David Ogilvy once said

"Drayton Bird knows more about direct response marketing than anyone else alive.

Drayton Bird says …

Drayton Bird

“Clayton Makepeace should be banned.

I have been at this game far longer than him, written three books and well over 1,000 articles about it, taught people in 42 countries. But every time I read his stuff, I realize I still have a lot to learn.

The man is infuriating.

Clayton is one of the best things I have read in many, many years of writing copy. I only wish I was as smart as you. ”

– Drayton Bird

Gary Bencivenga

“I’ve been a personal friend of some of the worlds’ truly great, legendary and glorious copywriting and direct response masters and brilliant conceptual geniuses.  Clayton has to rank up there with the best.

“In the copy department, he’s world class.  In the concept department, he is masterful.  In the direct mail world, he is tops.  And I say this being somebody who’s recognized in many of those areas, but he’s different and a very, very remarkable, not just doer, but translator of the process.  By that I mean, he knows how to teach you to do what he does and how he sees life and thinks, a very rare and very priceless ability that can be wildly and dramatically impactful to your life and your bank account.

“As someone who sold tens-of-millions of dollars of products and programs with online generated teleconferences, I can tell you Clayton is someone you really need to listen to and learn from.”

– Jay Abraham
CEO – Abraham Group

Gary Bencivenga – revered by his friends
as "Legendary Gary" says …

Gary Bencivenga

"I will pay Clayton Makepeace the highest compliment anyone can say about a copywriter. He is a Master Closer in Print."


– Gary Bencivenga
Legendary Copywriter

The legendary Dan Rosenthal says …

"Clayton’s awesome. Most have forgotten the days when Clayton’s copy powered Blanchard & Co from a pipsqueak to a giant among the gold dealers. Clayton’s copy sold hundreds of millions of dollars worth of gold at huge mark-ups.

"More recently, I’ve seen him take on a financial newsletter with circulation about 25,000 and single-handedly build it to 115,000 in a couple of years. And then maintain circ at that level even when the market went against the newsletter. His copy was so good, sometimes I would just shame my head in wonder; it seemed unreal that anybody could write so well."

– Dan Rosenthal
Legendary Copywriter

The Late Great Gary Halbert Said…

Gary Halbert

“I’ve admired Clayton Makepeace’s copywriting genius ever since I finally met him in Provo, Utah way back when he was writing for the hard money crowd.”

– Gary Halbert


John Carlton

“Clayton, your depth of knowledge in this biz is just stunning.  I can’t wait for your next issue.  The ‘deep pocket’ revelations you’re sitting on are going to change the landscape of the direct marketing world and raise the bar (again) for everyone.

“With you, and Bencivenga, and so many others finally coming clean… it’s like we’re all sharing some virtual online Algonquin Table of top ad writers. 
“There’s never been an opportunity like this before in the history of direct response, and anyone who isn’t soaking it up is a fool.”

– John Carlton, Million-Dollar Copywriter

Bob Bly

"There are tons of promoters teaching ‘how to make a million dollars in marketing and copywriting’ online whose only successes are selling programs on how to make a million dollars in marketing and copywriting, they have never sold anything else.

"Clayton, on the other hand, is the real deal, having proven himself the master at selling dozens of products and services through his powerful copy and marketing strategies, from investment newsletters to vitamins.

"Let me tell you the truth, Clayton’s copy is so effective, his clients pay him more money than any other copywriter I know of (well over a million dollars a year.) He is, without a double, one of the top three copywriters (maybe THE top copywriter) in the world."

– Bob Bly
Author, The Copywriter’s Handbook



 “Clayton, to me, is relatively new on my scene. I first started hearing his name from my good buddy, the late Thom Hickling. They went to college together.

“I heard his name again when I started seeing blockbuster promos come out – at a furious pace – from Weiss Research, Inc. in Florida. Clayton was behind almost all of them.

“And now Clayton has bust out of the gate with a copywriting ezine that puts my own to shame, week after week. I’m just getting to know his stuff, but I’m already sure he’s going to be teaching us a lot over the years ahead.”

– John Forde

American Writers & Artists Inc. Says …

"Words such as ‘good’ or ‘great’ don’t come close to describing Clayton Makepeace.

"Clayton, a 35-year direct-response veteran, has written multi-million-dollar controls for Boardroom, Phillips, Rodale, Weiss Research, and many other top direct marketing firms.

"From 1982-1983, he wrote and designed direct-mail packages that generated 120,00 paying subscribers for The Money Advocate financial newsletter, and then created back-end campaigns that sold $120 million worth of rare coins per year.

"From 1998-2004, while working with Weiss Research, he helped create sales campaigns that generated up to $5 million in revenues in as little as six weeks.

"Clayton helped turn a $10 million a year company into a more than $120 million a year company, and did equivalent jobs for several other companies.

"For example, a direct-mail promotion Clayton wrote brought in over 2 million subscribers … with a letter that mailed to 90 million names. That’s almost three times the population of California. (Imagine the royalties on that mailing!)

"Another letter he wrote is currently mailing to a minimum of 10 million names.

"Bob Bly says, "Clayton makes more money than anybody I know in copywriting. And he’s one of the fastest writers around."

–Will Newman
Copywriting Coach
American Writers & Artists Institute

Jim Rutz, who commands a flat fee of
$100,000 for each direct mail
promo he writes, says …

Jim Rutz

"If a client asked me to write a package and said that I would be going up against Clayton Makepeace, I’d e-mail them saying I’m on a canoe expedition in the upper Amazon."


– Jim Rutz
A-list copywriter

Parris Lampropoulos

"Clayton Makepeace is more than just a great copywriter. He’s the originator of response-boosting techniques that are used by many of the top pros.

I had the great fortune of apprenticing with Clayton early in my career, and the lessons he taught me have earned me millions of dollars."

– Parris A. Lampropoulos

Kent Komae

"I consider Clayton Makepeace one of the modern masters of direct marketing

"Every time I talk to him, it’s like gold – I learn so much that’s helped me become a top copywriter. He’s so good he could sell ice to an Eskimo!"

– Kent Komae



“To all the doubting Thomas’, let me tell you this: I’m extremely fortunate to have been one of Clayton’s copywriter cubs – that experience changed my entire career. And if you spend time reading just one issue of The Total Package, you’ll get enough ideas and ‘aha’s’ to boost your copywriting skills to a higher, more profitable level. I’m definitely reading each issue and if you’re serious about this business, it’s the best investment you can make in your career – and it’s FREE!”

– Carline Anglade-Cole

"Clayton’s Techniques Are A Sure-Fire Key To Success!"

Robert Hutchinson

"I’ve worked closely with Clayton Makepeace on dozens of his copywriting projects over a decade. He is, quite simply, the hardest-working, most creative, certainly most productive copywriter I have ever met.

"What I enjoy the most about Clayton is that he is a natural writer, who somehow takes a child-like joy in writing clearly and with panache. After more than 30 years in this business, Clayton will still call you up and read portions of his latest promotion, excited as all get-out with the persuasive power of ordinary words.

"No, there are very few real gurus in this business … people who really know what they’re doing … but Clayton is one of them, someone to whom any marketing professional worth his or her salt should listen."

–  Robert Hutchinson

Brad Peterson

"If you market products of any kind, you owe it to yourself and your business to listen to what Clayton has to say. You’ll be wiser – and wealthier – for the experience."


– Brad Peterson


Daniel Levis"Having had the honor to work with Clayton first hand, I can tell you this. This man is the Einstein of direct response!

“If you’re lucky enough to find any of his legendary (and almost impossible to find) direct mail controls, as you can in this incredibly generous package, grab them without taking another breath!"

– Daniel Levis



 “Thanks to the powerful, response-boosting secrets I learned from reading The Total Package, joining the EasyWriters Marketing Club, and attending Clayton’s 2006 Power Marketing Summit, I goosed my copywriting income by $138,000 last year alone! I picked up $20,000 in new business just from attending the Power Marketing Summit–that’s a 300% ROI even before royalties kick in!

“Thanks, Clayton for your generous sharing of your hard-won marketing wisdom with the rest of us. You’ve taught me techniques I never knew–along with some I’d been using for years but never understood why! If you want to know what’s working today in direct response and why–and send your results through the roof while you’re at it–there’s only one place to look: Makepeace Total Package!”

– Kim Krause Schwalm

Martin Weiss

“Clayton Makepeace is more than just a great copywriter. He is a world-class markeing consultant … a gifted business advisor … and one of the best strategic thinkers I have ever known.”

– Martin D. Weiss, Ph.D.
Owner/CEO, Weiss Research, Inc.

Brian Kurtz

"Clayton Makepeace is one of the world’s elite copywriters … there are only a few in the select group that Boardroom classifies as the ‘A+ writers’ … and Clayton has been in that group for a very long time.

"He has the distinction of writing the first magalog that became a control for us which was one of our biggest breakthroughs … and it was the first in a long line of breakthroughs and blockbuster controls that has helped Boardroom be the leader in the markets we cover."

– Brian Kurtz
Executive Vice President,
Boardroom Inc.
Target Marketing‘s
Marketer of the Year, 2007

Tom Phillips

"Clayton Makepeace not only created one of the most successful promotional packages for Phillips Publishing, he helped us launch an entire health company!

His promotional launch package for Health & Healing mailed 90 million pieces over three years and generated hundreds of thousands of new subscribers.

He was also our ‘go to’ man when we needed to hit the ground running with several other launches in the health as well as the investment companies."

– Tom Phillips
President and Chairman
Phillips International, Inc.

"Clayton’s Techniques Are A Sure-Fire Key To Success!"

Brien Lundin

"If there was ever such a thing as a born marketer, Clayton Makepeace is it.

"I can say without exaggeration that I have never failed to see him triple the revenues of any company he has ever worked for."

– Brien Lundin
Editor and Publisher
Gold Newsletter
President, New Orleans Investment Conference


Kim Githler

"Clayton is famous for the selling power of his copy. But his marketing ideas have proven to be every bit as powerful for many of his clients.

"At several junctures in the growth of The Money Show, Clayton provided key strategies and copy that helped us take our enterprise to the next level.

"His ideas for adding sponsors – and his strategies for attracting the big names – have resulted in a BIG improvement in our revenues and bottom line, and have helped make The Money Show the world’s #1 forum for active investors."

–Kim Githler
The Money Show

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