actually got engaged in the conversation.

But what should the site look like? What should it offer visitors?  How should it sound?

Now, I could have done a poll or focus group and simply asked you what kind of current events messaging would get you most involved.

But I didn’t. First, because you were already telling me – loud and clear – in your responses to each one of my political articles.

And second, because, frankly, you wouldn’t have told me the truth.

Please don’t take offense. I’m not calling anyone a liar, here. It’s just that if my 40 years in this biz have taught me anything, it’s that polls and focus groups are definitely NOT all they’re cracked up to be.

In fact, I’d go so far as to say that polls and focus groups are hands-down the best way to spring to the worst marketing assumptions ever devised by man.

“But … but … my college professor told me that customer polls and focus groups – are absolutely essential! This best-selling marketing book I just read says you MUST ask your prospects what they want before you write sales copy.”

OK – it’s rant time …

Sorry – but your marketing professor and the guy who wrote that book are both morons.

After all: Why would any marketer capable of earning millions settle for a lousy $50k a year for teaching – or if he’s lucky, six figures for writing a book?

The simple truth is, to make a buck, colleges, professors and best-selling authors desperately need you to believe that marketing is like any other business skill – that it can be reduced to a formula or a series of numbers on a spreadsheet.

More than that: These professors and authors – and scores of CEOs and marketing VPs I could name – have need to convince themselves that there’s a formulaic way to determine what people truly want and what they’ll pay for.

Because despite their sheepskins from famous universities and vaunted titles, they know deep down inside that they personally have no clue. They couldn’t know – because they lack the three essential gifts that great marketers share:

  1. The common touch: A deep understanding of human nature and the sensitivity required to anticipate or at least to sense people’s fears, frustrations and desires …
  2. Creativity: The capacity to solve problems and meet challenges by bringing previously unrelated ideas together in new ways and …
  3. Horse sense: A healthy helping of the old-fashioned brand of common-sense required to make prudent marketing decisions and avoid springing to the wrong conclusions.

And so, being insensitive to others’ feelings, unable to entertain two seemingly conflicting thoughts at the same time and woefully short-changed in the common-sense department …

And also being unwilling to invest the effort and time required to develop these qualities; these folks have no choice but to look for artificial ways to conduct their market research.

Why polls and focus groups fail

Please don’t get me wrong, here. It’s not that polls and focus groups have zero value – it’s just that almost nobody uses them correctly and even fewer have any idea how to interpret the answers they get.

Brian Kurtz – Boardroom’s marketing VP and Target Marketing’s “Man of the Year” for 2008 and I’m proud to say, a cherished friend of mine – is the past master of using polls to determine which product ideas are likely to sell better than others.

Sadly though, nearly every other marketer I’ve ever worked with has done it all wrong – and wound up with conclusions that have invariably led them down very wrong; very costly paths.


Three reasons:

  1. The environment is all wrong:  Participants view polls and focus groups in the same way they view tests. They want to get the right answer – the answer they think the pollster is looking for – NOT to reveal how they truly feel.

    Plus, in focus groups where they’re face to face with other subjects and their questioners, they want to win the approval of the entire group or, if they have a contrarian streak, to buck the crowd.

    Either way, you wind up with data that in no way reflects what your subjects would really do – how they’d respond to your product, promotion or offer – when they’re alone at home with nobody watching them.

  2. There’s a desire deficit: Not only do polls and focus groups place subjects in an environment in which they are incentivized to give inaccurate answers, they completely miss a critical point: Desire for nearly all products is created by sales copy!

    The headline and deck grab the prospect’s attention … the opening copy engages him … the body copy credibly presents product benefits … the offer dimensionalizes the value and minimizes the price … and the closing copy moves him to action.

    Asking “Would you buy this” in an artificial environment and without doing these things virtually guarantees you’ll get the wrong answer.

  3. Respondents have no skin in the game: No opinion is worth a hill of beans unless it cost the respondent something to state it. The best validation of any opinion is that it comes with a check attached to it.

    Second best? When the subject paid a substantial price in terms of time or effort – as in the hundreds of well-written responses on our blog.

BOTTOM LINE: Waiting for poll or focus group data before you create your promotion can be a terrible waste of time.

Especially these days, when you can post a sales page and send a blizzard of e-mails for free every day of the week, and fine-tune your sales message as you analyze your response on the fly.

So thank you for your participation …

Each week, I get a passel of e-mails from marketers wanting to know how I do my market research.  How do I discover what my prospects want? How do I select the proper tone for my sales copy?

For the answer, just click the following links.

Our Most Popular – A Conspiracy of Imbeciles

Lincoln Was Wrong

The Best Sales Copy Ever Written For the Worst Product

Your Future Begins Now!

Brain Droppings

You’re Deluded!

Dear Mr. President-Elect …

Time to Turn Lemons into Lemonade!

For Men and Women Who Still Dream

Save the Polar Bears!

Read each article and the responses that follow. Observe how many of our readers seem to have invested HOURS of time to craft their responses – major skin in the game!

Note also how the tone of my posts differ; strident in the main article to create controversy and response, then much more accessible and friendly in the blog portion.

Notice also how I varied my approach in the blog that follows each article so that I could gauge the relative response to the tone and content of each post. And notice which of my trial-and-error posts caused a surge of new posts and which ones were totally ignored.

Do you think you could do something like this for products and sales copy you’re working on? Even if you don’t have your own blog – is there a way you could use other people’s blogs to get this kind of valuable feedback?

And wouldn’t that kind of feedback be far superior to what you might get otherwise?

Oh – and one more thing: Please scroll down and tell me what conclusions YOU draw from this exercise: What do YOU think our new political blog should look like … sound like … and what it should do for visitors?

Should be fun – and highly instructive!

Yours for Bigger Winners, More Often,
Clayton Makepeace Signature
Clayton Makepeace
Publisher & Editor

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31 Responses to Thanks For Your Participation

  1. Tia Dobi says:

    Hmmm…I’m wondering if we are to have a free and decent country whether it might be wise to pay a lot more attention to respecting the views of those with whom we strongly disagree?

    Seek ye first to understand…how is it the Dali Lama retains his calm in the midst of a lifetime of political injustice?

    I would want to study up on the masters a little to proffer editorial direction on a political site.

    I like Sam Smith’s progressive review out of DC. For me, it seems that he and Michael Moore state researched facts.

    Now back to crafting resumes. :-D

  2. Tia Dobi says:

    P.S. Is Clayton headlining at the Freedom Fest 2009 in Sin City this year?

  3. David says:

    Thoughtful posts, thin skins and a brain dump of ideas to get your product to market. Testing your copy this way is an innovative way to get true feedback. I relish in the way some fight hard to gain acceptance and to defend while others loudly (yet rarely very well)voice opposition.

    A political blog most often falls into one of two categories. The first is a very liberal slant with very little if any opposition. The second is a very conservative slant with little if any opposition. Anytime dialogue occurs it is either so contentious the thread is stopped or it ends in “Well you believe your way and I will believe mine,” and no real progress is made.

    A moderated political blog that has a very defined goal of finding common ground and searching for ideas is what is needed. I hope to see that you can bring this together.


  4. Fred Black says:

    Polls and Focus Groups: Like quantum physics – the act of trying to observe and measure it alters the outcome.

    Politics: I have a political blog, but I’ve been so disgusted that I haven’t been able to post lately!

  5. John Gilger says:


    How could that be?

    A Republican is just the north end of a south-bound Democrat… and vice versa.


    You seem to be more of the Patrick Henry type.


  6. John says:


    The Total Package has always been about marketing and copywriting. It has been a life-line for those of us who are sharpening our copywriting skills. You can only be grateful for Clayton and all he has given. But now we see a move towards politics because THERE IS A MARKET.

    There is a market for penis enlargement pills, so let’s create a product and blog. Yes?
    NO! It’s pure snake oil.

    Politics blows. I’m disapointed over the new blog. Heck, we don’t even have a president. . .
    He has never produced an authentic birth certificate which would prove he was in fact born in the United States.
    Maybe you could address this on the new blog. But you may get death threats.

    We must keep writing copy. It’s sad when you see your mentor go off in a weird direction.
    I’ll watch from the fence Clayton.
    John Babin

  7. Vanessa says:

    Well, I guess my open rate on your emails is going to ricochet to the rubbish heap. Rather like the subject matter.

    You’ve already demonstrated that you’re not interested in opinions that don’t mirror your own. And that you have no desire to have a respectful discussion.

    I presume that your new search for a managing editor/editorial writer is limited to those who would do likewise. Even if “uphold the highest journalistic stadard” USED to mean “get both sides of the story”.

    But no matter: If I want to subscribe to another self-congratulatory political circle-jerk, I can listen to Rush Limbaugh, read the Huffington Post, or watch Keith Olbermann.

    God forbid.

  8. Hey Clayton,

    Well I would love engage political site that you develop.

    I love your writing…I even love reading Money and Markets even though I dont fit the demographic your writing to in that.

    (Side note: love that new million dollar challenge! – have you done press releases about that puppy? Talk about putting your money where your mouth is!)

    Anyway, I am all for us entrepeneurs and think that if the government stopped taxing us entrepeneurs so much…they wouldnt need to borrow so much money from China and give it all away in stimulas packages.


    I am also a keen environmentalist, and from my reading of dozens of scientific reports (and also from visiting counties such as China and Malaysia and seeing the effects of my own eyes…I happen to know that ‘Business as ussuall’ isn’t going to cut it.

    I have seen the endless plantations of mono-crops where verdant rain forests teeming with wildlife used to be…

    I have been in cities where the air is basically unbreathable due to industrialisation…

    I have seen water that you cannot swim in due to pollutants and I have experienced recently in Australia the environmental impacts that climate change can bring (mass fires sweeping across the land…

    (I know your not a big beleiver in climate change Clayton, but the insurance companies sure are because they have seen on their books the rising trend of more climate related natural disasters each year)

    For these reasons we need to have an environmentalist veiw point from a respected commentator on the new blog.

    Also, I know your man Milton said the only purpose of business is to make profit. Fair enough, I love making a profit in my business…


    The most inspiring companies that I see are ones that are standing for causes bigger than themselves. And who could fail to be inspired by Professor Yunus at the Grameen bank or which lend money to start up entrepeneurs in the developing world.

    These sort of social entrepeneurs need to be encouraged as well, because if government isn’t the solution to all our problems…we need to be looking at highlighting and supporting the new socially based companies that are doing their bit to help our world out.

    So Clayton, I would read your new political site even it was your drunk ramblings written after a night out…

    But to make it have the profound impact on the world that it needs to at this challenging time in human history it needs to incorporate a strong environmental message, and a social entrepeneurship message.

    Hey…I’ll even write the articles putting forward that side of the the debate! (And don’t worry…I know you can’t bore a person into buying so I will make them hot and spicy as a Madras curry and promise not to preach…)

    Warmest wishes


  9. Duane says:

    Vanessa and Tia are TOTAL A– Holes…
    If they want balanced crap journalism let them stick to the vile Katey Couric… (Which we all know how balanced THAT is)…
    Even better… I’d like to hear Clayton to a radio show.
    Sort of like the great “Bob Grant” here in NYC.
    Clayton, how about starting an internet radio show?
    Why not do one like great “The Political Cesspool” out of Memphis…? (forget about “controlled” radio).
    Any contrarian Political discourse bt Clayton would be great… And I have forwarded his political rants..

  10. Beau Smith says:


    You had me fooled. I thought you were just demonstrating marketing using politics. An unusual subject for copywriting, I used to think. I now know better.

    Researching a possible web site? Brilliant! I hope you do well with it. I’m sure you’ll find a way to accomplish your goals.

    As always thank you for the marketing lesson. I hope the lengthy process you used to illustrate it makes it really sink in.

    Beau Smith

    PS I’ve been saying you should do ads for the Libertarian party. It’s the best way I know of to get some common sense into our government. I guess you’ve been a step ahead of me all along.

  11. Beau Smith says:

    Now that I think of it, politics is a great field for a copywriter. How many signs have you seen around election time that tell you who or what to vote for, but don’t say why? Things like “Vote Yes for Issue 6″ and nothing else. Not very persuasive, is it? There seems to be a serious shortage of political copywriters.

    What’s that I hear? Sounds like opportunity knocking…

    Beau Smith

  12. Hugh says:

    Hey John Babin, its Clayton’s blog. He can post whatever he damn well feels like.

    Anyway, its a great lesson in writing. Ever heard of the power of controversy? Hell, even I like to post controversial posts on some forums I frequent, just to get a response out of people. After all, that’s the job of a copywriter.

  13. Bob Heiney says:

    As I clicked on the link to Clayton’s little missive, I felt a massive electric charge burst out from the LCD screen on my tired old laptop computer. Immediately – I was sucked into the giant vortex that represents the vast intellect in the Makepeace Mind.

    Truly, who cares whether he writes about politics or brown dog ticks? Everything he writes is compelling copy. You don’t like his politics you say? Do your research. Makepeace certainly did.

    Economists who actually studied while in grad school (instead of not inhaling) have all said we’re screwed. You can’t purchase big government spending programs forever with phony money printed by the Treasury. One day soon the policies of Bush and Obama are going to permanently ruin the US economy.

    But in the meantime, we’ve got hope in the form of the Total Package. We can all imagine that we can really write copy – until we get sucked into the vortex…

  14. Brian Ochsner says:


    You’re onto something – there IS a big need for good copy in radio, print and other political ads. That’s because there’s so much BAD marketing in this arena, just like a lot of others.

    For you folks who are hot under the collar about what Clayton said, take a couple of deep breaths, drink three cups of de-caf, and think about how you could apply it to your businesses. That’s the main reason you read his articles, right?

    Like the title of the 80s song – Clayton, you write “Things That Make Ya Go Hmmmmm….” Keep those money-making ideas coming.


  15. David says:

    The old cliché – opinions are like a-holes, everyone has one. Some of the immature comments here are sickening. You’d think that some people would get to the age where they wouldn’t act like a little kid not getting his way and crying all the way back home to mommy.

    The sad part is they are the ones that continually promote the better be nice to me crap that has made us too damn politically correct in this country.

    Go for it Clayton and keep it white hot…don’t ever be politically correct, keep us guessing and wondering what you’ll say next.

  16. John Haigh says:

    I’m pretty interested in politics. Even the grossly manipulated farce that is called a democracy in America.

    America is a bit like a badly wounded rhinocerous. Smaller nations had better step lightly to enure they are not destroyed by its thrashing about in its death throes.

    But a lot of wonderfully energetic, generous and talented people live there.

    I’m interested to subscribe to your new political newsletter and to give you the perspective of an eccentric Australian expat living very happily in China.


    PS If a genie gave me one wish I would choose for everyboy in the continental US of A to experience The Rapture and be instantly and permanently transported to Heaven. I’d like the Hawaiians and Alaskans to stay.

    If I had two wishes, I’d ask for the mother of the guy who invented Karaoke to have been born infertile.

  17. I posted but nothing showed. Maybe a glitch that will be fixed. I hope so.

    What should it look and feel like? Like the successful magazines that exist now.

    But, do focus on your beliefs. Don’t be wish washy. If you’re a dyed in the wool conservative say it leaving no questions.

    Rush is successful because he’s opinionated.

    A very old sailor, Donald Street, is successful in marketing his books and seminars because he expresses his opinions and rants and doesn’t care if people do or don’t like them. His seminars are standing room only affairs. People want a LEADER.

    So Lead on! Lift thy sword and LEAD ON.

    steve newdell . com

  18. Tia Dobi says:

    Ye-eess…the only way for any product, service, (i.e. political website) to be successful is to don the personality of its owner because that’s how the nature of human nature works.

    Easy peasy.

    Now go tell (sell) something and make it a great St. Patty’s Day. Drink green beer-jump in the green Chicago river. Go have some fun.

  19. Karen says:

    Hey Clayton,

    I HATE politics!! But that doesn’t mean I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed your rants. No–rant on, you do such a terrific, and accurate, job of it! And while I don’t promise I’d be a follower of a Clayton political blog, I am convinced, no, CONVINCED, that your voice desperately needs to be heard loud and clear.

  20. Dan White says:

    Hi Clayton,

    What you’ll need above all is an ARCH-NEMESIS.

    Batman had the Joker. Ali had Foreman.

    You have Dan White.

    If you go back and look at the pages that got 10 to 20 times the normal page views, I was blowing on those embers every time they began to fade.

    And not because, as Levis suggests, I have too much time on my hands. But because I consider it my civic duty to type circles around you one-winged turkeys.

    I’d say bring in Bencivenga to play the role… he strikes me as liberal enough to balance you out… but you two seem to have too much affection for each other to engage in a good ol’ fashioned bare-knuckled typing brawl.

    I, on the other hand, have a bon-bon board with your picture on it, which I gleefully pelt to get my wrists warmed up every morning.

    Just kidding. I wouldn’t waste good pot like that ;)

    Doesn’t have to be me… but an arch-nemesis is key. Drop a line if you’re up for the challenge.

    We’ll call it:


    I’m thinking a live chat room. In the main window, me versus you, with a running side window for the audience to chime in.

    Clayton “Bear Knuckles” Makepeace
    Dan “The Great White”

    Heavyweight Division :) 15-minute match.

    Winner to be judged by a panel of three, chosen from the chat audience. Topic to be announced the day before.

    Points will be deducted for delayed responses. Just as boxers are penalized for dancing around the ring. No carefully crafted sentences. This isn’t a magalog. It’s old-school wordsmithing. Spitting copy so fast the keys are hot to the touch.

  21. Tia Dobi says:

    I love politics (that’s why I keep coming back here to read the response).

    Worked as a managing editor on an e-zine + sister website (with a libetarian slant) and what I know for sure = this can be very successful.

    The bomb (!) is getting multiple media coverage and working on a product like this during a national presidential election = thrilling.

    Peace and profits wherever you are.

    Tia D.

  22. Hi Again Clayton

    I’m trying to repost the lost posting

    ‘course there’s a market for conservative news blogs – if NewsMax is any guide. just look at how they’ve grown. They started virtually giving ads away. Now I couldn’t imagine enough money to buy them.

    The body politic has been in discussion since the 1500’s, so now some sage tells us there’s no market and you should stay hiding in your cubicle.


    If you suppress your discussions you suppress the new influx and outflow of ideas and thus reduce your ability to write. New discussion seasons the broth of the subconscious mind which inevitably bubbles new ideas to the surface.

    Even if your views are not accepted by everyone, there’s nothing wrong in that. Opinions make leaders and leaders stir up imaginations, and bring in more discussions and discussers. Some of that demographic will want to see the ads you post along the sides of the blog or E-Magazine just as they do at Newsmax.

    Voice: maybe something that differs from Newsmax, or maybe something that suits your desire to rant and rave a bit. That ranting voice brought on an American Revolution, gave India home-rule, brought England and Ireland to civil war, the 100 years war, World War II. Much more than I know….

    Lead on and feel the walls as they grow. You’ll soon figure out what’s accepted, what works and what doesn’t. There’s a market! And you’ve got the mailing list and the money to reach many more.

    You worked for Reagan? Why didn’t you start this 30-years ago? You’d own the Federal Reserve by now.

    Carry on. You might save a country.

    Steve Newdell dot com

  23. John says:

    To Dan White:

    I think you should leave your Narcissistic rants out of the Total Package.

    Do you have even “ONE” control under your belt?
    I’ll bet you write copy for Walmart sale papers.

    I’m not looking for a copy fight. It would be too easy to beat you.
    John Babin

  24. Dan White says:

    Hey Babin,

    I didn’t say I was the reason Makepeace had 10X views for his political rants.

    It was his ultimate “common enemy” rant that managed that (my lingo, by the way).

    I just said I kept the embers glowing.

    Which any NEMESIS could achieve. You’re too busy pickiing the lint out of his arse to play that role.

    But I challenge you pull off the same page-view feat without a nemesis stoking the coals.

    Good luck. I’m just pointing out the obvious, because Clayton has done so for many so many times…

    P.S. I’ve one three controls in ten years. Sure, nothing like Makepeace, but one was for AARP, which I consider a world-class knock-out. So I’m qualified for a cage match with Makepeace. I would bother with you unless I had one hand tied behind my back and you brought your three closest goons.

  25. Dan White says:

    P.S. Sorry for the typos lads. It’s 10:30 on St. Patrick’s day, and I owe it to him to be wasted.

    One / won. That’s pretty wasted!

    But hey, that’s what bare-knuckle is all about.

  26. Dan White says:

    P.P.S. Babin,

    This is the first time I’ve seen your name on the forum.

    So what’s your evidence that I’m a narcissist? Just because I claim that Clayton’s posts exploded when I started disagreeing with him? For my money Clayton has already stated guys like me boost his response.

    Did you go back and look at the posts? No.

    All I’m saying is my writing explodes response wherever I go, so it’s no big deal to me, because Clayton + me is like squaring a cube.

    You’re the one that’s making a big deal out of it. In my 15 year career the label “narcissist” has been directed my way two times (and I’m sure Clayton has experienced the same).

    Each and every time by a guy who can’t sell his way out of a paper bag. So instead of earning his attention by simply being GOOD, he attacks others to trying to bring them down to his obscure level.

    Pretty much describe you Babin? Mr. Nothing. Mr. Non-Event. Mr. Yawn?

    Getting warmer?

  27. Eric Ruth says:

    Dan’s got stones, I’ll give him that. I’m also intrigued by his challenge. It would be cool to see him go up against you Clayton. Wonder if there’s a practical way to make that happen?

    Would definitely make for some compelling blog posts.

  28. Dan White says:

    Hey thanks for the Nod Eric!

    You can hold my spit pail during the fight :)

    While Clayton has many more techniques in his arsenal, being the consumate veteran… I just so happen to type absurdly fast. So Clayton may need to dictate to Wendy to compete.

  29. Clayton

    If you do a political website, please have someone watch c-spann and name the site Circus Spann and charge people to see the elephants and donkeys in their natural habitats.

    Case in point. The interrogation of Mr. Liddy convinced me that elected officials should be thrown out of office as soon they say “I was a lawyer in my other life.”

    And speaking of that, you may want to start a referendum that bars lawyers from running for office, based on their inability to solve problems.

    Lawyer are trained to create problems, doctors are trained to solve problems, which is one of the reasons why you do not see many doctors running for office.

    Ask our elected officials to work for royalties only. Then only marketers and copywriters would qualify for elected office.

    If you start a political website, I suggest you ask your readers to submit their ideas on how to solve our nation’s problems from a marketing prospective.

    You will not get many responses, but the ones you get might lead to some real solutions.

    Look at the idea I sent you as an example.

    Thanks for giving me a place to vent.


  30. When I’m doing opposition research for political candidates, I regularly start arguments on the candidates local newspaper’s blog.

    It provides all sorts of information you can’t get with focus groups (because people are free to fire away, as you mentioned).

    It also helps me learn what the average voter’s problems are, why they might disagree with my candidate’s solution, and overcome their objections to my candidates solutions and policies in my copy.

    This also helps me craft my candidates message and position my candidates ideas as solutions to voters problems.

  31. Читал про это уже на каком то другом сайте, но у вас намного прикольней написано ;)

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