Time for a Change

By Clayton Makepeace
Publisher & Editor,

Dear Business Builder,

Seems like only yesterday I was writing the very first post on this blog. Actually, it was the end of June in 2005; five years and seven months ago.

Since then, we’ve …

  • Attracted nearly 40,000 regular readers …
  • Published 1,110 issues …
  • Hosted well over 100 marketers and copywriters at our “Power Marketing Summit” at $5,000 per seat …
  • Held dozens of webinars and teleseminars and created dozens of products to help you succeed …
  • Received more than 1,500 pages of “Thank-You” letters and testimonials for our efforts …
  • And learned one heck of a lot about the nuts and bolts of online publishing(!).

And the one thing this experience has made me absolutely sure of is that I always want to have an e-letter and a website that keep you and me in touch with each other.

But now, I find myself at a very different place in life than when I launched this blog in 2005. And far greater changes lie ahead.

For one, I’m turning 59 this year – nearly six years closer to the time when, as my friend Gary Bencivenga so eloquently phrased it, I will “lay down my pen.”

No, I am NOT planning to retire anytime soon – in fact, I still get bored over long weekends. But the fact that my 60s are just over one year away calls for some significant changes.

For instance: I’ve often told you that one of the greatest benefits this copywriter’s lifestyle affords me is that I get to decide how much money I want to make. If I want or need more, I simply accept additional clients and work additional hours.

So, with my 60s rushing at me like a run-away freight train, I’ve chosen to spend the next several years fattening the kitty for my eventual retirement. I’ve already added one additional client and plan to accept one; maybe two more in the weeks ahead. And of course, that means I’ll have significantly less time to spend on The Total Package.

Another big development for The Redhead and me: Our kids are grown up! Our younger daughter goes away to college this year. Our son, who is about one year younger will follow her soon.

That means we no longer need to brave the frigid North Carolina mountain winters. But before we can remove to warmer climes (most likely, to Prescott, Arizona), there are the little matters of selling our 25-acre estate here in the Smokies and doing some serious down-sizing.

With me putting the pedal to the metal at work, supervising all that remodeling and other projects is falling into The Redhead’s lap – a fact that means she will also have significantly less time to spend on running this e-letter.

… So we’re simplifying
this blog in several ways:

First, as you know, we have now closed our online store. If we introduce new products in the future, they will be offered via e-mail and in our regular issues. That alone vastly simplifies our operation.

Second, you are now viewing the new, simplified version of this blog. It still contains all the things you’ve come to value most here – including all of my back-issues, free copywriting and marketing tools, the opportunity for you to comment on articles, etc.

Third, we will no longer publish articles by other authors. So, to keep up with any of our contributing editors, you’ll need to subscribe to their free ezines and/or visit their websites by clicking the appropriate links below:

Fourth, instead of publishing my articles on a regular schedule (every Monday, come hell or high water,) I will publish articles when I have a new idea or technique that’s just too good to keep to myself – kind of like Gary Bencivenga and others do now.

The best way to be notified when a new article is available will be to use an RSS feed to send each article directly to your computer’s home page. The link is below:


Fifth, we’re keeping the e-mail address for customer care active; you can still send questions or comments to support@makepeacetotalpackage.com.

Finally, sincere “Thank-Yous”
are in order …

I don’t mind admitting that I’m extremely, unabashedly proud of everything we’ve accomplished in The Total Package since we published our first issue way back in June of 2005.

As I’ve often said, our greatest rewards are the thousands of notes from readers who’ve thanked us for helping them.

So now, it’s my turn to give thanks – first, for the wonderful people who have helped us publish this e-letter nearly every day for all these years … who helped develop our products … and who single-handedly untangled the inevitable customer service SNAFUs that all marketers are heir to – particularly to Jill, Martha and Pete, who will soon be leaving us.

And secondly, I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Daniel Levis, Troy White and all of our contributing editors for the wealth of direct response wisdom they have provided in these pages. Without you guys, this rag could never even have begun to enjoy the success that it has.

Finally, thank YOU, dear reader, for your friendship and loyalty over the years. I can’t begin to count how many times your blog posts and e-mails have touched our hearts and made us grateful for the opportunity to help you in some small way.

You also have my word that we will continue to be here for you, publishing special issues when time permits and most importantly, when we have something we’re sure can make a big difference for you.

Until then, I am … sincerely, with all my heart …

Yours for Bigger Winners, More Often,

Clayton Makepeace

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112 Responses to Time for a Change

  1. DaveC says:

    Thank you for all the incredible, useful information you’ve provided us, and for doing so freely.

  2. Yann Vernier says:

    Good for you Clayton! And thank you for sharing your wisdom over the years. All the best with your new priorities.

  3. Barnabas Ng says:

    Thank you for the great Treasures…

  4. Bob Negen says:

    Thank you Clayton. Your wisdom has been appreciated!


  5. Wishing you “all best” with the downsizing and pre-retirement plans. I’ll look forward to buying you a cold one when you get out here to Arizona!

  6. You have helped inspire and motivate me my own personal career in many ways.

    The actual website archives is a frequent resource of mine for inspiration and guidance for those times when I find myself scratching my head instead of writing.

    Wishing you the best throughout the year.

    This just means every email that I get from you is even more of a valuable commodity.



  7. Bob Duke says:

    Thank you, Clayton, for so very much wisdom and inspiration–from your articles and from your guest writers.


  8. For all you’ve done and plan to do through “The Total Package”, I thank you! The information you provide is invaluable. I wish you well moving forward.

  9. Scott Elder says:

    Clayton, thank you for sharing so much and so freely.

  10. Clay Schultz says:

    Almost sixty? So what!
    The best is yet to come.
    Health, wealth and love…

  11. Thank you Clayton and the “Redhead” and your crew for tons of ‘nuggets’ since 2005. Priceless-Priceless-Priceless!

    Good Luck,

  12. Michael Fiala says:

    Thank you very much for everything you’ve given the readers of this blog, Clayton! I look forward to hearing about your next adventure in life and wish you, your family, the great writers on this blog, and your superb staff all the best.

  13. Mr Makepeace,
    Thank you for so much that’s been good over the years. There are of course countless others who do what you do, and then there’s Clayton Makepeace …
    You will, I have not the least doubt, still be lifing a pen when you’re 90 and telling yourself (or your wife) that this really is the last, the final client – your skills, knowledge and talent are not simply something you can hang up at the end of the day like a business suit or briefcase.
    Here’s to your 90th year and that last and final client.
    Best wishes, and thanks,
    Peter Maughan

  14. Shmaya David says:

    Thank you so much for all that you shared. I guess now I’ll have to go back and read the archives – didn’t get around to do it while you were publishing so often :-)

  15. Be sure to tell us who the new clients are so we can continue to learn and build our swipe files… Oh, wait, that was selfish of me…

    Thanks for giving great advice without the B.S. over the years! These archives are a copywriting treasure chest.

    Thanks again, Clayton.

  16. lewis says:

    Hey Big Guy ,,,
    thank you , your copy is always complete, intune, ontime, insightful ,
    and rewarding ….
    makes for fun scrolllllin down the new page look …

    Now How About a New Foto Shot
    get rid of the tie , bro

    Or is that the next PR move to come , jajaja

    appreciate all your thoughts , ramble on
    enjoy the arizona dry heat

  17. Kevin Adam says:

    Hey Clayton and Wendy –

    You’ve done a great job with The Total Package, and you’ve given out some fantastic info – and great products too. Thanks for all that, and enjoy your streamlined lifestyle – including the Harleys and Porsche too!

  18. Doberman Dan says:

    Hey Clayton,

    I’m sorry I didn’t say this enough:

    Thank you for all you do for “us’ns” here on the blog.

    I totally applaud your efforts to scale back and start simplifying your life.

    And how cold, exactly, are those NC winters? If not too cold (like Ohio cold), this Floridian may be interested in taking a look at your place if you really are putting it up for sale.

    Thanks again, Clayton. I appreciate you and your team.

    Doberman Dan

  19. Aaron says:


    I for one must tell you that my heart just sank due to this news.

    I’ve depended upon the total package every week for inspiration and direction.

    I HATED it when the online store started closing!

    There were many products I’d have loved to gotten my hands on, but am just now recovering from being beaten up in the real estate crash.

    Now, I’m sad to say, it appears too late.

    If you have hard inventory left over that is just sitting around collecting dust, I (along with many others, I’m sure) would like to know if you’d consider letting us know.

    Finally, Clayton … If I could take you for a cup of coffee, I’d tell you how much your stories, your copy examples and your kind-hearted demeanor kept me totally impressed with you as a man.

    We all look for people who can motivate us to be better as individuals. I can honestly say that you’ve influenced me in ways you may never understand.

    I’ll miss the daily contact.

    Thanks for everything,

    - Aaron

  20. Larry Foster says:

    Clayton, thank you and Wendy for unselfishly sharing all this time.

    I would like to wish you all the best and look forward to those irregular posts as much as I looked forward to the regular ones.


  21. Yoav says:

    Good luck Clayton.

    And thank you. Your emails will be sourly missed.


  22. Thank you Clayton and Wendy,

    The Total Package has been that beacon of sensible light guiding so many. I will be forever grateful I found and hear your voice.

    Selfishly, I will miss the daily emails. But change is inevitable and I look forward to hearing about your new adventures when you share them.

    Continued success and best wishes of enjoyment along your new path.

    With respect,

    Cheryl C. Cigan

  23. Jeff says:

    You were one of the only blogs I read on a regular basis…

    Thanks for the wonderful lessons and best of luck to you on your new ventures!!

  24. Thank you, Clayton

    May you be well.
    May you be happy.
    May you be free from suffering.
    And may all your wishes come true.
    Warm regards in all your new endeavors.
    PS I look forward to your next article.

  25. Mark Dresner says:

    Thanks for all the great stuff – posts, products and advice – over the years. And it was great meeting and chatting with Wendy and you too,

    The GOOD NEWS is you can drive a Porsche, Audi or whatever fast car you love most (at the time) all year round! That alone scores a Yipee!

    Really, all the best with the changes you’re making and the move you’re planning too.


    Mark Dresner

  26. John Klein says:

    Lay down your pen!??

    Don’t do it. Not now. Not later.

    Retirement is not what you think it is. It’s the beginning of loss of vitality and purpose. There’s nothing like the motivation from deadlines, clients, and business needs to keep one active and mentally sharp. Keep it going, at least part time. It will keep you young. I guarantee it.
    John Klein – Age 79.

    - age 79

    • Bette Arnold says:

      John Klein you have made my day!!!

      Clayton, you have done so much for so many to say thank you feels inadequate. Thank you for introducing us to the wonderful guest editors/writers over the years also.

      However, it made me a little sad when it sounded like you were downsizing because you are (excuse the language) getting “older”.

      This June, I will be 60 (and I am still cute;) ). I am just starting in this business. “Retirement” is a dirty word. I think if you rest – you rust. I have more energy than my 25 year-old son. So it was kind of discouraging to hear you are winding down. To each his own I guess.

      Thank you for giving SO MUCH. I look forward to hearing from you when you have time to send us out new info.


  27. Veejai says:

    Thank You, Clayton.
    Your talent is truly something to aspire to. Thank you to your guest writers, as well.
    Best wishes to you and yours in the future.


  28. Tom Jones says:

    Really appreciate all the fantastic work you’ve done and of course, the stellar team a Makepeace headquarters.

    Everything, and I mean “EVERYHING” exudes quality.

    Hope I can be the next Clayton Makepeace, even one tenth would be absolutely terrific.

    “I doth my cap and wish you well for the future”.

    Best Wishes,


  29. Ken Hoffman says:

    You lazy SOB! Just kidding. Why not sell the online store and it’s products, like Dan Kennedy did with his business years ago? Seems a pity to let your legacy of products disappear completely. And if it was a strong business why not cash out? I’d love to know the business reasons for this decision.

  30. Bill says:

    Your newsletter was always the first thing I opened every morning, hardly missed a one! You and your excellent team of contributing writers helped me re-invent myself as a much more competent marketing professional, not to mention copy writer.

    Best of luck to you in Prescott, or wherever!

  31. Clayton, thanks for all your wonder teaching and support! You and the Redhead have always been there for us.

    Enjoy your next 60 years.

  32. I’ll miss you! Your newsletter was one of a very few that survived my massive e-mail purge over the past couple of months–because I always found value in it, even though we disagree on a lot of stuff (especially politics).

    But one thing we DO agree on is the need for sincerity and “personalness” (NOT the same thing as personalization) in copy. I’ve learned a lot from watching A Master at Work. I think I was one of your earliest subscribers.

  33. Rod Newbound, RN says:

    One thing I have learned with absolute certainty in my nearly 61 years on this planet is this…

    No action ever goes unrewarded. The universal law of balance demands it.

    Thank you for all you have given so freely in these pages. I look forward to hearing more from you in the future.

    Yours most sincerely,

  34. Angela Brandenburg says:

    Dear Clayton,

    A warm thank you and best wishes for the changes ahead.

    But by my calculations … you’ve still got 40 good years left!

    All the very best to you and the Redhead,

  35. Tia Dobi says:

    Fuck. I love this blog. I love the other writers. I love Big Daddy Clayton Makepeace. OK. I will accept.

  36. Clayton shared his best stuff for what…6 years?

    In the words of Gershwin…

    I got daisies
    In green pastures,
    I got my girl
    Who could ask for anything more?

  37. james says:

    Thanks and kia ora from down under -He pounamu kakano rua

  38. Stephen Dean says:

    Thanks Clayton – been reading since the beginning. You helped me become a better copywriter. And I definitely hit big winners more often thanks to your work. Cheers!

  39. Colin Noden says:

    Thanks for everything Clayton. Your emails have always been in the Must Open First list. The generosity of wisdom, advice, and good ol’ curmudgeonly ranting has been greatly appreciated. I’m sticking that feed address into google reader right now.

  40. Libby says:


    I am a late-comer to your list, and I am sad that I have missed out on a great opportunity to purchase your Total Package, but I have thoroughly enjoyed and very much appreciated the extremely useful information that you have shared with us.

    I look forward to the occasional nuggets that we will receive from here on out. I wish you and Wendy the best as you get set for retirement.

  41. Sharon A says:

    Thank you so much, Clayton. You have given everyone here so much…I wish you nothing but great fortune and all the joys you can hold. You deserve to have it all!

  42. Chris W says:


    I wish you and the Redhead a prosperous future. I am glad that I found this blog several years ago. If you decide to move out this way, I owe you a beverage of choice as I have always valued your opinions (and political rants!!!)

    Chris West

  43. Bob Regan says:


    Thank you so much for sharing your golden nuggets of knowledge!

    It has been a true pleasure reading The Total Package.

    I wish both Wendy and you the best of health, happiness, and much continued success! I very much doubt that you will ever put your pen down except, maybe – for taking a picture or two of the spectacular scenery … :)

    Best regards,
    - Bob

  44. Tim says:

    Hi Clayton,

    I’ve been reading The Total Package for the past two years. Thankyou so much for bringing so much incredible information and copywriters/marketers together in one place. It has been extremely beneficial and much appreciated.

    All the best with the changes – wishing you every success!


  45. I’m a fairly ‘Newbie’ Clayton and have been studying the internet to find the greatest ‘non Fluffing’ Guru and you my friend is it. I will miss your articles.
    Thank you and God bless you.

  46. Marc says:

    And way out here in your (somewhat) native Utah, a tear hits the frozen tundra and shatters.

    Thanks for all you’ve done for us.

    Blessings to you and your family,


  47. Thanks Clayton, you gave my young family and I a much wealthier lifestyle through your ‘virtual’ mentorship.

    (Particularly your online profit multiplier and your makepeace business system).

    We’re grateful! (Even my little 15 week year old Sophia – but she doesnt know it yet!)

  48. Clayton.

    I can only add my “Thank You” and echo the many other comments expressing appreciation of what you and you team have provided us over the last 5 years plus. This blog has become “Direct Response Central” and will be sadly missed.

    Best wishes for the future

    Kevin Francis

  49. Linda Byam says:

    Clayton, Wendy and Martha; Sometimes the simplest words say it best. Thank you all for all you shared in your wisdom and your service. I hope your changes will bring new challenges and new unexpected rewards. Mine did when I moved from Detroit to Mobile 2 years ago at 66. I wish you the fulfillment of your dreams and a lifetime of serendipity. I’ll miss you. Best wishes from Linda.

  50. Scott Herby says:

    Looking forward to those spontaneous articles… thanks and all the best.

  51. Ray says:

    Clayton, thanks for all the great content over the last few years.Enjoy the future wherever you go.
    I was nearly 60 a few years back-it ain’t too bad !


  52. Aaron says:

    Dear Clayton,

    I started work as a DM copywriter in Australia in October 2009.

    I discovered your website in June 2010.

    Since then, The Total Package has been part of my daily routine. Your insights are invaluable. Your messages, inspirational. And your copy – your powerful, influential copy – something to aspire to.

    I don’t think I can ever repay the debt I owe you.

    You’re a hell of a teacher.

    Many thanks to you, The Redhead, Martha and all the other regular contributors. And all the best.


    Aaron Tyrrell

  53. social says:

    Hi Clayton
    I appreciate the decision, but at least you could make a sales out of your store. I remember book that I always want to buy, but not yet make a decision. But now all is gone. :(

  54. Nick says:

    Thanks Clayton – you are a true Master of our craft.

    Best wishes for all your plans going forward.

    Best wishes


  55. howard says:

    Many thanks Clayton. Your site has been by far the best available. I’ve recommended it to many people who’ll no doubt miss it as much as I will.

  56. Clayton Makepeace says:

    Thank you all for your kind words. I promise you’ll still hear from me every few weeks or so.


  57. Mike says:

    Thanks Clayton — all the best.

    Frankly, I think I’m gonna like the simplified version.

    By the way, is there any way we can still get Paul Maxey’s column? Back issues and so on?

  58. Dean Kennedy says:

    Wow, I’ve loved everything you’ve done so far (from reading your blog as often as I can to being one of your contest winners a couple of years back winning everything in your store!!) … and love following your journey and what you share with us. It’s truly gold — and I plug your site whenever I can. I’ll be looking forward to whatever you have in the years ahead … and will happily consume the wisdom you so willingly share!

    Thanks so much … and I’m glad I’ve been here to see it from the early days until now!

    Dean from (near) Melbourne downunder

  59. Clayton, I’ve enjoyed reading and learning from your seemingly endless “goldmine” of direct response knowledge. Thanks for sharing the gold! I wish you and Wendy all the best in the years to come!


    Emette E. Massey

  60. James Early says:

    It is truly the end of an era. You have been an inspiration to me for several years now. I wish you all the very best and I hope you find some peace in all the changes going on in your life. Follow the sign posts of life and you will discover amazing things along the way.

    Thank you for all that you have given over the years.

  61. Peter Wright says:

    The good news is that 60 is not any where near as bad as it’s made out to be, I found that out last year.

    Enjoy your changes, and thank you for all the wisdom you have shared through the Total Package.

    Best wishes for the future.


  62. Hey Clayton,

    Man, it’s been a heck of a ride. I first discovered and signed up for your newsletter back on issue #2. I bought a lot of your products and thanks to being one of your winners of your contest a few years ago, I got my pick of the store then. And I thank you again for that.

    Over the years, your teachings (and Michel Fortin) have had the biggest impact on my copywriting skills. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve recommended your blog and your products as well.

    Anyways, I wish you (and the Redhead) the very best luck and happiness for 2011 and beyond.

    Take care,


  63. Perry says:

    Why don’t you tell what really happened, Clayton, ol’ boy?

  64. Ethan Kap says:


    You are truly one of the greats. I appreciate everything you and your staff has done. It’s a little sad to see you go, however I will cherish all of the great content you’ve provided.



  65. Jason says:

    We’ll miss you Clayton…even though your not really going nowhere. I want you to know that I consider you a friend above all else, and in my head you were always a mentor to me. So I thank you for all the love and wealth of knowledge.

    Send The Redhead my best, and may your guys enjoy a more relaxed and prosperous time in your coming years.

    I look forward to whatever it is that you are doing.

  66. Jon Cortez says:

    Thanks for all the great content and all the wonderful lessons. I feel truly blessed to have learned from one of the very best in the business.

    Good luck on all your future endeavors!

  67. Clayton Makepeace says:

    Why Perry … what on Earth do you mean?

  68. Very clever & wise decision! This blog is your asset. It was good to establish readership for yourself and all the authors, but it started to hurt familiarity.

    Perhaps in a few years time you will want to even close down comments and republish your timeless articles without dates. A blog has to fit to ones own goals / situation in life and has to be adjusted accordingly.

    Markus Trauernicht

  69. RSS Ray says:

    Best wishes Clayton. Thanks for the advice and for coming on my radio show so close to your new adventures. If you come to Prescott, I’ll be right near you…maybe lunch and/or a drink is in order? Stay Thirsty!

  70. Craig Burgwardt says:

    Clayton & Wendy,

    My sincere thanks to you both for TTP and for helping me understand that it’s a “science.”


  71. David Graska says:

    Thanks Clayton. You’re a professional in every way–starting with being a great guy with a giving heart… all the way up to being a giant in your field. Appreciate everything you do to help others have a chance to shorten our learning curve.

    Best always!

  72. Dear Clayton and the TTP Gang,
    I can’t thank you enough.

    All the best.

  73. Bob Oni says:

    This is a sad day because it means that The Total Package will gradually dwindle to a shadow of its former self. However, the reasons you have given your readers are justifiable.
    Thanks to you Clayton, Wendy, all your staff and all your guest writers for giving so much so freely. No doubt The Total Package archives will continue to attract a lot of readers in the future. The quality of your writing will guarantee that.

  74. Deanna says:

    All the best to you, Clayton and Wendy! I’m thankful that I had an opportunity to work with you and learn from you. I’m even thankful for your sometimes brutal critiques! You helped me become a better writer. I wouldn’t have the opportunities I have now if it wasn’t for you.

  75. Mike says:

    Thank you so much for the programs you’ve produced and the value you’ve generously given to us. You made an impact in my life. Thank you.

  76. Eric Ruth says:

    You’re the best, Clayton. So much value in all your stuff. Was just re-reading “the 7 most powerful characteristics of all great sales copy” and giggling with delight (again) over just how strong it is – and how much money following it has made me. Thank you for all you.


  77. Jim says:

    Clayton and crew: I have enjoyed reading The Total Package ever since I ran across it in 2008. I am only sorry I didn’t get to read the earlier editions.

    All this talk about retirement is a little depressing. I was looking to make copywriting my retirement “job”. Now I am wondering if that’s a wise decision. All my life I’ve struggled to provide a decent living for my family, but was never quite able to grab that brass ring. Now that I’ve learned the kind of income that is possible with copywriting, a valuable source of information and techniques to help me will be going away. And now I am second-guessing my decision.

    But all good things must end, and that’s what’s happening here. Best of luck to you and yours.

    • Wendy 'the redhead' Makepeace says:

      Don’t give up Jim!

      First, every article Clayton has ever written is still in our archives which is easily accessible on one of the links under the masthead above.

      Second, Clayton is not giving up copywriting…just the opposite. He plans to buckle down and focus a little more on increasing his income to plan for his retirement. But, he’ll always be able to rely on his copywriting to bring in income any time during his…”retirement”. Of course, he’ll get way to bored to retire completely!

      And, when he has something new to share…you bet he’ll be blogging it right here on The Total Package.

  78. Maria says:

    Thank you Clayton and all the team. Your words have been hugely inspiring over the years.

    From sunny London!

  79. Walt says:

    Thanks for helping my knowledge to increase so much. You’ve been a great asset.
    Have a super “new” career!

  80. Thank you and your team for the wonderfull marketing lessons and your deep insight in human nature. Clayton and Wendy enjoy the southern climate but stay active (ref.: mr. Oscar Niemeyer – Brasilia)
    Leo Verkoelen

    My brazilian wife and I switch between The Netherlands and Salvador-Brazil.

  81. David says:

    You’ve got to be kidding me! Your online store is really closed?? And I missed the entire clearance sales over the past few months?? I’m KICKING myself right now. I’ve had your products on my “to buy” list for a long time — waiting for a time when I could really apply (vs sitting on my shelf) — but I’ve been working in my business, ignoring all my newsletters, for the last 6 months. Typically I can just jump right back in to newsletters — how frustrating that I missed out on all your great products (and firesale prices, too!). Please tell me you’ll be creating and selling more comprehensive products about copywriting in the future. There was one higher-priced product you sold that provided an entire desk reference system for writing any copy piece (can’t recall the exact title). I’d love to get something like that. In any case, all the best to you – your newsletter was great (almost “too” much to keep up with! I’ll be making use of your archives.).

  82. Ryan says:

    It’s been a real pleasure reading the Total Package to this point and I look forward to more in the future – even if it isn’t so “regular”. I’m excited to see what sort of information will be shared in future articles because I think it will be even more special. Knowing that new posts will be a result of Carlton thinking “this is just too good… I have to put this on the blog” tells me it will be the really good stuff.

    Best of luck and I hope you enjoy Arizona. The West is the Best!

  83. Rezbi says:


    I was so dumbfounded when I read this I didn’t know what to write at first.

    I’ve come back now, after a few days and still don’t know. Except to say thanks for all the great info you’ve shared.

    It just seems to final when something becomes almost like an institution and then suddenly closes down.

    Good luck with all your future plans.


  84. Joyce Marie says:

    Thank you, Clayton, for providing such excellent content for free!
    You have been a blessing to all of your subscribers… and of course, you still are!

    Enjoy your life, knowing from the comments of your readers how much value you’ve added to the world. You are a fine example to your children as well as to your readers.

    Wishing you and Wendy peace, love and joy,

    Joyce Marie

  85. Clayton Makepeace says:

    Again–thank you all for your kind comments. You’ll be hearing from us sooner than you may think!

    – Clayton

  86. jody says:

    So glad to hear you’re going to take up copywriting – I think you’ll enjoy it.

    Good luck.

  87. John says:

    Thanks a million to you Clayton and Wendy!

    A million more thanks to Daniel Levis, Troy White, Michael Masterson, Paul Maxey and the rest of the gang at The Total Package!

    It’s been an exciting wonderful ride. I’ve learned a lot from you about copywriting. And will continue to learn every day, week, months and the coming years.

    I shall always be grateful to ALL of you–for introducing me to this fascinating underground industry-that has got me hooked from day one!

    Thank you one more time!


  88. Hey Clayton…

    Thank you so much… I almost cry when I read this, but anyway…

    I wish you the best.

    Thanks again for all your wisdom.

    Guayaquil, Ecuador

  89. Hi Clayton,

    I’m feeling both sad at the turn of events and still proud of yopu for what you, your wife and your team have done to help us readers.

    I know ou’re taking a decision that’s right for you.

    Thanks for all the wisdom you’ve imparted to me and others here and thank you for pledging to continue doing that.

    God bless you all unceasingly.

    Ronald Nzimora (Nigeria)

  90. Ken Ca|houn says:

    Clayton – thanks for all you’ve done these past years for us, you were one of the very very few places I visit regularly for inspiration and new ideas to help with copywriting and business development.

    You were one of the few who actually added genuine value. Thanks for everything, you’ve got a fan for life.

    You’re on the very short list of A-list top-calibre professionals who delivered, trained, taught and made a big difference. Thank you for really showing how it’s done; I’ve learned so much I’ll use for life.


    Ken Ca|houn

  91. Williams says:

    I knew it!

    And I was right.
    All of a sudden I did not hear from you/wendy again. I was like did these guys take me off their list.
    what is going on.

    Let me harass them and see what’s up

    God father Clayton want to “chill” a little bit with his paragon of beauty Wendy.
    Not mad at you Chief!
    You both deserve it.

    Enjoy every bit of it and thanks a million for those powerful stuff you channeled to little guys like me.

    Offline little folks like me probably won’t be able to hang around smart folks like you but online; I get to add my 2 cent.

    Once again, thanks and may the good Lord bless and be with you both.
    got to go now!

  92. Paula Langguth Ryan says:

    It cannot have been 18 years since the last time I saw you and Wendy at Phillips, Clayton! You deserve all of this and so much more and I’m so happy for you both… hug on Pete and Brigie when you reach Prescott and give them my love. If your travels ever bring you to Boulder, let me know! Your copywriting skills and knowledge go with me always!


  93. robert says:

    Can’t wait for your new secrets your going to tell us in the years to come.

  94. Pete Moring says:

    Good luck Clayton – I’ve appreciated the amazing ‘free’ words of wisdom always available through the newsletters and blog articles – Thank You.

    Having just passed the 60 mark myself I can empathise with the ‘Appreciate the days more’ philosophy :-)
    (You wake up every day with a feeling of gratitude rather than dread)

    You also find yourself checking the local Births, ‘Deaths’ and Marriages section more regularly as you see more people ‘our age’ dropping off the shelf :-)

    Looking forward to many more years of your ‘occasional E-mails’ Clayton.

    Cheers ….. Pete.

  95. Grateful says:

    Wow, what a shame. I’ll look forward to those occasional emails (and a possible reopening of the store???)

    I’ve been an on and off reader since 2006. Each product I purchased was of phenomenal quality. The free advice over the years was nearly as good. I never went off on my own for copywriting or business building…but because of the Total Package, my salary is a multiple of what it was at my first full-time job when I graduated in 2005. Thank you, sincerely.

  96. Tom Mulvey says:

    Thank you Clayton.

    I hope you will consider making a comeback in the near future.

  97. Patrick says:

    Thank you Clayton for all that you have taught me. Your daily e-mails were a constant source of inspiration, exciting information, and thought-provoking details. I wish you and your family the best of everything.


  98. Lou Wasser says:

    What a ride it’s been! Wishing Clayton and his entire family every bit of success.

  99. RStevens says:

    We will miss the great content you provided all in one place! Great words of wisdom and tons of free advice. Thanks and all the best to you for your future endeavours. I am certain we haven’t heard the last of you Clayton!

  100. Craig says:

    Hey, Congrats on what must have been a difficult decision. This site seemed like a freight train. Good luck with the new format. ;)

  101. Eric Allan says:

    DAGGNABITT!! This always happens to me…

    Since learning of your departure I just couldn’t help but turn into…


    My hair, my facial tone, my incoherent rants in a public square – all
    Charlie Sheen – and I have you to thank. Please come back.

    I bet it’s the redheads fault isn’t it – it’s HER fault! Yea, that’s it – her fault -EVERYBODY GET HER!!

    I need some tiger blood… NOT WINNING.

  102. Anthony says:

    Clayton and Wendy,

    I was dealing with some life issues when you decided to stop posting regularly. Reading an email sent by Drayton Bird, I noticed a testimonial from Clayton and thought, “Darn. I haven’t received a Total Package post in a while”.

    Now I know why.

    I’ve learned a ton through your site, been introduced to some incredible folks and now view the world through different eyes. Thank you, both.

    I wish you and your family all the best as you begin this new journey in your lives.

    Kindest Regards,
    Anthony Russell

  103. Brian Duvall says:

    Thank you, Clayton and the whole team. I have learned so much and I credit your organization with much of my success. I wish you the best. When I saw your website before I read your letter I thought maybe you were having health issues. I hope not.

    But then I read your letter and a different worry beset my mind…

    I can’t help but wonder…
    * if your online store was profitable, why close it?
    * if your joint ventures with other writers were profitable, why stop?
    * if your affiliate sales were profitable, why stop?
    * if it takes too much time, why not outsource it?
    * if you were making money with these efforts then why stop… especially since you say you want to make more money for retirement?

    The reason I wonder these things is because it looks to me like your online marketing stuff just wasn’t working all that well for you. This worries me because you are considered to be one of the best (certainly my favorite) and if you aren’t making it work then how can the rest of us hope to make it work?

    I’m the kind of marketer who loves to peek behind the curtain. So, I’m asking you “oh great and powerful OZ” of copywriting to pull back the curtain on this new phase of your life.

    Brian Duvall – a huge fan in Virginia

    PS. Hate to see you guys move to Arizona.

  104. Duane says:

    I was just laying in bed and I thought about an article Troy White wrote a while back then I realized I haven’t received this in my inbox as usual
    (It took a long time to realize….)

    What a terrific undertaking this was…
    Always well written great useable info….
    What a great resource…..
    Great work Clayton ,Wendy and the rest of your crew….
    Please write an occasional editorial for your fans….

  105. John Forde says:

    Wow… how did I miss this? First, let me apologize for not stopping by sooner. I’ve had a busy and distracting year. But more importantly, Clayton, congrats on all the excellent content from 2005 until now and the additional success it’s brought you (as if you needed any more).

    Many times, you’ve taught me plenty and inspired me to get off my lazy rear and do things I know I should be doing. Alas, now you’re off to other adventures and I’ve still got a good ways to go. Here’s hoping we’ve all taken away enough to emulate your climb to the top. One of these days, I tell myself, I’ll figure out how to do what Clayton does… and if I’m lucky, at least half as well as Clayton does it.

    Godspeed and good luck in the transition. I’ll be sure to come by when I can to glean what you’re still willing and able to share in this space.

    John F.

  106. Found my way here from a link sent by Kevin at The Gary Halbert Letter. Since I am 71 and just starting out, I acquired some extremely useful direction on what to really write about in a sales page or letter.

    Turning a B copywriter into an A copywriter was just the icing on the cake. I came here after watching a GH video about selling Emu Oil.
    Why to not to write the worlds greatest sales letter on knitting melds all the pieces together without an endless list of Do’s and Don’ts!

    I appreciate your sharing.


  107. Clayton,

    Unlike many others, I have not forgotten)

    Reading your e-letter in the past, for quite a few years, was an exellent experience (although, to be honest, I mostly valued only YOUR articles).

    Just want to thank you for keeping this website alive, especially for the archive of your old articles (and I still have a couple of your products, too — waiting for deeper review and working on them).

    Thanks, you’re the man. Wish you good luck in whatever you do.

    Pavel, first DR copywriter in Russia)

  108. Thanks Clayton. You still have a long life to enjoy; but you have the right to streamline your activities. Welcome to the warmer South. I am sure we will work together in the future. Greetings from Chihuahua.

  109. What a lovely post…had me welling up, it did!

    I’d just like to say a very big thank you for all your words of wisdom and aspirational articles, blog posts, emails and courses over the years. And, of course, to wish you and Wendy many happy years in your warmer abode.

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