He DOES exist! He DOES exist!

As if to debunk rumors that Clayton Makepeace is a mythological creature – a possible cousin of Big Foot — the big guy has agreed to speak at AWAI’s 2012 Boot Camp, October 24-28!

First, he’ll reveal the techniques he uses to create video sales letters that attract armies of new customers…

And, second, he’ll host a workshop on how to make your benefits sparkle!

This is the first and ONLY time Clayton has spoken ANYWHERE in three long years! He’s been too busy creating winning campaigns for his clients. So I’d suggest you jump on over to AWAI and check this out for yourself.

Here’s the link: http://www.awaionline.com/b12/makepeace

We’re looking forward to seeing YOU in October!

Wendy “The Redhead” Makepeace

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4 Responses to He DOES exist! He DOES exist!

  1. Jason Parker says:

    I was beginning to think Clayton Makepeace was a figment of my imagination. Good, now I know I don’t need intense psychotherapy. I’m glad to hear about him out there teaching. I thought he had thrown in the towel on us.

  2. deji yusuf says:

    I know he exist,he is my mentor.

  3. Colin Noden says:

    I was kicking myself around the block when I found out that Clayton was speaking this year. We already had trips booked for those dates. I’ve blocked off time for next year. I hope you guys have such a good time that you will be back.

  4. So . . . for anyone who did not attend the AWAI boot camp and missed hearing Clayton speak . . . you really lost out! Big time. Sorry, I can’t mince words on that – it just was not something you should have missed.

    Clayton walked us through an exercise that was worth the whole cost of bootcamp (and it was not cheap). I came home and did the same exercise on a small project I was working on and it came out faster, smoother and better than anything I had done to date. I was in awe that I actually wrote what I did. It just flowed and the client I was writing for said, “I hope you know you are gifted!” after he read my piece.

    Of course I knew it was just because had followed Clayton’s stuff – step by step and that was the result. I’m so sold on the exercises that I am applying it to everything I write (okay, maybe not blog comments – but everything else!)

    AND, AND, AND . . . Clayton gave us a free copy of his book! “Two Hours to More Profitable Sales Copy.” This has the above exercise in it – and a ton of priceless, priceless information. When I was reading it this is what I said to myself.

    “OMG, I can’t believe he is sharing all this stuff! It is worth two bootcamps! I feel like I just won the Copywriters Sweepstakes for Life!”

    Granted I do get carried away when I find super, over the top copywriting information but…. it is true.
    Needless to say it is staying on my desk for quick reference for the next year till I have absorbed every bit of it I can.

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