Readers Rave


“Clayton, I’ve just finished reading your newsletter for this week, and I have to say this is one of the very best letters I have read since I have been involved with Internet marketing–almost 3 years now.

“As a wannabe copywriter, I really appreciate all the valuable info you have shared. I can’t wait for the next issue. You touch on areas I bet 99% of most copywriters don’t have a clue about!”

– Michael W.


"Clayton, I already have about four of your Total Package Issues on top of my desk. I consult each one of them every time I write a new piece. 
"The quality of this product never ceases to amaze me. I’m repeatedly stunned that it’s free.

"Keep it coming. I learn more with each issue."

– Bruce W.


"Clayton, there is only one reason I check my e-mail inbox every day in the morning before work andevery afternoon after lunch … The Total Package.
"Every other e-mail I receive is a consolation prize. I look forward to the newsletter every day for its unique blend of top-notch information and the incredible personality that everyone of your writers show. 
"Honestly, I rip off ideas from you guys all day every day. For me, this newsletter is THE newsletter."

 – Steve C.


“Not one copywriting ‘guru’ newsletter that I’ve read in the past packs so much actionable info into 10 of their issues that you do in ONE.  I’ve stolen the ideas you presented in your ‘Get Paid to Build a Power-Packed Portfolio‘ – the steps you took when you started – to launch my career."

– Nadin R.


“Clayton, I’ve followed your suggestions and … they work!

“Yesterday a man in London asked me to come and see him.  He also paid my train fare.

“He’s hired me to do some work for him!

“The amazing thing is, he’s one of the best-known copywriters in the UK, a legend over here, and has his own agency. He was the Vice Chairman and Creative Director of Ogilvy and Mather and worked with and knew David Ogilvy well.

“I’m bowled over to be able to work with him.

“Thank you so much for your dynamite advice!”

– Eldo B., England


"Clayton, great newsletter.  You’ve whet my appetite…"

– Mike


“And thanks to everyone in the Clayton organization. Ever since that first issue, my copy skills have just absolutely skyrocketed!”

– Harun


“What I love about The Total Package newsletter is this: It’s never obvious information. Meanwhile the ‘reason why’ is always so clearly explained, that by the end of it you’re thinking, ‘Duh obvious.’
“If only the business side of the biz had to read Makepeace every week, our jobs would be soooo much easier. 
“Because the obvious is rarely obvious … until it’s explained by a copywriter.”

– Zack F.


“Clayton, your articles are so thought-provoking, interesting and factual.

“It is so refreshing to know that there are people out there like yourself that have both feet on the ground and so eloquently put into words what many of us think in regards to some of the outlandish statements made on thinking your way to whatever you want.

“I love your articles and really appreciate the effort you go to to help us grow our business through good copywriting.”

– Max P.


“Thanks Clayton. As always, your message is spot on. Because you give so many ways to profit in every issue, I’m unsubscribing – right now – to almost every other e-zine in my inbox. That way I can spend more time digesting your information, incorporating every lesson into my own marketing … and … less time with the rest of the clutter!”

– Mike L.


“I’m one of those hyper-cynical skeptical 40-somethings who runs a mile if I spot an ounce of hypocrisy. 
“So I’m just writing to commend you: you are definitely walking your talk and giving valuable, helpful, actionable information. I’m listening, and yours is one of a very few mail subscriptions I’ve not unsubscribed from.

“Thank you for setting the example!”

– John


“What makes Makepeace’s newsletter so irresistible? Why … among all the things in my in-box, do I gravitate to his e-mail every time he releases another one?

1) He comes across as an authority. He mentions this client or that client. And, I believe him.

2) Each newsletter is PACKED with value. Every single issue just piles on the information, ideas, techniques, stories, strategies, etc.

3) I never get the idea that he’s HOLDING BACK.

4) He packs his newsletters with real-world stories and examples. For me, that’s a great way to learn. Yeah… I want the techniques and the tips – but tell me how it’s been applied and how it’s worked… and I can figure out ways I can use it.

5) He comes across as genuine. Maybe that’s why I want to believe him. I don’t feel the hype that you get from so many other teachers and gurus on the Internet.”

– J.P.M.


“I just signed up for Clayton’s newsletter about a week or so ago and can only say that I wish I discovered them earlier! He really does provide a tremendous amount of value in each newsletter and today’s topic on headlines was no exception.”

– Steve S.


“I’ve been getting the newsletter since the beginning – and I also did a series of six conference calls with Clayton.

“He comes across as an authority because he is an authority. Working in direct response for 20/25 years, with some of the top names – responsible for phenomenally successful campaigns. 

“He also has a great personality which comes across in his writing. And he certainly knows how to write – he uses all the best techniques to pull the reader in and keep their interest.”

– Janet D.


“Your daily newsletter keeps my passion strong to succeed … you keep me focused on the important things on marketing … and you landed me a position in a company where I write Press Releases, Fax Broadcasts, E-mail blasts and company e-zines. Not to mention advising on all sales processes within the organization.

“My company is getting lots of great responses on how well the newsletters are written, I’ve transformed dull boring copy into interesting Web sales letters and I’m getting people ringing me to join our subscriber list.

“Even more important, my value to my company has risen 30 fold. I command respect because no one in the office can write copy like I do.  The only reason I am in this position today is because of Clayton Makepeace and ‘The Total Package’.”

– James M., Gold Coast, Australia


“My business and life exploded after experiencing Clayton Makepeace.

“At the time, I was working for my local newspaper selling their niche marketing publications and phone book advertising, and losing money doing it.  I found that most of the business I walked into wouldn’t buy advertising for various reasons.
“Then Clayton and The Total Package introduced me to the masters of the marketing universe and the picture came into complete clarity.

“Today I am still selling, but a whole lot more and am looking at moving out of the job that I am in. I have also launched my first website and coaching program, and I feel like I am off to the races.”

– Peter T.


"Two years ago, I ran across The Total Package and was inspired by Clayton’s story.  Being a native of West Virginia with limited schooling, Clayton inspired me to study everything he writes in his newsletter.

"I finally am getting to the point of understanding the mechanics of writing copy for the Internet and have saved enough money to start an Internet business. I know that my income will increase to the point that I will be able to purchase Claytons books and courses on writing great copy.

"Thank You, Clayton. I could not have gotten to where I am today if it was not for The Total Package Newsletter."

– Harold M.


“Clayton, your writing is straight from the hip, and people reading it can tell instantly.”

“I look forward with anticipation to receiving your Total Package.”

– Pete


“Keep up the awesome advice – I read it religiously!”

– Sonja


“Great newsletter! It’s one of the very few I actually print out and read.”

– Gene B.


“Clayton, thanks for all the fine information you’ve worked so hard to get to us all. I appreciate your insights and generosity. Keep that engine revvin’!”

– Tim D.


“A great read as always, and now I’m looking forward to my daily fix of news!”

– Dean Kennedy


“It’s a fab publication you put out, Clayton.”

– Raja H.


“I read The Total Package as soon as I find it in my inbox. It never fails to deliver information I need NOW to write better. Today’s issue with Gary Bencivenga’s article is no exception. 
“Thanks to Clayton and Gary for sharing their incredible knowledge.”

– Winnie A.


“I feel like a kid in a candy store! You really have no idea how much you’ve helped me out.
“I started reading your e-zine at the very first issue.”

– Mark M.


"Clayton’s system is by far the most profound and to the point information for promoting yourself and your company.

"Thanks, Clayton. I hope you are seeing my name from killer copy in the near future, my friend.

"For the readers, if you are serious about change in your lives, get the Total Package!"

– Scot C., Utah


“Clayton, I love your newsletter … devour everything you and the Redhead send me."

– Dr. Dana


“Clayton, after just a taste of the daily editions, I just want to say, ‘I LOVE IT!’ You are the fire chasing our butts to the keyboard each day. You are the rough, tough, Harley-riding task master lashing and praising us to produce our best work. You have created a persona that we identify with, listen to and hunger for comment from.”

– Barbara P.


“Clayton, I just want to say thanks for your marvelous 37-Point Copy Test.  You’re right. It is ‘the single most powerful response-boosting tool ever …’
I pulled it out yesterday as I was racing to meet a deadline. The next thing I knew I was slashing and ripping and moving things around with the utmost of speed – and care.

The client called today and loved it.

– Tracy I.


“Your newsletters are the highest value ‘free’ information I’ve seen anywhere.”

– J.M.


“Clayton, there are many copywriters out there selling their products and service, only there is no one, absolutely no one that even comes close to what you give, both with your products, and of yourself.

“My work is in direct mailing 68,000 homes each month, with an 8-page full color magazine. By using the information I have learned from The Total Package, and the EasyWriters Marketing Club, my market share has soared to the number two spot…. and is fast approaching number one. You have taught me what to say, how to say it, and more importantly, how to turn those words into response.”

– Larry M.


"The Total Package has reinforced many of the basic tenets of good copy writing for me. The number one thing I learned from Clayton is ‘if they don’t open the envelope they won’t read the copy.’

"I like Clayton’s no-holds-barred, pedal-to-the-metal way of writing fantastic copy. I like his in-your-face attitude.  He cares about the final outcome."

– James C.


"A couple of months ago, I e-mailed Mr. Makepeace several rather scathing comments as to what I perceived Clayton’s motives to be with his various training and educational efforts. He rightfully responded with a wee bit of rancor and some pretty damn good advice.

"I took some of Clayton’s criticism and advice and have applied both to my professional and personal life. The results have been noticeable and measurable.

"Clayton’s the real deal, I believe now that he really does care more about helping other writers than profiting from those efforts. I now read every missive the Makepeace juggernaut sends out."

– Marc H.


"What I have truly enjoyed about The Total Package is the information and education that separates you from the rest of the marketers and advertisers.  The articles have made me re-think my strategies, and I have re-written several ads and altered my website. I have passed this on to my consultants, which has increased our business and in turn increased our profits."

– Jody D., Ontario, Canada


"How do you measure success? I thought I was there one time in my life; I bought a construction business doing $1 million a year and was happily married. We grew the company to $6 million and 58 employees.

"Then my wife and 50% owner decided she didn’t want to be married anymore. By 2004, I was broke, bankrupt and out on the street.

"It took me two months to find work (over-qualified) but I worked my ass off and started over. Your Total Package and your great writings and lessons kept me sane and busy and helped educate me in life, business and true success!  Your stories of your humble start have touched my life and I realized you make your success along the way and you grow. I am now ready to start my business life over. On 4-28-07, I left my job to start my own Internet business full time. Yes, I am successful, thanks to The Total Package and all the endless articles ad lessons."

– Glen K., North Port, FL


"Clayton, I just wanted to say I really like your e-zines.  They’re one of the top 5 I read… and your AWAI presentation on writing for the financial markets DVD was brilliant. Thanks for sharing.  You’re on the ‘short list’ of authentic pros I study."

– Ken


"Clayton and the Crew always over deliver!  Love em’ guys over there!"

– Caleb Osborne


"Every time I listen to him or read his newsletter, I always get ‘aha’ moments!  Truly remarkable stuff."

– John


"My favorite Total Package e-zine is #8 – The interview with Parris Lampropoulos.

"Gold … pure gold. The weight from the law of reciprocity felt like two tons crushing my shoulders after reading that interview with Clayton & Parris for free.

"Wow … Clayton Makepeace is the highest paid direct response copywriter in world and the financial markets are one of his best niches … it don’t get – no mo’ better than that!"

– L.M.


"As a person who is learning the business of copywriting, your newsletter has been an immense help in learning my trade. The articles give nuggets of wisdom which I mine from each issue.

"In one issue, I learned how mindset is used to create the best copy. Clayton related how he had one of his cubs working on a health supplement piece which, when she first presented it, he felt was too weak. He instructed her to go back and do it over.

"This one nugget taught me how important it is to have the right mindset when structuring your copy for a product and understanding where your customer is coming from when they read your copy.."

– David P., Stockbridge, GA


“Clayton’s Total Package free e-mails are one of the few mailing lists that land in my inbox – most others are filed automatically to read later. Clayton may only author one article per week, but I find some of the others quite useful as well. Great value free content!”

– Dean Kennedy


“Clayton’s one of the few ‘gurus’ I really admire, and he’s someone that constantly over delivers in the articles he writes – unlike some folks who are only concerned with pitching their products in their newsletters.”

– Steve


"Day after day, The Total Package arrives in my mailbox reminding me why I took the leap to be a copywriter in the first place. It provides my motivation to keep pushing forward – even when I don’t want to. When I complain that I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong, The Five Copy Cub Blunders arrives. When I’m not quite sure how to solve a problem one of my clients has, the answers ‘magically’ appear in my Inbox. I’ve only been a subscriber for a couple of months, but it sure seems you can read my mind.

"For me, Clayton and The Total Package have kept me from giving up. From going back to a job I hate. Thanks – a million times over!"

– Donna M., Mulberry, FL


"In addition to recommending The Total Package to everyone in my circle, I have actually gone so far as to print out and bind each issue and pour over it every chance I get. It is really that good! It has had a fantastic influence on my business relationships and bottom line.

"I can directly attribute a substantial increase in business that resulted directly from principals I applied from this newsletter. It is truly worth its weight in gold and I will continue to refer others to it and try to use it as a springboard for greater concepts and ventures."

– Marc V.


"I use e-mail marketing to feed the marketing funnel of my one-man sub-contracting painting service. My magnetic e-mail blast template is based upon deliberately applying your FREE "The Total Package" copywriting tips, strategies and techniques.

"Within 24 hours I’ll get a nibble and a bite to my e-mail blast and within days I’ll have closed a lucrative sub-contract painting deal – and within a week I’ll be working steady and making EASY everyday money.

"Using your techniques has landed me thousands of dollars in painting contracts. Plus it has given me the FREEDOM and flexibility to pursue all my copywriting aspirations and goals."

– Dave M., Canada


"I get tons of e-mail newsletters, but I can count on one hand the ones that I read as soon as I get it, and The Total Package is one of them, because it’s one of the few that’s packed with useful content."

– Jerry Y., Singapore

TURBO CHARGED BY The Total Package!

"Before The Total Package, I‘d been sitting with my hands on the wheel staring at the dashboard – hesitant to shift into gear.

"Signed-up for The Total Package. Consumed the volumes of advice, tips, and techniques for months. Got the ideas. Got the energy. Got empowered. Got it in gear. And now I’ve slammed into overdrive! Haven’t jumped from the corporate ladder – yet. But I do have a contract to write the training materials for a best selling career development book. Ain’t no stopping me now!"

– Patricia "Patsy" L., Birmingham, AL


“With The Total Package, not only do I get tons of mind-blowing tips and techniques to help me write copy, but my brain also gets bubbling and fertile with new ideas … and that’s precisely what I need, having to write mountains of content every single day while finding ways to keep it fresh!

“A couple of months after subscribing, my company, Turbo Marketing, is generating millions … yes millions of dollars in sales for its customers; and our own list of clients just keeps growing faster that we can handle them!”

– Sean C., Quebec, Canada


"I just signed up recently, but I had to write to you and let you know about a MAJOR ‘renovation’ that has taken place in just 2 days.

"I’d put together a Welcome Email to send out to my new business leads, but something just didn’t feel right. Well, after reading your 21 Non-Rules I knew straight away what the problem was. I wasn’t writing the way I would talk. It was too ‘stiff upper-lip’ and that’s just not me.

"So I’ve pulled the thing apart and reconstructed it and now it flows much better. I’m on my way!"

– Jenny R., Queensland, Australia


"I found Clayton Makepeace’s newsletter through another guru, and decided to give him a read.  Since I found out about dominant resident emotions, getting inside of your prospect’s head, and the importance of headlines from Clayton’s statistically-proven copywriting techniques, my life has never been the same.

"I have been offered hundreds of dollars in free gifts … been contacted by nationally and internationally known speakers … and been offered two jobs … all because I can sell ANYTHING on paper! Clayton, this is an invaluable craft, and so simple to master, to boot!

"Thanks so much for all of your insights in writing great copy!"

– Billy Ray L., Wenatchee, WA


"Two articles changed my life. For one, my take away was visualizing my client. I painted a picture of what he looked like, I gave um’ a name, a personality and even a family. My responses rates danced their way to my first double digit direct mail piece I’ve ever created.

"The second article about ‘toughing it out’ came when I was bout’ ready to toss in the towel.  You gave me hope. You gave me the kick in the ass I needed to push a little bit further.

"Thanks to just those two pearls I’m finally paying off all my credit cards and I’m planning to take my wife on a vacation. I assure you I’ll be offering up a toast to you as the sun sets on Narragansett Bay with jazz in my ear, a glass of fine wine in my hand and finally some hard earned cash in my pocket thanks to what I’ve learned from you."

– John B., Norwich, CT


"I’ve been reading TTP for only three or fours weeks. But that’s a month of some the hardest-hitting, on-the-mark reading I’ve ever done. And it’s got me friggin’ FIRED UP!

"I prepared a direct mail package, consisting of my brochure, two business cards and a two-page letter laying out a special offer that I’d put together. I mailed it to fifty graphic, publicity, event management and Web design firms within a 100 mile radius.  It’s been a week since those went out, and I’ve already been hired to re-write promotional literature and do up a resume for an event management outfit.

"More than the ‘knowledge’, the greatest benefit, so far, has been a renewed belief in myself – in the idea that I can, even now at my age, ‘make something of myself’ and have the life I’ve always wanted. And to give my family the life they’ve always wanted and that I’ve wanted for them."

– Al H., British Columbia, Canada


"A designer asked me to edit two flyers written by an attorney. One was a rambling piece of doodah so I decided to rewrite it even though I didn’t have an official go-ahead.  I went with expanded bullets, came up with a strong headline, gave it a new lead and some hot subheads.

"The lawyer’s response:  ‘Tracy, I saw what you wrote and I’m doing cartwheels. It’s amazing! It’s exactly what we want.’

"Thanks, Clayton. The Total Package is like a breath of fresh air every week, a shot of adrenaline that connects me to the power center – and reminds me why I got into this business in the first place."

– Tracy I., Clinton, NJ


"I just started my business. Though we work as a family, my team was not too sure about our achievements. Everyday, I had to reassure them and give them long speeches. I am just feeling the waters and have not dived into the ocean, you see? But the 56 Key Profit Growing Lessons (Issue #107) were very helpful. Trust me, the very first point made me think out of the box! I felt so good and confident. I shared these with my team, first thing in the morning!"

– Soundarya "Sandy" R., Karnataka, India


"Your products have indeed been of great help to me regarding my business.  I now know better how to convince my clients towards the consumption of my products.  Also creating new openings and diversifying my business has been one of the achievements.

"Nevertheless, the benefits accrued from this improvement have given me the zeal to aspire even higher, thanks to you."

– Ndzohn K., Littoral, Cameroon


"I wrote to Clayton about a supplement that I was writing for AWAI and the Alternative Health genre and he sent me a sample COPY he had written to study and offered me encouragement. He didn’t have to."

"Now as for me, my business is not up … yet. It’s in the Alternative Health field and I’ve spent the last year researching and narrowing my focus both on product and marketing. Much of that is due to the free information Clayton provides in his newsletters."

–Robert W., Lenoir, NC


"Clayton’s The Total Package e-zine has become the greatest learning resource for serious students of copy since Eugene Schwartz’s classic – ‘Breakthrough Advertising.’

"His generosity in what he’s given away for free via The Total Package is simply amazing. If my house ever catches fire, I can honestly say that my 3-ring binder of The Total Package e-zine, mucked up with all of my personal notes, along with printed copies of his e-books, my handwritten notes from his teleseminars with Bob Bly and now his virtual hot seat “webinar” – will be the first thing I grab as I flee for safety …

"If this sounds like an over-the-top testimonial … it is …because Clayton got my testimonial the old fashioned way – he earned it."

– Martin R.


"The daily Total Package newsletter delivers more quality information than most courses and e-books that can cost hundreds of dollars. Hopefully Clayton does not become more well known or else others may find out about his ideas and I may lose a competitive edge."

– Dave B.


"For several years, I ran my own advertising business, selling ads for local publications. When I was ready to really expand this company, I was diagnosed with heart disease and asthma. In a matter of a few months, I was out of business and lost my home.

"I kept running across little ads on the Internet about copywriting.  Writing was something I could do. But I did not know how to switch from what I had done in ad sales to developing a copywriting business. Then I found you.

"Now, using The Total Package, I have information, direction and ideas. It opens up a whole range of thoughts to me because I never dealt with that area of ad sales before. I am back to being a thinking person who can work and succeed, and have a business to learn and build. I have a future. That’s worth more than a million dollars to me."

– Janice C., Cleveland, Ohio


The Total Package makes me feel like I’m part of a continuous copywriting learning experience – it has everything I need to be a good copywriter, all in one place.

“Thanks to "The Total Package" I was able to put together a brochure for a real estate seminar. Not bad for a copywriting newcomer.”

– Maureen B.


"When I got the e-mail about The Total Package, I signed up immediately. It tells me what’s working RIGHT NOW – in the current market, in the exact niches I’m interested in.

"From The Total Package, I discovered that ‘benefit-laden headlines are not working that well in most markets – but ‘emotion-driven’ are working.  So when I was asked to come up with a new headline and lead for Dr. William Campbell Douglass’ recently revamped ‘The Douglass Report,’ that’s exactly what I went with. Agora is very excited about it – and getting ready to roll out in a new June promo.

"I’ve received enormous value from The Total Package and already feel my copywriting rising to the next level. I sense my dream of becoming an ‘A’ level writer – in constant demand from companies desperate for good copy – is within reach."

– J. Daryl T., Houston, TX


"Inspiration, guidance and influence on my mind and on my very soul.

"I eagerly anticipate each e-mail and devour every issue of The Total Package.  I look forward to the day when I can sign up to attend a Total Package Direct Response Forum and swim with the ‘big fishes.’ As my business continues to grow, I see that day becoming a reality instead of a dream – although, there’s nothing wrong with a dream!"

– Grace S., Tucson, AZ


"A week ago, I received an e-mail from a smart aleck kind of guy who was responding to some samples I had e-mailed him. Here is a portion of the e-mail Mr. Smart Aleck sent to me:  ‘I am not sure that my project is a fit with you. What I am looking for is sexy, fluffy, action type of writing. Madison Avenue, sell it like soap, people thinking, "Huh? Ha Ha. Okay, let me take a look…"’

"I shoved his e-mail aside, poured myself a glass of my favorite scotch, and, zipped through my downloaded archives of The Total Package.  In Issue #124 (May 14, 2007) was this advice:  ‘Visualize Your Prospect.’
I typed out a spec scenario advertising this guy’s new restaurant, using much of the ‘visual helps’ he provided in his e-mail. I overnighted the copy with a post-it note that said “let me know what you think.”

"Yesterday, a check for $500 came in the mail from him with a post-it note that said ‘Thank you.’"

– Lou W., East Stroudsburg, PA


“I’ve finished Masterson’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting. The final "Live" assignment gave me trouble … until I read a particular issue of The Total Package – the one where you talked about how to word a shocking, adversary-oriented headline. You mentioned how many Baby Boomers there are in the U.S. and that was it! I’d found my headline and lead! The rest of the letter almost wrote itself.

“So I’m giving you due credit for helping me complete the copywriting course. No small accomplishment considering I’ve been doing the ‘preacher thing’ 75-100 hours a week.

“And I’m getting ready to send out my first batch of promotion letters because of you. I don’t have that first control yet, but I can picture it!”

– Bill


"If it wasn’t for the inspiration and practical advice I have received from The Total Package, I would have given up on my dreams of writing full-time from home. I would not have kept on being persistent to become the person I knew I was and could be.

"Every week The Total Package kept coming and each week I kept growing. I picked up some clients in print publication and some Internet ones as well. I have managed to be a work at home mom, have my second and third son and not give up on my dream.

"Clayton and the featured writers in The Total Package pull no punches – honesty coupled with practical advice and integrity. Without the ongoing support, no nonsense articles and suggestions featured in The Total Package, I would have given up many times throughout the years.

– Susan T., Clybucca, Australia


"Two months ago when a long-term contract ended, I looked at my non-existent copywriting business and decided to pull it up by the proverbial bootstraps and get it going again. I had no clients, no work coming in. All I had was my own determination and a secret weapon, “The Total Package.”

"When I get done reading one of your issues, I have a step-by-step instruction on how to create a killer headline, create a lead so compelling my readers don’t know what hit them, or just information on how to be more productive or avoid novice mistakes.

"Today, I have four clients, all of them with financial products (an area I’ve wanted to work with for a couple of years now). Each of them I got in a unique way, inspired by issues of The Total Package."

– April M.


"As a new AWAI student, The Total Package gives me a fresh perspective and reinforcement of copywriting fundamentals that I’m striving to master.

"To those of us ‘newbies’ who truly appreciate the wealth of information that Clayton Makepeace offers, we will be compelled to eventually ‘Pay It Forward’ to those who come after us."

– Steve M., Conshohocken, PA


"The Total Package (TTP) had been indispensable in landing me my biggest, most important, most powerful client: me.

"The example of your copy sold me and continues to sell me on the prospect of my success artistically, financially and professionally as a copywriter. Without my number one client, acquiring more clients would be exceedingly difficult.

"This month, as I prepare my final project for my AWAI course, I am beginning to market myself aggressively. And my TTP goldmine is largely responsible for my readiness."

– Gregory B., Clinton, MA


"I sell high-end nutritional supplements and decided that I needed more engaging sales copy than I typically write for medical journals and doctors.

"So I subscribed to The Total Package.  It delivers so much quality information in every issue that I wouldn’t miss a single day of it.  I can’t believe you give this much actionable information away for FREE! It’s like getting gratis gold nuggets in my inbox every day.

"I’ve been able to almost double my product sales in the past five months. And I’ve been able to hire a ‘Baby Doc’ (the doc equivalent of a ‘Copy Cub’) to do much of the ‘donkey work’ I’ve been doing. Thank you for helping me take my business and my income to a much higher and happier level."

– Dana M., Snowflake, AZ


"The Total Package is truly a worthwhile investment.  It’s opened my eyes and inspired me. Clayton and crew share the timeliest, most accurate, amazing information I could ever ask for!

"For three head-spinning months, I’ve diligently soaked it up.  Step-by-step, it’s dramatically changing all aspects of my business bottom line. Productivity has skyrocketed with profits, I’m spending less time working harder, and I’m continuing to vastly improve the way I think, research, write copy and connect with customers."

– John Mignano, Victoria, Australia


"I have been published in the past for various articles and two books. The royalties that I received were such a deficit amount in comparison to the tremendous amount of time and energy that I spent to meet my contracts. Not to mention the time I missed from my paying job as a nurse.

"Just recently I was involved in the care of a patient who has worked with Clayton. He encouraged me to look at his website and to begin to follow his advice. I have been reading and feeling hope really rise within me that this is something I can devote my time and talent and fully expect to be financially compensated."

– Angela P., Maggie Valley, NC


"You have exposed me to several truly talented and successful people who are willing to share their expertise. As the result …

"My site copy has stepped up … my business model has changed … leads are on a steady increase by being exposed to FIVE new marketer’s lists per month …  and well-known, well-respected marketers are acknowledging and respecting what I offer them.

"I have taken my company global by awarding global businesses and niche marketing an audience who is interested in learning more and often buying more from the soft sell marketing strategy that I use. While maintaining the majority of my mailing list, I have increased it ten-fold by my new direction."

"I can’t thank you enough for the strategies that I got from you."

– Maureen "Mo" B., San Diego, CA


"Clayton, thanks to you I’m literally making DOUBLE the amount of money I was making before as a freelance copywriter … and I will break the Six-Figure mark by the end of the year!

"Plus … Thanks to what I’ve learned from you, I was able to put together an awesome promotion for a teleseminar for my client that raked in $334,410.00 in revenue … just off ONE CALL! (And that’s just to a tiny house list of less than 9,200 people!) My client thinks I’m a GENIUS! And I’m just getting started …thank you!"

– Anthony T.


The Total Package by Clayton Makepeace represents the real truth in advertising!

“After reading Clayton’s stuff it didn’t take me long to know I should sign up for "The Total Package". Wow! It really and truly is The Total Package. My favorite article I still read every week for grounded inspiration is, "What Copywriting Gurus Won’t Tell You." It was exactly what I needed … the straight story on what you must do to succeed.”

– Robert S.


“Two months ago, I was bankrupt.  Using the information in your four, free e-books that I received for subscribing to The Total Package, I wrote a sales letter for my home-based business.

“And your free information brought me nine new customers and $1,240.00 net profit in less than seven days!

“Because of you, I can burst out of bankruptcy, head high, running fast and proud. I’m using copywriting and direct marketing skills that no one can ever take away.”

– Don B.


"Never have I seen an elite copywriter give away so much for so little. Here’s just one of the ways I used Clayton’s tips and techniques to
ratchet up my response and profits:

“I was using a curiosity headline on a successful sales letter selling a one-day seminar.  Then I read about a headline makeover that Clayton did for a realtor – comprising a credibility-building pre-head and an emotion (greed) plus benefits head with risk reversal. So I went away and reworked my headline.

“And response doubled! Clayton – you’re THE response chief!"

– Brendan C.


“I’ve made The Total Package my very own mastermind group and my mentor. It’s given me so much insight on what copywriting is really all about. Your interviews with others and yourself along with numerous tips are valuable products all by themselves.

“I’m going to advance leaps and bounds thanks to The Total Package.  I expect it will lead me to the kind of career in copywriting that will qualify me to earn a high income; for nothing. And it’s encouraging a middle-aged person who’s learning a second career in life."

– Darryl J.


“Thanks to you and your input into my life, I can now say that through your newsletter, I’ve done a 360 degree change. Using your very easy to follow insights, you taught me marketing techniques and strategies that I never would have imagined.

“I can thank Mr. Makepeace for I am living business prosperity. He has acted as a mentor to help me jumpstart a business idea that is a growing success. If you want job security, work for yourself – it’s as easy as that."

– Ronald V.


“My entire life, I’ve been in sales. But five months ago everything changed. In December of 2006, my car was struck by a speeding vehicle.  My car was totaled – and so was my back. I couldn’t work my retail job. I felt like my life was over.

“Then, out of the blue, I was surfing the Internet and found The Total Package. And the pieces all started to fall into place.

“Now I’m a successful e-mail copywriter. I write everything from full length JV promos all the way to solo ads & sponsor ads. My clients range from the unknown to the well known. And my income has gone in only one direction – up.

“I now actually call that accident "the best worst thing that ever happened to me" – because finding The Total Package, and having the time to implement what it taught me, has literally launched my career.”

– Cherilyn L.


"I was an early subscriber to TTP. One of Clayton’s early newsletters hammered home the Dominant Resident Emotion. This clicked with me. Close to the same time, an employment ad appeared in the weekend paper looking for a "direct response specialist". While I didn’t have all the necessary qualifications they asked for, one of the requirements was the ability to write strong copy.

"I created a cover letter that spoke to exactly what a Marketing Director would be looking for … someone who would make his life easier by being able to fix a problem I thought he might have.

"Anyway, they offered me the job, but I turned it down. Money and travel were the big stumbling blocks. I then did a bunch of freelance projects for them. Three months later, they came to me, made me an offer that made it worthwhile to jump and today I am their number one copywriter!"

– Russ B., Canada


“Clayton Makepeace hasn’t taught me anything new.  But, he’s taught me the stuff I thought I already knew in a way so powerful that my learning has been put on steroids stronger than the stuff Barry Bonds is using.  He is a master teacher like no other. Not only because he knows what he’s doing and makes a fortune doing it, but because he makes the invaluable lessons in marketing so memorable that they’re nearly impossible to forget.  And, most importantly, he gives me the inspiration I need sometimes to create breakthroughs for my businesses and clients.”

“The knowledge Clayton has infused in me has helped add over 6 figures to my income.”

– Derek N.


“I found you through AWAI, and the offer of a free e-letter made the day for this rank beginner. Your brusque, tell-it-like-it-is manner intrigued me to go after what I know is out there. Conference calls, mingled with different pros each time, gave me more learning and excitement. Those have increased my responses, but not income YET. But it’s coming, I know it!”

– Ruth S.


src=”” alt=”sdf” width=”100″ height=”150″ hspace=”12″ align=”left” />

"The Total Package has helped me create winning ads that whooped the panties off previous controls. It helped me develop a winning voice and style for my copy. It even helped me to weave my way through the minefield that can be financial copywriting.

"Yet more than anything, The Total Package introduced me to success.

"Team Makepeace showed me – consistently – that success is a process of hard work, a little luck, and plenty of in-your-face determination. In a world of naysayers, The Total Package has given me a steady diet of can-do advice, tools, and attitude that has propelled me to places in the copywriting world I never thought I would arrive at."

– Mark Kwasny


"I’m the worldwide CEO for ScienceFreshLabs, a newly formed company who develops and manufacturer’s revolutionary cosmeceuticals for the socially elite.

"The Total Package was solely responsible for enabling us to successfully launch our "almost magical" hair stimulant at the Women’s Expo in Paris. Through utilizing The Total Package‘s credibility and believability concepts, we were able to outsell, out-perform and out-market over 600 other exhibitors, including some of the world’s most recognized cosmetic companies. We sold (and took orders) for over 2,000 bottles of our highly priced $70.00 "almost magic" hair stimulant and were voted most popular exhibitor. We caused so much of a buzz that the local radio station visited our stand and interviewed me live on air!

"Using The Total Package‘s concepts, we have been able to develop a brilliant suite of highly influencing and persuasive marketing collateral. We will be launching the product worldwide this month and even our first run of 100,000 bottles has been pre-sold."

– Kerry S., Paris, France/New Zealand


"I can’t walk into a Barnes & Noble bookstore without tears of gladness filling my eyes. Thanks to Clayton’s THE TOTAL PACKAGE, my lifelong dream of being a published author and freelance writer has come true.

Using Clayton’s writing and promotion techniques, I beat the odds and became one of the 2% who gets offered a book contract by a global publisher (MORTGAGE RIP-OFFS AND MONEY SAVERS, Wiley & Sons). I also do freelance copywriting."

– Carolyn Warren


"The Total Package got me off my ass. I’d been reading and studying and looking for ‘perfection’ in my ability for almost a year when I came across The Total Package. Its blunt and honest writing has been the best thing that could have happened to me.

"The Total Package made me question myself and take a really good look at where I am and where I want to be. There isn’t an issue of The Total Package that lacks some new piece of helpful information, but the best ones are the little inspirations of Clayton’s, like sharing how he got started in copywriting, where he started to where he is now and how much he really enjoys where he is."

– Greta G.


“Reading The Total Package is like having a coach and mentor that keeps urging me on and telling me I can do this. It may not translate directly into cash for me just yet-but to me, it’s worth its weight in gold.

“I’ve always written persuasive material, but in jobs for someone else. Reading The Total Package has let me see how I can take that foundation and build a career for myself, by adding new tools, skills and knowledge. It becomes an issue of just taking that leap of faith and doing it, and doing it and doing it.”

– Kate H.


“The wisdom I’ve gleaned from this semi-daily gem has afforded me a serious profit, not to mention a terrific increase in self-confidence. Thanks to all of the contributors at The Total Package, my ducks are in a row in managing & marketing my copywriting business, and I’ve learned to maximize on and sell my own signature style. Talk about benefits.”

– Jodee S.


"I was thrilled to learn about The Total Package. My first issue was so cram packed with information, delivered in such a delightful, entertaining style that I was wondering when you’d start charging for it.

"Well, you’ve never charged me a penny and I look forward to every issue. In fact, when I ended a technical writing contract two months ago and decided to pull my non-existent copywriting business up by the proverbial bootstraps, your newsletter was the first place I looked.

"You’ve helped me take my business over two months from nothing – not even one client – to four. One of which wants me to help him raise $1.5 million in start-up funds… What’s even more amazing and exciting is that all of these clients are in the financial industry – an area I’ve wanted to break into for some time."

– April M.


"My Dad was in business for almost his whole life. When he died five years ago this week, he left a few thousand pounds, a few possessions, no property and a lot of regrets.

"I didn’t want the struggles my dad had as a small businessman.  I stayed in a government job for almost thirty years. But, when Dad died, it stirred something in me.  I handed in my notice and became a full-time freelance writer in March.

"I wouldn’t have taken that leap without preparing myself as much as possible, so it’s largely down to you, Clayton, that I now find myself in the career I’ve secretly wanted to pursue for thirty years.

"It’s going fantastically well and I’m enjoying life more than ever before."

– Roy E.


"I have been planning to get into Internet Marketing, particularly Direct Marketing and Copywriting for the Web some time.

"I have found the depth of the contents and the down to earth presentations in common man’s language in The Total Package fascinating as a model for me. The selection of topics for discussion, the splendid illustrations and verbal images and the excellent networking with top practitioners with glowing track records in their respective skills make the fare a real TOTAL PACKAGE."

– Chellappan R., India


"I’ve been a copywriter for about three years now. And even though I don’t write direct response copy (though I do a huge business in online sales letters), I’ve found your wonderful, lively newsletter extremely helpful.

"Before becoming a copywriter, I was slaving away in a call center talking to idiots all day. Now I have a boatload of raving fans for clients and more money and free time than I know what to do with. I never could have done it without your experience and insight."

– James P.


"My primary business is Prime Source Petroleum; we are a small independent oil company and drill 3-4 projects a year. My first mailing for Prime Source was a complete bust – 5000 letters, not a single response … not even an inquiry.

"I wish I’d known about Clayton and his excellent resources BEFORE I purchased the first list … blew 4k on the mailing and wasted my time writing a sales letter that proved nothing except how remarkably inept my “instincts” about copywriting were.

"For my next mailing, I studied Clayton’s material and wrote an 8-page sales letter, a symphony of dominant emotions, offering a FREE special report. Results so far … The 8-page letter is finished and the much longer Special Report is almost done. The initial letter produced 1 commitment for a future sale and several potential customers BEFORE the first stamp was licked."

– Russell M.


"We have websites; and   I have used the skills gotten from your newsletter to drive a lot of local and international buyers to the sites. Also, I have improved on my writing, which leads many users to the sites and make purchases. Despite our Internet market being very young and small, your articles have proved to be an asset."

– Jeremiah N.


"I design websites and blogs for others as well as myself, and have been successful using Clayton’s copywriting tips to not only get the websites positioned in the first page of Google, but also in increasing the visitation and sales from the sites.

"One of my clients is a husband and wife accommodation business in a country town, and the website I built for them paid for itself TWICE in the first month.  I’ve since designed and written a blog for them and a website for their other business – building luxury homes. They have commissioned me to do regular updates on their websites. This is just one of my successes.

"Clayton Makepeace’s copywriting tips have changed the way I look at writing copy, and have encouraged me to turn a hobby into a successful business."

– Joan S., Australia


"Clayton, you are down to earth, assist without being gushing and too giving, you respect the time you have spent and have taken to get you to where you are.  People like yourself are my inspiration to apply knowledge to make my dream come true without copying somebody else.

"Thank you for all the insight so far and I will be staying by your side in my journey to Internet enlightenment."

– Julie K., U.K.


"The Total Package has been a fantastic resource as I build my copywriting business. It has given me the courage to write a sales letter and get it in the mail.

"The push Clayton gave me, just through his encouraging words in The Total Package (and those of guest writers), has gotten me on the road to success. When those checks start rolling in (and they will) I know I owe my success to Clayton Makepeace and The Total Package newsletter."

– Rich C.


"On February 26, 2007 Clayton posted a newsletter titled ‘What Copywriting Gurus Never Tell You.’ It touched me more than anything else I’ve read in the past six months.

"I was one of people sold on the idea of being your own boss, working your own hours, and living the lifestyle I really deserved. But … it wasn’t happening. My freelance copywriting career wasn’t going anywhere.

"I took Clayton’s advice in the article and got hired as an in-house copywriter by one of the largest direct mail companies on the east coast. I honestly believe that if I deleted that issue of The Total Package nothing would’ve happened. I would have remained an ever-broke freelancer."

– Maksym V.


"TTP is fantastic! I say that with more than 30-years of experience to back it up, writing everything from ad copy to CEO presentations to video scripts while leading corporate and agency departments.

I haven’t seen a topic I couldn’t use, but I like most the ones about marketing yourself as a writer; especially how you jump-started your career by zeroing in on information marketers.

"Whatever you do, please don’t stop sending TTP. I’m hooked. Gotta have it."

– Jim B.


"The Total Package has allowed our writing team to diversify our client list. It includes new business seeking to build a client base as well as non-profit organizations building their contributor list.

"Using the techniques presented in The Total Package we helped a provider of homeless youth services raise $800,000 to build a new drop-in center for youth with no homes to go to. This project not only provided financial rewards, but was personally satisfying as well."

– Cheri J.


"Clayton, your information is invaluable to a newbie such as myself. I have taken the AWAI basic course and am hoping to make copywriting my full-time career. Your Total Package is going to help me to accomplish my goals faster than I could have done it with you."

– John G.


"I am a sole proprietor of a financial services business, and I’ve been in the business for 22 years. I am winding down my business, getting ready to semi-retire from it.  My decision to become a copywriter was made approximately 1 & 1/2 years ago, at which time I took the Michael Masterson Copywriting Course.

"I truly appreciate your Newsletter, and it’s a vital part of my building library.  Know that I do appreciate your generosity in sharing your knowledge and experience and hope to be able to utilize it by actually implementing your ideas as I gain wisdom in a new world."

– Angela E.


"I can truly say that with information I gleaned from your newsletter. I’m 100% more precise, targeted and confident in my lead generation system.

"My business is in the senior financial market and competition is very tight. It comes right down to who has the best marketing game plan going for them. With The Total Package to depend on, I know I’ll be bringing in more big clients."

– Bob F.


"I am employed full-time as a regional manager for our NZ Government helping unemployed job seekers to up skill and access paid jobs in the work-force.

"The Total Package has enhanced my marketing and promotional skills by enabling me to: write script which is attention-grabbing, informational, engaging and intriguing; promote the "product" i.e. people and employers, in a positive way that respects peoples integrity; promote other of our agency products and services; and inspiring other collaborative partners to be part of a coalition to help people progress into paid work."

– Te Hope H., New Zealand


"I’ve been reading The Total Package since the first issue. I was reeled in pretty quickly by Clayton’s zany turns-of-phrase and entertaining rhythm.

"The issue where Makepeace and Bencivenga talk shop literally brought me back into the field, after some rough patches in New York agency life that made me hang up my keyboard.

"The Total Package coupled with Bencivenga’s Bullets are like the old and new testament for copywriters – revised, expanded and updated regularly."

– Zachary F.


"The Total Package has helped inspire me to know that I can do this. I can be a copywriter. I have not made big bucks yet, but I have one client. 

"What The Total Package and the products I have received from you have done for me is to give me the courage to know that I can do what others have done and even do it better. You encouraged me to go after my first client and now I am going after my second client."

– Brenda N.


"Clayton, I used your dominant resident emotion thinking to write a sales letter to the VP of Marketing at a direct marketing company.  I spoke to his need to get high quality copy written by a response driven writer and how it would help him sleep better at night knowing there was one less problem for him to worry about.

"The VP of marketing is an old copywriter from way back. He called me within 10 minutes of receiving my e-mail. I met with him the same day.  Now, at 48 years old, I am a copy cub. I get to live out a dream I never even knew existed only four short years ago!"

– Russ B.


"Just know this – the advice you are handing out is worth sending to the copy heads of the majority of agencies, perhaps as a refresher course for their junior and also their jaded hacks!"

– Lorna P., U.K.


"My life was in total ruins before I learned how to write great copy from Clayton. It took me only 8 months to get to where I was making over $60k / year, and it keeps growing. Clayton knows his stuff, that’s for sure. Besides, he is also the sexist man ever to cruise on a Harley! Varoom, baby!"

– Jennifer S.


“It was my first time to go into sales and I was very scared.  I really didn’t know how to go about it. Then I checked out for sales advice on the Internet and that’s how I came across your site and I subscribed.

“It has gone really well for me and now I was called by an International Bank to work for them here in Kenya. I am now enjoying the fruits of reading your articles.”

– Sally O., Kenya


“From the very first issue that I read I was blown away. The content is excellent. No – better than excellent. It is FANTASTIC! The ideas presented in every single issue never fail to help me write killer copy for my own sales letters and promotions.

“All of this priceless information sent to me at the speed of light via e-mail – for FREE. It is simply UNBELIEVEABLE. Even though it is sent to aspiring copywriters and those who are already good but want to get better – it really should be studied by ANYONE who sells ANYTHING – not just copywriters. This resource should be required reading for all college level marketing classes.”

– Scott B.


“I believe that one day soon I will be writing direct mail campaigns for real clients. The Total Package is the food that nurtures the possibilities. The Total Package provides as much information as I could possibly get without enrolling in a formal course.

“As I work on creating the material to market myself (per Clayton’s 6 Steps!), the pros at The Total Package give me the support and encouragement I need to keep moving forward.”

– Sandi B.


The Total Package has been the only marketing newsletter I open and read…and I get tons of e-mail newsletters on marketing.

“Clayton gives awesome advice any business can use to explode their profits.”

- Bryan K.


“Good to be part of your newsletter! I enjoyed my first issue … very

“Thanks for your time Clayton, I look forward to future issues arriving in my mailbox!”

– H.M.


“I was blown away by your absolutely fantastic newsletter.  I’ve read all the greats … and you are in a class of your own.”



“Clayton, thank you for sharing YOUR ideas with young marketers like myself because to hear it from one of the best in the game is an honor. To hear your insights is a GOLDMINE of wealth.”

– Jason R.


“Hey Clayton, I just subscribed and I’m HOOKED for LIFE! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

“I’ll be studying this baby for weeks.  I think I’m going to write the whole thing out many times over so I can sink your skills DEEP into my subconscious.”

– J.L.


“I have to tell you this newsletter is simply superb.  That’s the truth. 

“The only other newsletters now that I really pay any attention to are Gary Halbert’s and Gary Bencivenga’s.  You just got added to that list.

“You give away in-the-trenches tactics that have generated millions for you and many more for your clients.  And you do it with style and verve that is so often missing in the vapid and impersonal web.”

– Curtis Alexander


“Clayton, I wanted to let you know that your newsletter is outstanding.  The content is unbelievably helpful – and amazingly – it’s free!  Your 21 non-rules from Monday’s letter are absolutely invaluable.  Thanks for your contribution to the industry.”

– Dan S., Omaha, Nebraska


“Damn, you’re good. I’ve known who you are but I’ve been in the Halbert/Carlton/Kennedy circles. Really nice to read ya!”

– Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero


“I am a new subscriber to your newsletter … all the way from India. I have just enrolled in AWAI’s Master’s Program in Copywriting.

“Thank you very much for a priceless treasure like The Total Package. It’s such a powerful source of inspiration, education and encouragement for me.”

– Lakshmi I., India


“Love the newsletter.  It’s chocked full of real details that make sense and can be acted on immediately.  Thanks for your powerful insight and guidance.”

– Brian D.



“The secrets you revealed were truly that … SECRETS.  Things I hadn’t heard before.  Things that you don’t hear from the other ‘experts’ and ‘gurus’ who spout off rehashed garbage that they themselves heard recently that just happens to be the ‘flavor of the month’.

“At any rate Clayton, I’ll try to keep it to a minimum but please, please take this to heart:  I am so appreciative of what you’ve done.  You are truly an expert and the real deal.”

– Curtis Alexander, Joliet, MT


"Subscribing for The Total Package changed my life! I realized that this is what I should have been doing all my working life! I acted quickly – enrolled in a class, invested in books-all with my husbands support.

"Today, I am proud to announce that Clayton Makepeace has changed my life. I have gone for just one interview as a copywriter at Insight-Grey, a foremost ad agency in Nigeria. The copy chief there was so impressed with me and asked me what I have been reading. I said – Makepeace’s newsletter and he just nodded and smiled a knowing smile. He has just called me for the next interview for Wednesday."

– Agbim A., Nigeria


"After signing up for The Total Package, I learned to lighten up, say ‘To Hell’ with my major copywriting course, and switch gears entirely. I’m still copywriting – but for myself on eBay. I have to fill 55 spaces with concrete information, compelling word-pictures, desire to own, and an adjective that grabs the viewer and brings him in. It was The Total Package that gave me the "permission" to do so. I learned from Clayton Makepeace that copywriting rules can be broken when you feel passionate about something. I love all that it takes to sell on eBay and I’m glad I made the switch from traditional copywriting to the brief, intense copy required for eBay."

– Esther T.


"I’ve been getting The Total Package for about a year now. It has been a regular reminder for me that I can still make a living doing something I love. I’ve read every issue and they are like a tonic for me. Opening up the whole field of copywriting … teaching me … making me believe that I can do it, too. I’m 73 years old and Clayton has taught me that my dreams are possible and this has helped in all areas of my life. I’m a more positive person now and have a spring in my step. I can do it. Thank you!"

– Barbara J.


"I’m an independent contractor who helps fledgling businesses market their services and products.  To this day, I have 3 steady customers, no time to turn around and have just finished acquiring a 4th steady customer. A lot of the ideas which I talk about or write about come from reading The Total Package. It is jam-packed full of neat ideas which I am able to understand (not complex and over my head) and as a result am able to use.

"I can say, in all honesty, that some of the articles have truly inspired me and I believe that with the knowledge and continuous and sustained effort, anyone can write copy that will impact the reader in some way."

– Linda R.


"Clayton, I’ve been able to take many of the advertising and marketing strategies that you’ve talked about and apply them to our own market and location.  Your suggestions have inspired me to change my thinking from the mundane to the extraordinary. I have just had several large posters professionally made using the principles that I have learned from you.

"I look forward to gleaning more gems from your treasure chest, and I thank you sincerely for the remarkable ideas and marketing strategies that you present in The Total Package."

– Wayne L.


"New to freelancing, The Total Package has helped me get started and stay motivated with my business. Just a month after becoming a full-time freelancer, thanks to some ‘balls to the wall’ marketing advice in one of the past issues, I’ve signed a contract with an agency that represents some very well-known North American companies.

"The Total Package is definitely a must-read in the sea of daily newsletters I receive, and I consider it time very well spent. Every day there’s something new that I can apply to my own business."

- Lisa H.


"The Total Package is filled with wit, wisdom and industry experience and knowledge that I had not even scratched the surface on in more than 15 years in the business.

"Since meeting Clayton, I have renegotiated my contract with my one client and now work out of my own office on my own site and have added four other clients to my stable, and last year I broke into the low six figures. I attribute it almost entirely to the mentorship I have received from Clayton and The Total Package and all the folks that are part of that effort."

– Gary R.


“I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoy your newsletter.  The info you provide goes far beyond what is offered in other publications.  While all of them have merit, The Total Package provides the step-by-step methodology to becoming an A-list copywriter.   The information is invaluable to someone just breaking into the profession.”

– Cynthia O.


“Clayton, I can’t believe you send out such detailed, empowering e-mails every week.  Thank you.   No padding, no soybean filler.   I’m a single mom who’s trying to write myself out of a pretty bad hole – so to get such valuable, battle-tested information for free in your e-mails is a blessing." 

– Cathy


“Your advice through The Total Package is my secret weapon for success in catalog copy.

 “At first glance, one might think your advice wouldn’t apply to catalog sales … they would be dead wrong. I’ve used your techniques over and over again … albeit with a catalog twist … with incredible success. First in promoting my own copywriting business … Locked In Marketing … and then in developing promotional copy samples to attract client interest.

“In just 30 days of soliciting to only 40 catalogers … my dance card is now filled for the next 7 months … at least. And we’re not talking nickel-dime jobs here, but three several-month long projects with a total of about 400 web catalog sales pages, about 300 copy blocks for print, and 50 full-page space ads. Bottom line … about $75 grand for 2007.  And I’m only working about 20-25 hours per week on this and that suits me just fine.”

– Tom L.


“Clayton, I have to say "Thank you" for your latest newsletter – your 21 ‘non-rules.’  That was the most informative and useful piece of writing I have received into my e-mail box all year! Truly. I’ll be referring to it every time I write new copy – Thank you so much!”

– Hayley


“I have been receiving your e-newsletter for several weeks now. I am by no means sugar-coating my comments when I tell you that your letters are by far the greatest e-letters I have ever subscribed too.

I just can’t believe that a master copywriter has finally offered true guidance with absolutely NO FLUFF. I have never received anything in my inbox from you that has not BLOWN MY SOCKS OFF!!!

“In fact, your letters have been soo good and soo packed with information I have actually cancelled other e-letters that I pay over $30/month to receive because they pale in comparison to the information I get from you FREE.”

– Stephen S.


“I wanted to let you know that your newsletter is outstanding.  The content is unbelievably helpful – and amazingly – it’s free!  Your 21 non-rules from Monday’s letter are absolutely invaluable.  Thanks for your contribution to the industry.”

– Dan


“Clayton, I eagerly devour each jam-packed issue!  I make time in my week to read it. 

“You provide succinct and clear information – but the best aspect of your newsletter is that you’re not only doing pre-selling your services; you’re giving me real, "I can use it today" information and experience.”

– Greg K.


“You are really attempting to teach the business and techniques.  I have found it invaluable so far, as I try to get a business off the ground.”

– Al


“I’ve got to say thank you for your e-zine.  The quality of my copy is now skyrocketed!

“Before getting your material, I was punching out pretty good copy. Clients were happy. We were all making good money. But now with what you’ve taught me … WOW … I can tell the difference is startling.”

– Alexi N.

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