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BENCIVENGA BULLETS: Gary is a cherished friend and arguably the greatest copywriter of my generation. “Legendary Gary” has deigned to share many of his best-kept, response-rocketing secrets with us in his e-letter, Bencivenga Bullets.

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COPYWRITER’S ROUNDTABLE: Jack (aka “John”) Forde’s e-letter is a constant source of inspiration and ideas for me personally – MUST-READING for every serious direct marketer.

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EARLY TO RISE: Great management and marketing ideas for taking your business to the moon!

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DRAYTON BIRD’S 51 HELPFUL MARKETING IDEAS: Legendary ad-man David Ogilvy said Drayton ‘knows more about direct marketing than anyone in the world.’ He built O&M Direct into the largest direct marketing network in the world and now he’s giving away a world-class direct marketing education for FREE! Any marketer worth his salt should be on this list.

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3 Responses to Recommended Links

  1. Ola Taiwo says:

    You are my World’s greatest copywriter Guru,Your books and other material have being a great help for me in the Info marketing World,Thank you sir for the great resource that was recommend ,it worth more than a Billion dollar Goldmine.Look forward to Learn more from You….

  2. Eric Medemar says:

    I really appreciate this list… Those Bencivenga bullets have taught me a TON, as have you. keep kickin a$$.

    Eric Medemar

    ps the early to rise link wont work for me.

  3. Dan Brown says:

    Thanks for this list Clayton! I’ve seen Early to Rise in the search engines before but had no clue who it was created by. Just subscribed!

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